This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


803 2nd Street , Suite 2C in the Chen Building
By appointment
(530) 753-1417
Nancy Chadwick, CPFT, MES
Services Offered
Personal Fitness Training and Post-Rehabilitation Training.
Individual and Group Sessions. Fitness Classes.

The Fitness Studio was a private personal training and post-rehabilitation studio that offered clients a unique, private setting where they were the central focus. It closed around 2014.

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Here you will feel refreshed and alive. Fitness adds energy and life to your years, not just years to your life.

Nancy Chadwick is a Gold Certified Personal Fitness Trainer by the American Council on Exercise since 1990 with special recognition in Mind/ Body Integration. She is also a Medical Exercise Specialist certified by the American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehabilitation Professionals. She is additionally certified in Advanced Pilates Mat by Powerhouse Pilates.

Nancy has two careers. She has maintained a private practice in psychotherapy since 1976. These two careers enhance each other, giving her clients a rich experience.

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2008-04-30 13:23:00   I am certainly not the best advertisement for Nancy's gifts, as I am slow to embrace discipline and slow to lose weight, but I must say this: If she can have me on the mat and enthusiastic about physical exercise two mornings a week, I think she could inspire anyone! She is a wonderful combination of knowledgeable, firm and kind. Her facility is terrific — cool, clean, zen. If you are considering a personal trainer, then you will probably hit the spot with Nancy. She'll even let you choose the music! —FreddieOakley