The train at the old Nut Tree, photo from mid 1970s. Taken in front of the combined toy shop and station.

East Monte Vista Ave, Vacaville CA
Varies, normally 10:00AM-5:00PM
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The Nut Tree is a great place to go and have a relaxing experience riding the train or the Merry-go-round. It even has a roller-coaster and some great arcade games. Just a short drive from Davis to Vacaville and the fun is waiting for you.

The park closed in 1996, and had been reopened since 10/20/2006, only to close again in Early 2009, and reappear in a tiny courtyard in August of the same year.

StevenDaubert thinks it's a shame that the nut tree is a blatant strip mall now. He thought the old version was cooler.

Some places of possible interest to Davisites include Fentons Creamery, See's Candies, a Jelly Belly store (more convenient than the Jelly Belly Factory), and Amici's East Coast Pizzeria.