The eclectic Pink House mantle.

629 Radcliffe Dr.

Elise Kane, Rachel Skytt, and Casey McGrath

(later, Erin Herlihy replaced Rachel)

Years Active
Fall '06-Summer '09

The Pink House was a residential music venue in Davis with ties to KDVS. It was not really pink in color but more of a peachy salmon, though the individual who named the house insisted that it is indeed pink in hue. The fall '06—summer '09 residents of the house jokingly titled the garage The Meth Lab, a reference to the rumor that there had once been a meth lab in the neighborhood. According to a former resident, the interior of the house, eggshell white in its years being called the Pink House, once had walls painted different colors. One bedroom was green, the living room had either purple or green, and the primary bathroom was dark green with artistic Chinese characters running in vertical lines a la The Matrix. As of 2009, no traces of these colors were left, save for some dark green in the bathroom that peeked through the current paint at the edges of the shower. It is unclear whether this bit of evidence remains.

The house ceased to be a music venue as of August 2009 because its pioneering music residents vacated. However, shows that would have taken place here were hosted at a then-new venue on J Street, called The Greenhouse. The Greenhouse ceased to be a show venue as of Feb. 2010 when the host moved out of town.

The Pink House shows have featured the following artists:

• SHOW 1 Oh Foot Ricky Berger

• SHOW 2

Neil Ruud A Good Pillow Your Yellow Dress

• SHOW 3

Backpack Watercolor Paintings Poppet aka DJ Poppet aka Molly Raney

• SHOW 4

Christina Antipa Sea of Bees Jordan O'Jordan


• footage currently unavailable for Oh Foot

• footage currently unavailable for Ricky Berger

Neil Ruud

Your Yellow Dress

A Good Pillow


Watercolor Paintings

• footage currently unavailable for Molly Raney

Christina Antipa

Sea of Bees

Jordan O'Jordan

Show Photos:

Poppet aka Molly Raney performing at The Pink House. Watercolor Paintings performing at The Pink House. Ricky Berger performing at The Pink House. Audience for Show 2.


Oh Foot performing at The Pink House. Christina Antipa performing at The Pink House. Your Yellow Dress performing.


Sea of Bees performing. Jordan O'Jordan doing his awesome thang.