The Mesh ("the mesh" or "the-mesh"), started through a joint research project between the UC Davis Department of Computer Science and Orange labs, is a mesh network comprised of many Wi-Fi access points to provide wireless access to campus, specifically the Segundo residential area. The projects claims to offer a "blanket" of outdoor coverage to the area.

The Mesh, with an SSID of the-mesh, can be accessed from many places in the Segundo area and, like moobilenet, requires a UC Davis ID and password to authenticate. Additionally, The Mesh offers "specialized" applications and services that, according to the project, are both "fun and useful".

Since the Mesh is a research project, coverage is not guaranteed across the area and is strong in a few select points, specifically focusing on the Dining Commons.

The official page offers an FAQ, information on the Privacy Policy, and contact information with regards to the project. The privacy policy details that the project records visited URLs and usage notes in order to provide statistical analysis.