Front area of the house.

Aerial view:,-121.750051&z=20

Located on College Park next to the International House, the chancellor's residence is owned by UC Davis and was built for use by each serving chancellor. It was remodeled in the 1990s for Chancellor Vanderhoef.

"The Residence," as it is called by 5th Floor Mrakites, is often used for special events. The house is shaped like a square horseshoe with distinct wings to the house; in the center there is a grassy courtyard used for outdoor receptions. The wings are connected with a common roof. A room opposite the main entry and across the courtyard is used for luncheons and intimate dinners. Adjacent to this room is a small office used by a UC Davis staff member, who serves as the chancellor's appointment secretary and oversees official functions at the house. There are various sculptures near the rear (East) fence.

The house has a strong museum vibe to it as every plant in the courtyard is labeled with species and scientific name. The tree that is in the center of the courtyard is pretty expansive.


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When he was young StevenDaubert used to occasionally say hello to and talk with the chancellor whenever he saw him he was headed to the MU for some arcade games.

2009-07-09 17:28:47   Does the Chancellor actually live there? —TimMatthiessen

  • Yes. In fact I've seen Larry biking across Russell Boulevard to College Park Drive. —jsogul
  • I've seen Larry V. getting into his car and returning home there, so he definitely lived there during his term. —SteveDavison