Whilst venturing out in Davis sometimes you get parched, and get a hankering for some uber cold Davis Tap Water from one of the Drinking Fountains.... But which one is the "coldest" and most refreshing in town?

The Yolo County Library used to have hands down the coldest in town, but in the last couple years the condenser seems to have burned out, the water isn't shockingly cold like it was in my youth ~Daubert

However, I've noticed that downtown Baskin Robbins is pretty chilly.

The Memorial Union Games Area drinking fountain also used to be pretty cold, but like the library fountain has fallen off in recent times

Doesn't it depend mostly on the time of year? Or do you only test coldness during summer? The fountain by the bathrooms in PES was so icy that my throat was feeling funny the next day. However, I'm not sure if drinking fountains on campus count, seeing that their water supply is independent of that of the city's... —ebt

Doesn't really matter the season, I'm just looking for water that is below freezing. The drinking fountains on campus count, campus is (and isn't, oh irony) a part of Davis... I referenced the MUGA fountain Daubert

strange, my eyes somehow skipped over that bit. —ebt

Actually the city and campus water supplies are linked up by a couple of lines, but the campus does operate wells for its needs independently of the city. —Labster

The fountain with the coldest water, exiting with perfectly even pressure can be found in the women's locker room of Hickey Gym. Sorry fellas. -RB

The one in ACE Hardware is insanely cold. - Wesley