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The new clubhouse

4005 Cowell Blvd. , in South Davis near Mace Boulevard
Central heat/air, fireplace, dishwasher
Lighted covered reserved parking, on-site 24-HR fitness center
Patio/decks, Pool/spa, Lighted basketball court
Washer/dryer in every apartment, Cable ready, Clubhouse, Study Room

The Edge is an apartment complex in South Davis. Formerly called Alder Ridge Apartments, the complex came under new management on July 1, 2011, and was renamed to "The Edge Davis" in January 2012. Since management has taken over, rent prices per unit have increased $200. This means if you rented in the summer of 2011, each unit would cost you $200 less each month. Management is breaking all leases prior to remodeling and requiring any tenant who lived in a pre-renovated unit to move and pay the new, increased prices.

The community is on the Unitrans P/Q bus line, and is located near shopping, dining, veterinary services, and day care.

The Edge offers one- and two-bedroom floor plans. Each home is fully outfitted with wood burning fireplaces, central heat and air, washer and dryer, vaulted ceilings in upstairs units, and some floor plans offer walk-in closets.

The apartments and the clubhouse were remodeled by the new management and are apparently pretty up-to-date.

Now leasing:

  • 1 bedrooms starting at $1555
  • 2 bedroom 1 bath starting at $1855
  • 2 bedrooms 2 baths starting at $1895

Post-Renovation Photos


Pre-Renovation Photos



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Comments from before the name and management change have been archived here.

2011-07-07 13:27:36   For the past two years, I lived in a one-bedroom apartment at Alder Ridge. The units are clean. There's a washer-dryer hook-up in the apartment. The pool is kept in good condition. Nevertheless, I had several problems with management during my tenancy. While they were resurfacing sections of the parking lot, they called me at work to threaten to tow my car even though (as they admitted on the phone) I was parked in the correct designated parking area. They had made a mistake and needed to work on the ground underneath my vehicle even though according to the map they provided me and the cones/signage they set out that day, I parked out of the way of their workers. They told me that even though they had made the mistake, they would have to tow my car if I wasn't able to move it within the half hour. They also left me without hot water twice. The second time was for five days, while I had a guest staying with me in my apartment. They thought that allowing me to shower in the model apartment at the other end of the parking lot was comparable to having hot water in my own apartment. The $1000 rent just wasn't worth it for the hassle of putting up with incompetence. —ChristineCoit

2011-07-07 14:22:22   Apparently, ConAm is no longer managing the apartments here at Alder Ridge, and a new company, Riverstone Residential Group, that manages Pinecrest, Renaissance Park, and Silverstone, took over on July 1st. ConAm took down their website (although google has it cached) and Riverstone has yet to update its own website to reflect the addition. Perhaps issues with management are now resolved? Or looking at the wiki pages for Riverstone's current offerings in Davis can help in deciding whether to rent here. —Ceebs

2011-10-04 18:06:57   1) Rent turned in 1 day late= $50; 2) they give you a "courtesy call" to let you know that your rent is late, not the day BEFORE it's late, on the 4th of the month and make no exceptions because it's National policy —AnthonyVasquez

2011-11-11 13:27:39   Hello there, my name is Monica and I am the property manager of Alder Ridge. I can help clear this up. Rent is due on the 1st of the month, however, you are given 2 extra days to pay. So if rent is paid on the 4th, it has been more than 1 day since rent was due. We give a courtesy call to people on the 4th because we assume they might have forgotten. We are only trying to help everyone. Unfortunately, we do not have the authorization to waive late fees if a resident was late more than one time in a 12 month period however, we have just set up a new utility company that will mail our residents their rent bill every month by the 1st to remind everyone rent is due. Hopefully this will help. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to stop by the office and ask us, we are more than happy to help. Thank you. —MonicaAlderRidge

2011-12-08 12:21:55   I have never left a negative comment for previous housing in Davis. I am the first to admit that any apartment will have some issue, at some time. However, I have never felt such a push back on having anything addressed by management as I have since moving in here. Living here, I am often reminded that the sole purpose of my rental is to make the landlord money. The bottom line is always more important than whether I have working appliances, whether I have mold, whether I am paying an astronomical amount for energy costs because the windows are ancient and single-pained, or whether I can use the "amenities."

Management treats me like I am stupid. Don't waste your time on this place. Even if they have "remodeled" aspects of your unit, you will run into problems because of the many years of choosing the cheapest products to fix big problems. I wish I never chose to live here, and will certainly not be renewing my lease. —PrettyPlease

2012-01-22 02:01:18   I have lived in conam management corp owed apartments for 2 years now #1 thing the staff is very unproffesional rude don't want tenants to excersize their tenant right we have been tortured assaulted and our apartment vandalized by neighbors threatened by tenants . harassed by tenants and the security guards which are armed we have also been physically attacked by tenants and their kids . we have 3 letters posted to my front door so all the tenants can see and gloat about us recieving 3 eviction letters asking us to stop all video recording and picture taking off the events that took place on the property and many other issues they the male tenants have flashed us and even had their male children flash us to we are christians and it made us sick and violated our religious conviction by exposing their bodies to us . also we have had racist slurs and they wrote hate on our front window with egg whites yet all these tenant are still living here . even though we pay our rent on time and have reported all changes of income and helped keep the property clean conam management corp would rather evict us instead of them . Please watch my youtube channel apachewoman22 for the visual of some of the events that have occured here in stockton ca . of course the managers and conam management will have some come backs of it's our fault we brought this on ourselves but that is ridiculous conam management corp want everything that's happened here to be water under the bridge . conam management has sued tenants and given the tenant bad credit ratings so they would be denied housing which the tenant was negatively affected by conam management corp . also conam management has had problems with bed bugs roaches rats etc here and at other apartment buildings but they always want to blame the tenant or tenants which people tell you to move but what if your not able to move and where can you move after they leave you with a bad recommendation and credit rating. —apachewoman22

2012-02-06 00:42:20   So does anyone know the dimensions for the 2 bedroom 2 bathroom Riley layout? The actual bedroom dimension not the whole apartment. Thanks, looking into renting from this for the 2012-2013 school year —DannyW

2012-02-22 09:07:04   MANAGEMENT IS REMOVING NEGATIVE REVIEWS FOR THIS COMPLEX FROM THIS PAGE UNDER THE COMMENTS. My last comment discussed how I constantly feel like I am in the way of the bottom line, when management uses old, shitty used parts to replace my broken ones, fails to respond to e-mails, and treats me like I am a stupid child when I have legitimate problems with my apartment. Monica and Nicole (NikkiEdge) are really rude whenever you need them to help with anything, but SICKLY sweet whenever they see you or a prospective guest is around. DON'T rent here. The rent has jumped $150 per unit since September just so you can have carpet that is CHEAP and NEVER stops shedding into your vacuum, new counters, and "new" appliances. You will never use the pool, the hot tub is too cold and has no jets, the gym is only open during office hours, and every time you have a problem with the old apartments that have a fresh coat of paint, management will make it difficult to get things taken care of. You will regret it. —PrettyPlease

Note: the user who left the following comment appears to be management for The Edge. See this comment.

    2012-02-22 11:09:03   I really like living here. The new pool furniture and outdoor kitchen with gas BBQ'a are awesome! Can't wait for the weather to warm up so that I can take advantage of them. I read a previous post about the managers being rude, but they have recently hired new people in the office...I went in yesterday and they were all really nice and helpful. About the carpet shedding...new carpet will do that for a little while as my aunt had the same thing happen when she got new carpet installed in her house. —DjMisschiff

    2012-02-29 20:55:03   DjMisschiff, how long did your aunt's carpet shed? I vacuum several times a week, and the carpet sheds just as much NOW as it did when we moved in last summer. I'm pretty sure that's just a sign that the carpet is CHEAP. CHEAP like everything you don't see immediately but soon discover when you rent here. —PrettyPlease

    Note: the user who left the following comment appears to be management for The Edge. See this comment.

      2012-02-29 22:25:44   I called my Aunt cause I was curious. She had her carpet installed in August and it is still shedding a bit...not like it was though. She said it's something to do with the short fibers and the manufacturers take this shedding into account when they make their carpet and it is not unusual. They told her that she would have to vacuum about 3 times a week, but that eventually it the shedding does stop. I guess I don't understand why you would be upset about new carpet? This would happen anyplace that had new carpet. There are so many other great things about this community, it seems pointless to dwell on a little carpet fuzz. The weather looks like it's going to warm up next week...maybe we can debate about carpet fuzzies in the new cabana :) :) —DjMisschiff

      2012-03-13 12:34:35   DO NOT LIVE HERE. This is seriously the worst place I have ever lived. The management, Riverstone Residential, doesn't care at all about their tenants; they only care about money. They lie to you and treat you like you're an idiot if your appliances don't work (and it's like pulling teeth to get them fixed). I live with PrettyPlease and they are right: the "new" carpet is more a burden than a blessing. It never stops shedding and has almost broken my vacuum several times, despite the fact that I've lived here for over 8 months now. The fibers get all over everything and it's never-ending. They just put in an exercise room but refuse to open it during non-business hours, which makes no sense considering nearly everyone in the complex either works or goes to school during that time.

      Sure, it's nice that they have new gas grills near the pool. But do you spend the majority of your time there? No, you live in your apartment, and the way apartment issues are handled is the most important thing to me as a tenant. At "The Edge," they are handled abhorrently.

      Also, if you are looking for a quiet place, this is not the place for you. They are renovating EVERYTHING, which takes a long time, so there is constant banging/jackhammering/yelling/etc. from 7:30 a.m. until 11:45 p.m. on some days. —Takenadvantageoftenant

      2012-03-15 11:03:53

      I would like to point out that after doing some digging on "DJMissChiff," (see comments below) who claims to be a tenant at The Edge/Alder Ridge and talks about how great it is to live there, I discovered that this user is actually THE PROPERTY MANAGER OF THE EDGE, Jeanette Hulse. Screenshots:

      Screenshot of her comments on this page, in case they ever get removed: http://imgur.com/p76Ds,Ufq38

      Screenshot of her profile as "djmisschiff:" http://imgur.com/p76Ds,Ufq38#1

      I have met with her in person and confirm the image is of her. For confirmation, stop by the leasing office during business hours and see for yourself.

      In addition to all of the other reasons why you shouldn't live here, perhaps another to consider is having to deal with a property manager you can't trust. —Takenadvantageoftenant

      2012-03-15 11:14:30   Cal. Civ. Code § 1710. Deceit defined

      DECEIT, WHAT. A deceit, within the meaning of the last section, is either: 1. The suggestion, as a fact, of that which is not true, by one who does not believe it to be true; 2. The assertion, as a fact, of that which is not true, by one who has no reasonable ground for believing it to be true; 3. The suppression of a fact, by one who is bound to disclose it, or who gives information of other facts which are likely to mislead for want of communication of that fact; or, 4. A promise, made without any intention of performing it.

      I believe that as the Property Manager, Jeanette Hulse had an ethical duty to disclose that she has a business interest at stake here—clearly she didn't. Do you want to rent from a property where the PM commits deceit and fraud? —PrettyPlease

      2012-04-22 10:33:16   Also, in terms of the "pretty new apartments," ask the front office whether they did any upgrades to the terrible HVAC systems and leaky, old windows. During this weekend's heat wave, our A/C was BLASTING away (it is very loud), and yet one of our bedrooms—mine—stayed consistently above 80 degrees. The A/C didn't really even reach the room and what did was hardly strong enough to counteract the intense heat beating against the walls. The windows are not properly insulated. They let in cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer. Perhaps instead of re-doing functional kitchens to attract your eye they could have re-done parts of the apartment that needed the most attention—the windows and the heating/air-conditioning. —PrettyPlease

      2012-06-23 12:22:10   What once was a great place to live (Alder Ridge) has been transformed into a renter's nightmare (The Edge). Do not live here.

      My roommate and I have lived here since 2009, when "The Edge" was called "Alder Ridge" and Riverstone did not manage it yet. How I miss those days when Riverstone was not in charge of this place! The complex itself and the units are fine. Yes, the kitchen is small and the old windows are drafty, the units are unreasonably cold in the winter and ovens in the summer. But the 2 bedroom we live in is spacious and clean, and we have the washer/dryer rental, which is really convenient. Until Riverstone took over, this place was a fantastic place to live and I recommended it to anyone looking for a place in Davis. Now, it's the horrible new management that makes this place a nightmare.

      Riverstone's Target Residents, New "Amenities" = say goodbye to peace & quiet: The complex is located in a quiet area, and until the new management took over, it was quiet and provided an excellent environment for studying. However, when Riverstone arrived, they started changing the "amenities"..for example, they built a game room in the leasing office, a tiny fitness center (open only during business hours, which for many working people/students renders it useless), bbq stations, and a basketball court to replace the tennis courts in the middle of the complex (which, by the way, always seems to have high school-age kids playing there - none of whom actually live here, it seems). While I can see how these new features might appeal to some people, it really seems to me that Riverstone is now trying to appeal to the undergrad market with their new theme. Indeed, this is almost the exact setup Riverstone has going on at Cambridge House Apartments on Pole Line Road, which they also manage. THAT place is chock full of obnoxious, loud undergrads who love to host parties all night long. While I myself just graduated and don't mind noise every once in a while, I fear that Riverstone's targeting of undergrads is just going to transform this apartment complex into another annoying place to live. Alder Ridge was always a quiet, enjoyable place to live. Why change that now? Leave the drunken undergrads to the areas closer to the university.

      Riverstone Management: to sum "Quinny" Watson and Jeanette Hulse up in a few words: rude, uncaring, and unprofessional. Rude because whenever you walk into the leasing office to talk to them about something or just pick up a package, the look they always give you is "what the hell do you want?" These people are just plain unfriendly and speak to you in short, annoyed tones. They barely smile when they talk to you, even if you made the foolish mistake of trying to be nice to them first. The very few times I have ventured into the leasing office, I have always been met with such poor attitudes that I now do my best to avoid that office at all costs. They are uncaring because they really don't take the time to get to know their residents. I miss Starla and Mike (the repairman) from Alder Ridge! They used to be so welcoming when you came into the office, and it was a pleasure to have conversations with them. I say these two ladies are unprofessional because of a specific incident that occurred recently. Our lease is ending in a few months, and until Riverstone came along we had never had a problem with simply giving the standard 30 days' notice that we would not be renewing our lease. It seems, however, that Riverstone is trying very hard to get the people living in the un-renovated apartments out so that they can renovate them. What this meant for me and my roommate: a "Notice of Non-Renewal of Lease" form on our door, more than 2 months before our lease is supposed to end. What made it so confusing was that only 1 week before receiving this Non-Renewal notification, we had received a completely different "Lease Renewal Request" note from Riverstone, inquiring as to whether we would be renewing our lease and informing us of the increased rental rates and renovated unit options. When we confronted the management about the two conflicting notes, they gave us some BS excuse about the "Davis rental market" and how this place is in such high demand now that they have to resort to "harsh" notices like the Non-Renewal notice we got. What made this encounter even more confusing is the fact that they then proceeded to ask us if we wanted to renew our lease, gave us the option of moving into a currently vacant renovated unit, and informed us that we could renew our lease for another year if we wanted. Did I miss something along the way? Didn't your Non-Renewal Notice just say that Riverstone management ultimately chose not to renew our lease?? These women are clueless about managing this apartment complex. They cannot seem to keep their notices consistent, or clarify key issues when you talk to them. Renters beware: if you thought giving your landlord the standard 30 days' notice that you're moving out would suffice here, you're dead wrong. Apparently, Riverstone exercises its right to not renew your lease if they want to renovate your unit, and they'll do it even if you have months left on your lease. Even if I wanted to choose one of the options they gave me for continuing to live here, I wouldn't. This new management just makes this place a total nightmare. And with the many changes they've made which IMO have hurt, rather than improved, this place, I am confident in saying that this apartment complex is no longer worth the rent they charge.

      Finally (I digress, but I cannot resist this last tidbit of information), these ladies' overall presentation of themselves is unprofessional. I have already noted how unfriendly they are. Even if they were polite and friendly, however, I still don't want to deal with these women who dress more like they are trying to hit up a nightclub than manage an apartment complex. I mean, one really can't help but be uncomfortable staring at your overly heavy eye makeup or at your fake eyelashes coming half off your eyelids. But to each his/her own. I suppose I wouldn't mind all that if you did a good job managing this once-great place to live. But I guess that is too much to ask from Riverstone! Your job isn't that hard, Quinn and Jeanette. Maybe if you tried maintaining the dignity of this place rather than turning it into an undergrad hovel, or tried treating your tenants with respect, you might not be getting all these negative comments on the Wiki. —rfa

      2012-09-12 16:10:42   Ok, I'm going to comment because I disapprove from the previous comments.

      I moved to this apartment complex from North Davis. I settled mid-August 2012, and I completely love this place. I have a 8-5 job Monday through Friday, so it was hard for me to look for apartments (e.g.: visit them, talk to the management) because most apartment complexes are only open during week days. The apartment complex is open Monday-Sunday 9-6pm. They were very sweet and I completely fell in love with the renovated apartments. All stainless steel, brand new appliances, fire place, and not to say washer/dryer inside the apartment (my favorite part)! They are working on a 24h open gym, great pool, basketball court and very stylish apartment complex. Moreover, The Edge had everything ready for me on my move-in date. It was easy and not complicated. So far, I enjoyed the people working there. Always a smile, friendly, sweet, always willing to help and keep me company when I am bored. As far as I know, all my questions have been answered within 4h.

      So, if there was a like button. I would press it. —pfarrugia

      2012-10-22 11:07:57   I think the new management seems reasonable. My parents were going to move to Davis for 7 months for some medical stuff. They rented the apartment and signed a lease and then before they actually moved in, there were some changes in their situation. The edge management held the apartment for a few weeks for them so they could get things sorted out and when it turned out that they didn't end up needing to move to Davis, let them out of the lease they signed. (Note: they had a valid medical exuse why they didn't need to move to davis, i'm not going into that). I'm sure they could have held them to the lease if they had wanted. Thank you! —petercarroll

      2013-03-17 10:40:11   DO NOT LIVE AT THE EDGE. My Statement I used to win my case in small Claims court against The Edge:

      I am here because my car was towed from my apartment complex’s parking lot the second week that I moved in. I was charged $325 to retrieve my car after being towed as a result of my complex’s disorganization.

      • My complex did not provide me with the necessary “move in” information until the day before I was scheduled to move in. My Friday, February 17, 2012 email verifies this list. (email) • My move in date was February 18, 2012. On that day, I finished signing the lease and was only handed my receipts for payment, keys, and an inspection form from Quinn Wastson. (receipt and form) • In my lease I was never assigned a parking spot on the designated pages page 1, and 7. I did provide my vehicle information on pages 7 and 16 (lease) • I was never given any paper work specifying which spot I was assigned. • I was told to find spot 87. • I left the office to move into my apartment • When I drove over to my apartment, I found no numbered parking spots in the complex (photos) • I drove back over to leasing office and asked Quinn Watson where I was supposed to park. How do I know which spot is #87? • Quinn Watson had no idea. She had to call another office. She then gave me a blank map and showed area of what she thought was my parking area. • The area that she showed me on the map ended up always being filled with cars and was not near my actual parking spot • The day my car was towed, people were parked in the area Quinn Watson had shown me on the blank map (March 3). • My car was towed shortly after I had parked at the complex. I went shopping on Saturday, March 3 at Costco in Woodland, California at 12:01 and Target in Woodland, California at 12:27 (receipts) • I did not go back to my car until March 4th where I reported my car stolen. When I was on the phone with the police, I quickly found out that my car had been towed by my own complex. • I was never given any form of warning. • The tow operator said that my car was towed from the complex because it was in the wrong stall number and that they did not have my vehicle recorded (tow receipt) • On March 5, 2012 I asked the Edge to refund the $325 I had been charged for my car being towed but they refused. • Tuesday March 6, 2012 at 4:50 pm Quinn Watson gave me my first copy of the lease and a communication log with her signature. (work calendar, parking permit, Costco and woodland receipts refute the communication log The Edge, Riverstone Residential Group wrote) Quinn Watson kept repeating to me that she was new to justify her mistake of having my car towed. • On the same day, she ran after me and handed me maps where she wrote in parking spot numbers. She even sent an email at 5:17pm of an assigned parking spot. All of these documents I did not sign nor had I ever seen before. (maps, email, email attachment) • I was contacted Monday afternoon, July 9, by a lawyer, Kevin Harris, representing the Edge, Riverstone Residential Group, He offered me $400 to settle. Initially, I declined because I wanted my court costs and gas costs to be covered. I asked for $450 Tuesday July 10, 2012. (court receipts) • On Tuesday July 10, 2012 around 6:30 pm I received a settlement agreement offer. They added a lot of legal language that I needed to review. (settlement) • Wednesday July 12, 2012 I tried to limit the scope of the document to only cover the towing incident. The settlement documents broaden the scope to include any future lease issues. The matter was not resolved so I am here today asking for reimbursements for costs incurred through an incident that was not my fault. If I had been given proper documentation the day I moved in and if the parking stalls had been properly marked, I would have parked in my assigned spot.

      After winning my case, I had the hardest time getting my compensation. The complex, especially Quinn Watson and Jeanette Hulse treated me poorly. After I had won a court case about a parking spot, they had the audacity to allow a worker to park in my spot. They told me to park somewhere else. I have pictures to prove it.

      I was a student at UC Davis and now I am a working professional. I was never treated so poorly by a place as a student. DO NOT LIVE HERE!


      Thank you for sharing your story. Declaring shadyness factor of 7 Daubert

        2013-06-15 12:39:30   I was planning to move in to the Edge and thankfully have reconsidered after some problems with management. Upon looking at the website and signing onto a 2x1 apartment, we were told the price was $1140 on the website. We were stunned and immediately paid the deposit and such, but not before paying the place a second visit since the original person we talked to was just filling in for Jeanette. She was pretentious and rude and didn't make the effort to tell us that the price that we signed in for was incorrect. We made a second trip down since talking to her was almost impossible and she told us that she'd have to email her boss about the price due to the error on the site. Of course we knew it wouldn't be changed and I called her out for false advertisement. We paid for the applications and deposit and it could've been lawsuit worthy if I wanted to make a big deal about it. She faked a look at me and told me she would try her best to do what she could to help. As I was leaving I have her a call asking for her boss' contact information. She said that she couldn't give it to me and that she'd ensure that she would call me back. By that time I cancelled my application and deposit. It was unfortunate because I was pretty willing to forgive the management just for the quiet space and nice apartments. But the price was the last thing before I just gave up. To not even provide me the courtesy of giving me the price and not even telling it to me in the first place has proven how unfortunate of an employee she really is. I wish the property provided an alternate phone number so I could contact then directly instead but it won't be any good. Since Jeanette will be the only person talking to her boss, she gets a one sided comment and view on things. I'm happy that I won't living here because I just found another place that matched the original price and has the same amenities as the Edge while being closer to Davis. —AlmostTrickedbyEdge

        2014-05-14 15:06:13   I have lived here for about a year, and haven't had as bad of interactions with the management as a lot of people have. I also haven't really NEEDED to have any interactions with them either, so basically they'll leave you alone if you leave them alone (for the most part). They have requested to do maintenance and enter my apartment 3-4 times in under a year, which is a bit excessive. A few of their documents they post are a bit unprofessional, and discouraged me from taking them entirely seriously. The amenities are fairly nice, and they keep the complex clean. I would add that the apartment isn't quite as nice as I had hoped moving in based on what it looks (some cheap materials/appliances), but for the most part it is above average. The residents are relatively friendly, with a good mix of older and younger people.

        The main reason I'm posting this review is to let future and current residents know that there is a lot of rodenticide around the complex. For a pet friendly complex, this is unacceptable. While the containers are protected for most pets to get into (which is great, considering some places may just freely place the bait around), there is a huge possibility for secondary exposure that many people overlook. This can occur when a rat/mouse that has ingested rodenticide dies, and a pet eats that animal. This is often more than a lethal dose for a large dog, much less a cat. Rodenticide poisoning in pets is something that is not rare, and is potentially life threatening. I was alarmed while supervising my cats on my 1st floor balcony to see a huge "CAUTION RODENTICIDE" container within arm's reach. I know The Edge management is not doing this maliciously, but they are probably unaware of the consequences. I encourage them to look into more humane and safe methods to keep the rodent population in check (if it even is a problem?). For more information on rodenticide toxicity, please review reliable sources such as the Animal Poison Control Association http://www.aspca.org/. —waavygraavy

        2015-01-23 15:07:47   Beware before you rent from The Edge. First, I have to say that in general I enjoyed living here: the apartment was nice, the residents are quiet and well behaved and the grounds are well maintained. Also, in a city with a roach problem, I never saw a single roach on this property. They have very good extermination (almost too good for dog owners, as noted in other posts). Dealing with the office management is like talking to a machine, but that was fine throughout my residency. BUT read the fine print on your lease. For example, you will pay all utilities including water, sewer, garbage—as if this were a condo and it is not. It is a basic apartment that has been remodeled to look “luxury” but really isn’t when you look more closely. The “wood-like” floors are a very cheap vinyl that warps when you put any substantial furniture on it. This is a problem that the management is aware of, as they have sent furniture pads around to all residents, but they will still attempt to charge you on move-out to pay for the replacement of their cheap flooring. Stainless steel appliances are “faux” stainless finish—which the management does not mention—and then if you clean them as you would real stainless steel you will ruin them and be charged for it. One of my neighbors had to file a claim with small claims court regarding unjustified move-out charges, so this is not isolated to my own experience. On move-in I asked about putting holes in the wall to hang shelves, and they said it was no problem as they paint on move-out (but failed to mention that you will be charged to repaint the entire apartment on move-out, even if it is in good condition.) They charged me to replace the A/C filter—something that in every other apartment I have ever lived in has been considered management’s responsibility to replace. The list goes on. If you don’t care about losing your security deposit for petty charges, or a few hundred dollars here and there, then not a problem. Bbut if you are on a budget, or have a general sense of fair rental practices, beware of The Edge or any property run by Riverstone Residential or Greystar properties. —KarenEmbry