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129 E Street
(Next to Sophia's Thai Kitchen) in Orange Court
Mon-Sun 11:00am-8:30pm
(530) 753-7210
Linda Liu
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As of January 25th 2022, Dumpling House is open again. Dumpling House was closed from March 2019 because its building is being remodeled after a non-Dumpling House related fire. They also have a Sacramento location and have been seen selling at the Davis Farmer's Market.

The Dumpling House is a Restaurant that serves dumplings, including vegetarian dumplings. It is owned by the same person as Davis Noodle City. The Dumpling House offers convenient and fast service for those needing to grab lunch and/or dinner. It's located downtown within easy walking from campus, with take out just a phone call away.

They still serve Fish n Chips and the deep fried snickers bars they were once known for. Alas, no Twinkies, though. They also now have wait service, instead of the counter service that the fish n' chips restaurant had.

Diners report that you can also buy frozen dumplings (no veggie or seafood) in bulk at a significant discount ($18.75 for 50 dumplings). This works out to $0.375 per bulk dumpling, compared to the $0.521 per dumpling at 12/$6.25 dine-in, or a 28% discount. Be sure to call ahead—they can't always fill a bulk order if you just drop by.

Here's a YouTube video of the owner forming her dumplings by hand.


The location became The Dumpling House on 2010-01-25. It was formerly London Fish'N Chips, and retains that name on at least one sign. Many items from the old menu can still be found at the Dumpling House. On 2010-01-31, they donated proceeds to relief for the 2010 Haiti earthquake disaster.

Non-Dumpling Menu - incls. fish and chips
Appetizers, dumplings, and potstickers - Updated 2010-02-25
Specials, wontons, veggie side dishes, etc. - Updated 2010-02-25

Dumplings! Mmmm...

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2010-01-26 16:14:15   I just ate there on opening day and the dumplings (the vegetarian are awesome) are delicious. Sunday (January 31st), they will be donating proceeds to Haitian relief so I plan to eat there again! By the way, they still serve Fish 'N Chips and they have very pleasant service and nice background music. —GarySaylin

2010-01-28 16:24:43   I ate there today, the inside decor is very nice and cozy. My waitress was very friendly and nice, I asked for her recommendation and she said the pork with chives dumplings. She gave me a little tray of spicy cucumber salad as an apetizer and gave me seconds when I asked for it. My dumplings came as a very big portion for $6.25 (12 dumplings). They were very tasty, the meat and ingredients tasted fresh and flavorful but not oversalted or sweetened. I really felt like I was tasting pork, chives, garlic, and ginger instead of msg, vinegar, salt and sugar. The dipping suace was very good, that added the before mentioned acid, salt, and sweetness I was needing. The noodle wrapping was very chewy and moist, man it was damn good. Overall this place is very nice, the service was great and it is a very cozy place, I would recommend it for a date on a budget. The portions are good enough to share, or eat all for yourself like I did. I have had the fish'n chips here in the past and I would not recommend them Update: I had the seafood dumplings and they are very tasty as well. The wrapping on the seafood dumplings is thinner than the pork and they are mostly chicken dabbled with shrimp and a bit of fish. I also had the calamari which was much less than unimpressive (bad). The calamari must be from the old fish n' chips menu because it tasted like something from Jack n' the box. It is not rings of whole calamari but chopped up bits clumped together and deep fried with too much batter. Stick with the dumplings and you will be very pleased. —DagonJones

2010-01-29 21:47:33   Ate there tonight with my partner. We had the above mentioned spicy cucumber salad, veggie wontons, veggie dumplings, and a broccoli dish. The dumplings were plentiful though a little on the bland side, the sauce that came with them helped a lot. The wontons were quite good, similar to but a bit better than the Davis Noodle City wontons, but by far the best dish was the broccoli, which maintained a nice crispness and was served with slivered almonds (blanched, maybe?) and baked garlic in a broth that may have contained a bit of butter or some other fat. All was combined with tremendously good service, even as our waitress seemed to be the only one working a busy Friday night. Highly recommended! —IAmNewHere

2010-01-30 20:20:47   Wow! This place is so good, and you get alot of dumplings for the money also. The cucumber salad and fried green onion bread were also very good. The waitress always kept our water filled and was great. I love the Anne Frank quote on the wall. I hope I go back soon! —NickSchmalenberger

2010-01-31 14:16:03   My wife and I recently ate here, our bill was about $20, and we ordered eggrolls, pork wontons, and basil-tomato chicken with noodles.

We recieved immediately a small spicy cucumber salad, which some varitation of should be on the menu, since somethng this simple and tasty should be consumed in larger quantities.

The eggrolls were amazing. They came six in an order for about $4, and were hot, crispy, lots of fresh ginger, some veggies. They were, doughy?, inside, but doughy in a very hot delicious way. My wife doesn't like eggrolls with lots of "stringy vegatables" in them, so she loved these; they are almost pastry.

My wife ordered pork wontons. Now, sometimes wontons are a little scary, cause who knows what the hell is in them? This thought often crosses her mind when ordering Chinese, but she is always willing to give a new place a shot, because she LOVES wontons. She is ordering these again next time we go. Enough said. Well, I do want to add that these are absolutely the heartiest wontons ever. The order is equal to ordering over a pound of cooked meat (about $6) and it is some of the best ground pork you will ever put in your mouth. It is juicy, fresh, and very porky. The flavor is very simple, not clouded with alot of spices, just PORK PORK PORK. It is served in very thin noodle wraps with a light gravy (wrong word, but closish). If you were a Chinese body builder, you would probably eat this every day. For its price, it is an incredible deal for the amount of sustenance and protien you get out of it, not to mention that THIS IS THE CLEANEST, PUREST PORK YOU WILL EVER SHOVE INTO YOU MOUTH. IT is close to God in its purity of form. Eat it.

I ordered the Basil-Tomato Chicken with noodles. Sometimes, something tastes so delicious, makes you feel so aware of the beauty in the world, like you are consuming art. This is a dish so wonderful, it will make you cry. And if that does not make you cry, the 80 pounds of chile peppers will. This dish is labelled on the menu as "hot, hot" (or maybe "spicy, spicy") and it is. When it first came to the table, all I could smell was peppers, all anyone could smell was peppers, which was amazing since I am tired of being told something is hot and barely having my eyes water. This stuff is plutonium. The amazing thing though, was behind the peppers, sneaking in through mist of crying eyes, was the basil and tomato, not part of the usual line up of Asian flavoring agents. But as they entered, so faint and undetectable at first, they grew in power, until you did not even notice the spicy, only the basil-y goodness. It turned into a dish, flavor wise, that was so unexpected. Where you are usually punched in the face by someone's tomato-basil sauce, some wannabe Italian chef who buys the bulk tomatoes and 2 pounds of Basil and thinks blending these two tired ingrediants is art, you have here a subtle application, a sneak attack, a creeping sweetness, a hint of herb, a play around the edges of fiery goo formed from peppers and flour, something that you would not imagine you would find on this continent, something only cooked somewhere dark and magical. The chicken itself, was cooked perfectly. It was dark meat, juicy, succulent, full of flavor, lightly coated in flour, NOT some battered and deep fired heart stopper, cooked to a golden glow, red, almost orange in the basil-tomato-pepper sauce. I told my wife after only a few bites that if I only ever ate chicken cooked like this, for the rest of my life, nothing else but this chicken, I would be so happy, that it would be far worth the sacrfice of every hollow, breast meat only orange chicken culture fuck sprayed out of Panda Express' orifice all over the face of Chinese Cuisine. (By the way, what is UP with this white meat fetish? Seriously, go dark, now, before it is too late, before you lose your culinary soul to blandness.) Anyways, simply, BEST, CHICKEN, EVER, go eat this, right now, stop reading (if you haven't already) and go get this.

IT is certainly worth saying as well, that the noodles which came under the chicken and were coated in the spicy delicious, mob of a sauce, were as good as fresh bread, not greasy at all, cooked perfectly, dense, doughy, and mouthwatering.

So far, the food I have had here is simply constructed, simple ingrediants, and very high quality, prepared in an obviously masterful way, portions that would make card carrying members of a Roman vomitorium blush, and an elagance and complication of taste, an ambiguous muddling of flavors that leaves you confused and enlightened, and ceratinly full and happy. I cannot wait to eat here again. Restaurants like this, food like this, is what being alive is for; this is art worth dining for.


2010-01-31 14:55:44   Tasty (I had basil chicken) and pretty good portion sizes. I would have preferred fresh basil to be cooked with the chicken, not dried, but I can't really complain with the price. It's no fancy Thai restaurant with a focus on basil. Very attentive service. Certainly one of the best values in downtown. —RyanMikulovsky

2010-01-31 15:32:23   Sounds great! That said, am I the only one who for some reason reads the name as "The Dumping House?" —rfrazier

2010-02-02 13:40:36   I'm shocked at all the great reviews here, maybe I went at a bad time? The food did not amaze me like it did everyone else. I came here with a friend to get dinner; we ordered the hot oil wontons, pork dumplings, onion bread, and a hot and sour soup. Hot and sour soup is one of my favorite soups to order at Chinese restaurants. The dumpling house's version should be relabeled as salty and spicy; it was not sour at all, instead it was like licking a salt rock. The onion bread was great, just like Noodle City's.

The dumplings and hot oil wontons are a bit off. I think they were good. However, when I noticed that the meat on the inside of both of these things were still pink it left me a little worried. Is this the way it's suppose to be? —ktru

Dont be scared, it is supposed to be pink. I have had a lot of dim sum from several places (some of them were even a bit creapy in San Francisco) the meat always seems to be a bit pink. I think it has something to do with the seasoning. -dagonjones

You've never had sausage that was pink? You've never had a medium rare steak? Pink with chicken is a no-no unless you are in Japan or some other place where you know the chicken is awesome. Pork, steak, and lamb are best pink. Say no to overcooked meat.

2010-02-02 21:27:31   So my friend and I decided to eat here on sunday Jan 31st. We arrived around 1:30pm and it was actually a bit busy. We ordered the pork and chive dumplings as well as the pork and vegetable dumplings and chicken pot stickers.

We received the pork and vegetable dumplings first; it took them about 25 minutes to get to our table. These dumplings were a little bland, but the sauce they provided gave some taste to them. Then about 10 minutes afterwards the pork and chive dumplings came and they were pretty good. After waiting about 50 minutes total the pot stickers finally came and they were awful. It looked like they boiled them, but when they tried to fry them potentially they used to much oil and or the oil was not hot enough and so they were very oily and not even fried.

Overall I'd just get the pork and chive dumplings. They give a good amount about 10-12 and the size are pretty big. I foresee myself going here again just for the dumplings which are $6.25 which is good considering quicklys charges basically 5 bucks for 4 pieces of pot stickers.


2010-02-05 14:49:32   I just had lunch there today with some friends. It was a cozy restaurant and the waitress/server was extremely cute and nice and hospitable. I felt so at ease there because she cared for us and made sure we were good. I had the pork and vegetable dumplings while my two other friends had the seafood dumplings. We also ordered a dish of egg rolls. They have very large portions and the food comes out steaming hot (the place was literally steaming), and looked so appetizing. I took a bite into mine and yes, it was amazing. I've had authentic Chinese food before and so I'd like to say I know my dumplings too. And I am so glad that this place opened up because they were delicious! My friends agreed as well. The dumpling wraps were cooked so it was soft, but not falling apart. The pork was hearty! They weren't bland, but they weren't overpowering. It had a crisp clean taste. It was definitely filling and the sauce that comes with it complemented the dumplings so well. The wraps on the egg rolls weren't too thick and it was crispy. Inside, it was well mixed and you could taste the different veggies in there which I guess means that they are indeed fresh and not frozen. We all felt sooo full afterwards and went home with full bellies and happy hearts. Yes, get the dumplings there. —PandasGoMoo

2010-02-12 13:58:01   This place is awesome and authentic. That is all. —tombrokaw

2010-02-12 17:17:30   The veggie wontons are my new favorite here. The veggie dumplings are really good, but there is something about the house sauce on the wontons that really set them apart. You wouldn't expect a plate of veggie wontons to be very filling, but they truly are. And I'm definitely a sucker for great service — this place does not disappoint. The main waitress here is quite a character and she makes sure you have everything you need the moment you sit down. Chances are you'll hear her before you see her! —MichellePalmer

2010-02-18 18:27:06   I had a random craving for Fish n Chips so I decided to give this place a try, again. I had the Fish n Chips about a year ago when it was London fish n chips and it wasn't very good. This time was about the same, the fish isn't terrible, it's ok...needed more salt but the french fries they serve with the fish are a disappointment. Overall, I ate the whole meal, but only because I was starving. I would not recommend this meal. The service was great! I'll forsure come back to this restaurant and try out there other items after reading the reviews (: —TICKtacTOEtag

2010-02-27 12:57:25   Tried them yesterday for lunch. All I can say is the seafood and pork/chive dumplings are DELICIOUS! Egg rolls and the won tons were good too. Kind of bummed that the won tons weren't deep fried as I'm used too. This spot is going into the rotation for sure. If I can make one suggestion, make the dumpling portions smaller and lower the price. This will allow people to order different kinds of dumplings without getting burnt out on one flavor. —103

2010-03-03 17:40:27   The "wontons" are authentic, Hunan (SE China) types, big ones, not the Cantonese type (the smaller ones from Southern China popular in places like Hong Kong). The "peanut/whatever" else sauce is not authentic, though more suitable for American taste :) —LeeY

2010-03-10 22:39:28   I just came by tonight and I would definitely come back for their SEAFOOD DUMPLINGS. Its the meatiest, tastiest shrimp/chicken/pork filling and its super fresh! I wouldn't get them "gyoza"/fried style, the steamed ones is better. The friendly lady who took our order was so sweet and gave us tons of reccommendations. The restaurant looks really nice now and has lots of seating indoor and outdoors. I did order the calamari, which I'd pass, it didn't taste that great and was really breaded. OH, and the dipping sauce for the dumplings was a nice touch, its vinegary/sweet/tangy. —MissAmyQ

2010-03-17 17:05:25   I love Davis Noodle City and the Red Orchid Restaurant (run by the same owners), so I expected to love this place, too. Unfortunately, the dumplings were not to my liking. I will say that everything seemed fresh and freshly made — it's just that the flavors were not to my liking. (I liked the veggie a bit better than the beef, but not enough to get it again). But since taste is a personal thing, others will have to try it themselves to see what they think. Oh, and the other downside was that they were woefully understaffed the day we went there, and so had to wait a long time to get waited on, to get our check, etc. —CovertProfessor

2010-03-20 20:21:49   I can't get enough of the seafood and chicken dumplings there! They are extremely delicious. However, I would prefer a different dipping sause. —StellaTo

  • You can ask for different sauces. Spicy house sauce is the best! —EdHenn

2010-03-21 17:35:51   Just tried this place today. The seafood dumplings were tasty, filling, and reasonably priced. We tried a few other dishes, and the onion flat-bread appetizer stood out as particularly delicious. Service was very friendly and everyone working there seemed genuinely cheerful. I'll definitely be coming back in the near future. —ScottMeehleib

2010-03-25 15:48:13   Does anyone know who the managers are? Is it the same couple who ran the previous restaurant? I can't wait to try these dumplings! I'll go and visit for lunch when school starts up again! —ArianeMetz

  • Ah I see who the owners are! Ahhh I can't wait to try this place out!

2010-04-01 00:03:18   i had the potstickers here with a couple of friends, and they were pretty delish! :) and really filling too. and at only $7+... not a bad deal, either!

however, the service here was HORRIBLE. :( i'm sorry, but waiting 1 hour to get your food (as one unfortunate soul in my party had to do) is ridiculous. i think this was partly due to the fact that the place was pretty much packed when we went, but still. i think they also automatically assume that everyone does family-style (and thus bringing out plates of dumplings one at a time instead of all at once), which would further explain the delay in food.

all in all, the food is good, but the service is iffy. —sugarpop

2010-04-26 13:23:32   Wow, I'm smitten. These dumplings are delicious! I called in a pick up order today and the woman on the phone was incredibly nice and friendly. I got the restaurant in under 10 minutes and my order was piping hot, ready to go. The transaction was smooth, and the lady was so cute amd happy, you couldn't help but feel the same. Took the food back to my office, opened up the container, and was shocked to see a dozen huge, succulent looking dumplings! All for $6.25! I took the first bite and was intstantly in love. I couldn't believe that someone was making pork dumplings out in Davis that tasted as authentic as anything you'd get in SF Chinatown. I could only eat about 5 dumplings before I was stuffed, but I'm definitely calling in another order after work today so I can bring home dinner to the family. I will definitely be back! —j0liefllle

2010-04-30 23:59:19   Showed up late to dumpling house after randomly discussing it with a friend. We got seated, the fish and chip menu remains, and the dumpling menu is nice and new! Good service, can't really beat the service of Miss J. We order five spice fried calamari, two piece of fish on a basket of fries, and pork chive dumplings. Calamari came first followed closely by the fish, I enjoyed it. The fries solid, the fish was light and flaky, and the dumplings were excellent, they took a tad longer cause they are handmade fresh! Told them they earned a solid review, and that I would bring my better half (which I plan on)

good to see this place continue! —StevenDaubert

2010-05-05 20:34:27   and I finally got around to the deep friend snickers

it's an interesting treat, and the warmth is a nice touch —StevenDaubert

2010-05-12 00:02:18   Sesame chicken- Yum! Pork chive dumplings- Alright, not bad. Five spice crispy chicken- Alright. But maybe I shouldn't judge because I'm not a big fan of five spice. My friend ordered this. He said it's basically popcorn chicken with five spice powder sprinkled on top. Cheese wontons- I can never NOT like cheese wontons. So cheesy and delicious. Fave fake Chinese appetizer ever! Fish and chips— Awesome as always!!! Nice and crispy. Large portions. Fries were good. Better than Redrum's fish and chips... (Their fries are terrible, by the way). Anyway, my only complaint was that the tartar sauce had too much mayo. I like mine with more relish.


2010-05-18 10:47:22   Tried the dumplings (pork and vegetable) and chicken pot stickers. Both were very good, but we didn't notice a huge difference in flavors. One was fried and one was steamed. We also go the onion bread. Very good. Will go back for sure. The portions are surprising large. We also had great service. Almost entertaining. —LokiAbbi

2010-06-02 10:20:50   just had a deep fried snickers yesterday. Mmmmmm.... good! —ARWENNHOLD

2010-06-09 10:39:34   We had tried a few things from London Fish n Chips before, and it was okay. My boyfriend and I were trying to decide what to eat and finally settled on the Dumpling House because it was "right there" when we were deciding. I had the veggie dumplings and he had the seafood dumplings. We shared an order of the fried green onion bread (a childhood favourite of mine). I was blown away. The veggie dumplings had the perfect ratio of skin to filling, and the fried onion bread was crispy without being oily. I just finished eating some leftover dumplings for breakfast. —pwong

2010-06-10 09:44:26   Delicious food, lovely and most entertaining hostess, I'd love any occasion to visit this wonderous house. —DavidPoole

2010-06-24 12:31:10   Went there and ordered the unagi bento. The size of the unagi was disappointing and I was still hungry after eating it. My friend ordered chicken dumplings and they were enjoyable. The egg rolls were nice and crispy and pretty good even though they were vegetarian. Finally, a meal for two with an appetizer came out to about twenty dollars, so the price was reasonable. Will return in the future. —hankim

2010-06-25 20:39:15   Very impressed with the pork and chive dumplings. I disagree with other reviews about them being bland - I thought they were very flavorful. Didn't care much for the sauce but it was okay. Service was great - the woman was so sweet and cheerful. Overall, I thought it was a great value - 12 huge dumplings for $6.25. Will be going here again. —StephanieRobinson

2010-07-10 13:48:31   Went here yesterday for the first time. We ordered the teriyaki chicken bento box, the sesame chicken chef's special, and egg rolls and cream cheese wontons as appetizers. For the same price as a chef's special ($6.55), the bento box came with the entree, rice, steamed vegetables (mostly broccoli) and a salad (green and red cabbage, carrots, and dressing), whereas the chef's special was just the entree and your choice of rice or noodles.

The egg rolls were okay, there were 6 tiny ones for $4.35. The cream cheese wontons were good for being what they are (as opposed to being crab cheese wontons that you can get at Ding How or Silver Dragon). Again, there were 6 for $4.35. The sesame chicken, however, was unlike any that I'ver ever had before and not in a positive way. I was sort of expecting Japanese-style sesame chicken like from Osaka Sushi before they went out of business, but still, the Dumpling House's menu lists their sesame chicken as being "breaded chicken fried with a sweet house sauce". Well, the sweet house sauce had an odd taste to it and the chicken was not breaded at all! Instead, it was the teriyaki chicken that was breaded.

If I ever went back again, I'd probably get the teriyaki chicken and maybe try some dumplings since that's what most of the positive reviews on here seem to be for. But we had wanted something filling for lunch and to us, dumplings just seem more like an appetizer than a meal. For sure, though, I'm never ordering the sesame chicken again! —pvo

2010-07-12 12:59:06   When I get a lunchtime hankerin' for some Chinese, I trek over to the Dumpling House. A dozen pork potstickers is plenty to last me well into the evening; the skins are thick and doughy, wrapped around a generous dollop of pork, garlic, ginger, and green onion, served with some potsticker sauce. At $6.80 ($6.25 + tax), it's really quite a deal. I'm always in and out in 10 minutes, free to spend the rest of my lunch hour enjoying the meal. The service always brings a smile to my face: the hostess is perpetually cheery and sprightly, reminiscent of those beloved nannies we see in TV shows (no, not THAT nanny). —AbbYu

2010-07-18 13:18:11   onion bread is good, the tofu is good yet small portions. Dumplings always solid, fish good. —StevenDaubert

2010-07-23 12:12:14   The best Chinese food in Davis, hands down. The tomato basil chicken is probably my favorite, but the dumplings, potstickers, rice bowls and appetizers are also great. Not too expensive either —AldenSeabolt

2010-08-09 10:04:57   I had been meaning to come here for quite a while now, and finally made it on Saturday. Man, this place is awesome. Super friendly service (the proprietor is hilarious!), and very cheap, very tasty food. We assumed the dumplings would be small-ish, so my wife and I decided to order three things between us. We got the pork chive dumplings (fantastic!), the chicken dumplings (also great, although we both liked the pork chive better), and the basil chicken entree (couldn't detect any basil, but it was absolutely delicious). Our friends ordered the green beans side which we all shared around a bit, and it was excellent. The green beans are pan fried to get very slightly crispy, and probably tossed in sesame oil. A delicious, healthier alternative to french fries. They also had the chicken pot stickers. We swapped a couple of chicken dumplings for pot stickers, and I think I liked the pot stickers slightly better. The texture and flavor from being pan fried after boiling were great. The filling is a little different (cabbage instead of corn, not sure what else), but equally good. —TomGarberson

2010-08-15 18:26:05   $6-7 will get you 12 large dumplings that they make themselves. Would not recommend the potstickers. —ahbeeahpo

2010-08-28 11:45:54   Had a really great experience here with my wife. Our server was this incredibly friendly lady. Each time she passed by our table or brought us something, she'd stop for a few seconds and chat. She had a great smile and was very fun. The food was quite good and plentiful. My wife ordered vegi wontons and vegi dumplings. I had the fish & prawns. The total was $20 for a table full of tasty food. I wish we'd have discovered this place a long time ago. —willwallace

2010-08-31 12:01:03   The dumplings are excellent. Handmade and steamed to perfection. The potstickers are the same thing, just pan fried. I don't recommend much else on the menu, however. And I say that because the teriyaki chicken that they have listed as "grilled" is actually deep fried - and I don't care much for deep fried foods.

All that aside, the dumplings are (as I said earlier) excellent and I highly recommend you try them.

The restaurant itself is cramped but quaint. The service is honest but far from 5 star. For a small little "mom and pop" type place they do a very nice job. —browneyedblues

2010-10-05 22:02:23   Great prices and huge portions. Friendly owners too, I really like going to eat at this place. —NorCalFoodLover

2010-10-11 20:57:49   You can purchase frozen dumplings in bulk. I got 50 pork dumplings for $18.50. Pretty rad for handmade deliciousness (and they were fresh too, despite being frozen!) —ChristyMarsden

2010-10-27 21:26:28   Some time at the beginning of this year my boyfriend and I went here to eat for a late lunch/early dinner. He ordered something from the asian menu and I wanted to try the fish and chips. Well, we were unpleasantly surprised with the food we got. Neither of us really liked what we had each ordered, and we chalked it up to maybe we just weren't hungry. I got my food to go, took it home, and the take out box sat there for a few days until we threw it out. I am sad to learn that The Dumpling House is owned by the same people who own Davis Noodle City, cause DNC is just SO good and we were so disappointed with The Dumpling House.. —KaprilWooley

2010-12-03 00:48:24   Holy Cow, this place is epic! —CarlosOverstreet

2010-12-03 19:46:35   So I guess if you don't want to take any risks, the dumplings and potstickers seem to always get good reviews. We got pork chive dumplings and potstickers (like the last time I went) and they were good as usual, good portions. This time, I also ordered the unagi bento since I had been craving some unagi for a few days. You only get a strip of unagi... :( Other than that, I suppose the bento box was kinda filling (but I also ate 2 potstickers and maybe 2 dumplings). Came with some veggies (carrot, zucchini and five star powder), some shredded cabbage salad with dressing, rice. —JenniferGiang

2011-02-17 22:56:11   I don't understand what people see in this place. My friends and I all decided to eat here one night and everything was just awful! First off, the unagi rice bowl was hardly worth the price. The bowl was just filled with rice and the unagi was just one thin strip and most of it was skin. And what was wrong with the rice?! It was just mushy and reminded me of the time I left my rice in the rice cooker for days to collect moisture. The sesame chicken was just a mushy salty mess, and for the price you pay for this, you might as well go to a Panda Express and obtain better quality food. The rice that accompanied the chicken was slightly better than the one in the unagi bowl. It had that nice hard texture that tells you its been out for days but hasn't collected the right amount of moisture for spoilage to occur. And to round out the night we had fish and chips. The fish was less flavorful than a cardboard box. But thank goodness for the fries. The fries were probably the best dish tonight. Our table basically used them as a way to cleanse our palate. This place makes Old Teahouse food seem like home cooking and Oshio's fine dining. Would not recommend coming here. Save your money, and just cook your own food, chances are it'll taste better and be thrice as fresh. —DavisFoodie

And I have tried the dumplings, nothing special, just buy yourself a bag from Costco and you've got an even tastier meal. And for your information DavisWikierr, I said it makes other mediocre eateries taste like home cooking and fine dining. Who would confuse the Dumpling House with fine dining?

  • So, you tried everything but the dumplings at "The Dumpling House," and are surprised that the food they don't specialize in doesn't compare to "home cooking" or "fine dining"? —DavisWikierr

2011-03-14 07:24:04   Shady as hell. Tried to charge me $1.00 for deep-frying dumplings (which is NOT on the menu) and then when I asked for a receipt I got something that looked decidedly unreceipt-like. Add to the fact that their bill only lists out items in Chinese and this place was a big fat no. —rrenati

  • Look at the menu again — it's linked above. It says explicitly that it is an additional dollar for deep-frying the dumplings. And they would not be the first Chinese restaurant not to have the items listed in English. That doesn't make them "shady." —CovertProfessor

2011-03-20 03:47:36   Love this place, I've never tried anything bad yet and the people that work there are so sweet :) I love the fried Tofu! —SaherR

2011-06-12 00:38:36   I don't think there is any restaurant in Davis I will miss more than this one—and that is saying a lot since I have lived in Yolo County my whole life. "Vegetarian dumplings and wontons"—need I say more? The house sauce the wontons are served with is almost ethereal—it is so good.

On another note—does anyone know if one can order *vegetarian* dumplings in Guangzhou, China? —ArianeMetz

2011-08-16 17:16:09   The dumplings here are awesome and well priced, but what's REALLY AWESOME about this place is the customer service! I love the cute older ladies that work there! :D I would come again and again just to see their happy smiles! I don't have a mother complex by the way... >:D

I wish the AC was better though, ahem. —PaulV

2011-08-22 08:31:44   For a while I came here once a week right around the shift from Fish and Chips to Dumpling House. The lady that usually runs the place is funny and really nice. I really like their fish and chips, but their dumplings have become my reason of going there as of late. The pork chive dumplings and seafood dumplings with chicken are delicious. I still have to order fish and chips each time though. Where else can you get fish and chips and homemade dumplings at the same time?! —KurtG

2011-09-01 17:24:00   Like 6 bucks for a slab of fish, calamari, and fries?!?!?! Not to mention the dumplings. This place is awesome and the lady that works there (I think the owner?) is really nice. Would definitely recommend. —JamesThomas9883

2011-10-29 16:53:13   I went for the first time the other day, and I don't think I've ever had such good service anywhere before. —JessB

2011-12-28 13:23:02   The dumplings were tasty, but 12 of one kind was a little boring. I was eating alone, so I didn't have the option of sharing multiple dishes for variety. It would be great to have a "mixed dumpling" choice on the menu! —xarcadia

2012-05-26 03:44:28   I came here with two friends yesterday. The dining area isn't very large, but the food was great and reasonably cheap! The old lady that took our order and filled our water was awesome with a great sense of humor. She teased my friend who asked for a fork, hahaha. All in good fun. I ordered pork & chive dumplings, veggie dumplings, fried green onion bread, and basil chicken with noodles. Definitely will bring my friend back again haha. Cheers. —JournaL

2012-09-23 01:34:11   I went with two other friends for dinner and we all agreed that their dumplings are good. Although the place was small, the service is fast and friendly. Our server has an amusing sense of humor and interacts with us. Combined, we had the pork chive dumplings, chicken dumplings, and the beef dumplings. Even though the food is good, in my opinion, the pork chives' garlic + ginger taste wasn't very apparent. However, the house sauce is pretty nice. Overall, I will come back again for another meal. Note: the prices have changed. —AWai

2012-09-30 20:09:41   One word...BEST. 3 in Chinese 最好吃!!!! —Letian

2013-06-07 19:16:44   Greatly enjoyed the the large portions, quality and price! It is now confirmed their pork and vegetable dumplings and vegetable eggrolls are awesome. The people are nice too. Their website should be located at —GrahamShepard

2015-08-08 00:34:25   The last time I went here was years ago, back when it was only London Fish & Chips. This place is totally amazing! The service is friendly and just the right amount of casual. You can get a huge (14'ish!) plate of fresh, insanely delicious pan-fried dumplings for ~$8. We had the pork & vegetable pan-fried dumplings, and an order of the vegetable pan-fried dumplings. Make sure to ask for chili oil! Totally on par with the kind of Chinese you'd find in the San Gabriel Valley, and now one of my new favorite spots here. —PhilipNeustrom

2019-03-19 22:48:37   I'm so sad Dumpling House is still closed :( It was one of my favorite spots as a freshman and sophomore. Admittedly the air inside the restaurant is quite greasy and service can be slow because the staff is constantly juggling takeout and in-house orders, but the dumplings were AMAZING. They were big and delicious and sold at very college budget-friendly prices. I'm just hoping Dumpling House reopens before I graduate next spring. —fruitpunchsam

2022-02-26 18:18:22   Davis Enterprise reports Dumpling House is open again as of Jan 25, 2022 Anyone have more updated info, have tried calling but couldn't get through. —AlexMandel