206 F Street (Next to downtown Starbucks, across from Armadillo Music)
Daily 6:00AM-4:30PM
(530) 753-6770

Yummy bagels

Posh Bagel is a mini bakery that makes their own bagels, bread loaves, and pastries every morning. They sell all their baked goods either plain or as sandwiches. Some of the sandwiches use cream cheese creatively, for instance the BLTCC. A variety of fruit salads (sliced melons and berries) are also available. It appears to be family owned, and they are very friendly.

they even sell pastries and fresh baked muffins

They also serve Java City coffee, which you might like better than the Starbucks coffee next door. They also have various milk teas and Thai tea with optional tapioca pearls. Though the tapioca drinks are a little more expensive than average, the coffee drinks are quite a bit cheaper than the equivalent at Starbucks and other nearby coffee shops.

In April 2007, they revamped their menu, getting rid of the "hot sandwiches" category completely, but adding many new sandwiches overall. The price of almost all sandwiches increased by over a dollar (it also used to be cheaper on a bagel than on a roll - now it's the same price). The average sandwich now costs $5 to $6, and they no longer offer the meal combo (chips and drink at a reduced price).

They accept cash and credit cards, with a $3.00 minimum on the latter.

Although not free, you can get a clear WiFi signal from the Starbucks next door.

The Posh Bagel was previously Bruegger's Bakery & Cafe and Main St. Bagel. If you go back to the bathrooms, there are still original Bruegger's posters on the wall, one of which seems awfully confused as to what bagel place it is advertising. The Posh Bagel is one of several retail spinoffs of a South Bay bakery (the main bakery is a wholesale bakery), with other outlets in places such as San Francisco's sunset.

There are a small but growing number of people who call the place "Pork Bagel" because the "Posh" in painted sign in the window looks like it says "Pork".  They were once subjected to a (now retracted) horrible Yelp review that was so egregious that neighbors and neighboring businesses poured out in support, and the locally covered incident eventually became a Snopes article.


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2005-09-26 12:13:54   I recommend their Pineapple croissants, and their jalapeno cream cheese. —RyanCastellucci

2005-09-26 12:20:42   Their 'Eggwich' breakfast bagels are good as well, though you might wanna order it without butter. —RyanCastellucci

2005-11-16 17:14:16   I got a green tea latte tapioca drink. It was chalky, tasted like "white chocolate", and was overly sweet. The boba were mushy. Yech. I did not finish the drink. —JudithTruman

2005-12-20 10:42:38   What I really like about this place is not the food they serve. They have the greatest selection of drinks! They have Orangina, and Naked Fruit ... it just makes me happy. —SS

2006-02-19 15:36:29   I do NOT recommend this place. Bruegger's used to be much MUCH better. The pastries tend to be stale and the bagels aren't that good. Much better to go to the CO-OP for frech bagles. Other than Noah's there aren't decent bagel places in town anymore! :( —LookyLoo

2006-03-06 16:55:20   Marinara Bagel with Tomato Basil cream cheese. Best bagel in the history of the world. —ZacMorris

2006-03-12 13:05:08   I had to wait in line for a while but I thought it was well worth it. I ordered a Eggwich with ham and enjoyed it. Filled me up =D and I'm happy with the price. —JoAnnaRich

2006-03-22 21:34:19   They have mini bagels. awesome stuff! —PattyLouieJunior

2006-04-03 09:56:59   The eggwich bagels are super (especially on an asiago bagel), though I second the recommendation to either skip the butter or tell them to go light on it. The bubble drinks are not great, but the chai tea is some of the best I've had. —AlexPomeranz

2006-10-14 01:04:47   The muffins and many of the other pastries look suspiciously like they came from Costco. My wife once ordered a blueberry bagel that had a blueish tint, but not a single blueberry. She was not offered a refund or another bagel. So overall it's a disappointment, but the eggwiches are pretty good. —MatthewPearson

  • I used to think the same thing, but I saw an employee scooping batter into muffin tins one day, indicating that at least some of the muffins are likely made in-house. —AnnaJones

2006-10-15 15:51:38   I second the EggWich praise; the butter makes it better, IMO —TerryMcConnell

2006-12-16 22:36:57   I love their Dutch cruch rolls. The only thing I buy here (but quite often) is the Sub-Club Sandwich (turkey, avocado, cheese) on a Dutch Crunch Roll. mmmmmmm. Good. —PeterAnselmo

2007-06-12 20:45:41   My absolute favorite sandwich is the turkey and cranberry. The sprouts and pickles and cucumbers are an awesome combination, and they always serve you with a smile. I used to like Nugget best, but this has beaten it out. —DanielHill

2007-06-22 20:13:27   Good sandwiches, very good breakfast sandwiches, and they have Vietnamese coffee. —MisterProfessor

2007-09-03 08:21:56   The "Lite Lox" should be called the "Lox Less Monster"— I see small chunks in there and its kind of pink, but there's not enough to survive scientific scrutiny. I was kind of wondering why it was so cheap. They should raise the price and add some more salmon. I'd pay for it. —CraigBrozinsky

2007-10-14 03:17:17   The operators of this place are very nice, even when it is busy. I don't go all that often, but it is one of the only "to-go" breakfast places in town (besides the 8:45am snack truck at Big-O tires- then 9:00am at cable-car wash). I like how I can order an eggwich hold the cheese and they'll subtract like 50 cents. Plus they don't charge you extra for soy milk. Being a non-dairy person I appreciate things like this. —JeffShaw

2007-12-19 20:01:24   Their lox bagel sandwich is great. Haven't had lox like that since I was back east. Try it! —thelonepiper555

2008-01-20 22:57:44   LOVE THIS PLACE! I would recommend the herb turkey sandwich, or the garden vegi. Great service, and fresh food. —Dr.Lindsay

2008-04-18 12:18:05   The BLTCC is one of my new favorite sandwiches in town. I like to get it on a Blueberry bagel. Yum! —YupYup

2008-05-22 05:29:53   marinara and tomato basil bagels are worth trying! Keeps me coming back for mroe —mikokuriko

2008-07-01 11:50:45   Any day I don't have time to make brekfast I stop in here for one of their delicious wholewheat, assiago, pesto or sundried tomato bagels. They have great prices on soda at $1.75 for a huge coke. They are always friendly. —JamesLDownie

2008-08-19 17:19:29   I like this place. They have good food and quick service. They also have a nice large accessible bathroom! —HazelWatson

2008-09-01 13:39:50   Although they aren't very spicy, I recommend the jalapeno bagel for the bacon eggwhich. —TheDavisMarine

2008-11-25 19:48:36   The bagels here are some of the best I've ever had. —Theo

2008-12-05 19:08:10   Mmmmmm. Pesto Bagel w/ cream cheese. I usually ask to go easy on the cream cheese or else it makes me sick. They really slather it on. Way better than the breakfast choices at Starbucks. —EricaMacGregor

2009-02-16 18:01:15   Marinara bagel with jalapeno cream cheese, red onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos. Gives you a good kick in the pants in the morning and it is delicious! —GeorgeLewis

2009-05-19 05:50:03   Oh my gosh, Posh Bagel rocks! I am totally in love with it! —Davisilva

2009-05-24 01:25:31   I used to go here all the time until one day, I saw a couple of small cockroaches jumping around on the inside of the glass from bagel to bagel. IT WAS DISGUSTING!!! I just can't bring myself to go there anymore. I had to leave that day. SO GROSS. Their bagels can be delicious, but if they're going to have cockroach poo or eggs, JUST SAY NO!!! —MBarcelona

2009-05-31 12:53:44   Came in here on a whim the other day, wasnt expecting the place to be so popular. Definitely one of the best bagel places I've been to, I can see myself returning any day now —JimL

2009-07-11 10:28:19   Bagel was good, latte horrific. Not surprised to read comments below regarding cleanliness/infestation. Flys were sitting on the cashier's head like he was in some third-world country. —busthead

2009-07-18 13:36:11   The asiago bagel here is great. But, the price and service are not my favorite. I usually just get a bagel and cream cheese, and they only ever put enough to cover one side. When I asked for more, they told me it would be an additional charge. And there are flies in the bagel cases. Kinda overpriced in general. Take your money to Konditorei. Much better breakfast, but no bagels. —DaniD

2009-07-18 14:42:32   They have Shave Ice in lots of different flavors! —RenewDenim

2009-08-07 12:04:43   I recommend the Turkey Cranberry on a specialty bagel. The veggie is great as well, the sprouts sell it. The staff are really nice and are very quick. —shraken

2009-09-14 10:45:04   I went there today with my 3 year old, who got a strawberry milk. Sadly, after he finished the milk, I noticed the date was 2 weeks expired. I checked and all of the Nestle milk was 2 weeks expired. This store obviously does not care about consumer health, and the staff did not appear to be sorry nor concerned. —judyoneill

Did it taste or smell bad? Is your kid sick? If not, then there doesn't seem to be any problem. —NickSchmalenberger

  • Selling (and stocking) two week old MILK is bad, especially for a 3 year old kid. Expressing legitimate concern doesn't make that person "a tool." —H4rry

      • In critique of the store, it is pretty bad of them not to keep up on checking and replacing each item in their store, but it is understandable how something could have been missed, especially if they only replace things every 2-3 weeks (ie. the amount of time for said milk to have gone bad from the time they stocked it). In critique of milk, I think people are too critical of when milk goes bad in relation to the "expiration date" that is labeled. It really is about storage. I've had cartons of milk that went bad weeks before the labeled date and I've had milk that still smelled completely fresh beyond the date. Obviously, I would have looked at the expiration date before serving anything to a child, but that may just be me. It is still bad on Posh to let that happen. And as far as Nick's comment, it is logical that milk beyond the date could still be consumable and good, but how could the store know that? —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-11-10 08:57:51   The food is great, however, when I ask for extra cream cheese, I do not actually get what I ordered. This has happened on more than one occasion. —Crystallite

2009-11-19 13:32:17   I love this bagel shop. I get a pesto bagel with spinach dill cream cheese and they toast it to perfection so that it is crispy, soft, and warm at the same time. I also just went here to order a dozen bagels for my work and it (to me) it seemed reasonable. $14.00 for 12 gourmet bagels (baker's dozen) and 2 cream cheeses for $2.99 seemed like a great deal. The staff is also very friendly and efficient. —BamCam

2010-03-19 16:14:01   Tried this place out twice.. Had a sandwich on a bagel the first time, it was quite delicious.

The second time however, terrible service! I got a bagel toasted and asked if they had sundried tomato cream cheese. Instead of saying yes, the lady behind the counter started talking to another customer, apparently a regular, who came in AFTER me. All she did was hold up some cream cheese on a spreading utensil.. So, yeah, they have tomato basil as it turns out. I had read on their wesbite it was sundried tomato. No big deal, but at least answer me don't just hold it up and talk to other customers when I'm the one you're serving.

I'll go back, because the bagels are toasted perfectly and delicious. I just think the service here is awful. —redbike

2010-05-03 00:10:43   The bf & I tried this place out because Zeidas was closed, and much to my suprise... it was wonderful. I had the Turkey/Cranberry with everything on it, It was delicious!! The bf had the Turkey/Herb and he thought it was good minus the sauce, apparently tasted like pizza sauce. Anyways, $13 for two good sized sandwiches is not bad!! I will be returning —TICKtacTOEtag

2010-05-16 00:09:45   Has anyone had a problem with having a lot of gas after eating here? Do you know what causes it? A friend and I ate here and had completely different items but the same rolls for sandwiches and we both got a lot of gas. Then we ate here again today as we like the place but again got horrific gas so now I am wondering how could the rolls cause this? What are they made out of?? —micheleblaine

2010-05-17 10:51:52   I love this place, but today I saw an employee handle cash and coins, then make someone's bagel with the same latex gloves on. Pretty gross. —VinceBuffalo

2011-03-30 21:24:32   Had their bagel sandwich there yesterday for the first time. YUM!!!!!! the tapioca....it was just okay, I think Old Tea House is way better. the only thing I didn't really like about the place was the cashier guy; he didn't seem like he wanted to be at work. but the girls that made my bagel sandwich were very nice and hard-working. —purplemonkey

2011-05-24 13:29:14   I do like this place and their bagels are good, although they have recently become really expensive. I got just a plain (non gourmet) bagel with lox and cream cheese only and they charged me nearly $8, the price for the lox bagel sandwich. This just seems ridiculous. I get that lox is expensive, but this much for so little it stupid. I'm not sure I'm going to keep going there. —MissMallory19

2011-09-24 09:54:08   I hadn't been here in awhile, but was pleasantly surprised. Good service. Got an eggwhich on Sourdough, fresh pineapple slices, and a coffee for under $10. Everything was good. I'll be back more often. —BrentKago

As VinceBuffalo pointed out this place has a HUGE cleanliness issue. The food might taste good but you don’t know what you are eating. My boyfriend and I came in here once on a Saturday morning for brunch and not only were there flies in the toaster over the lady was toasting our bagels in, she actually SNEEZED on them while she was making them and didn’t even wipe down the counter or toss the food to remake the order. She even had the audacity to try to ring us up for them like we would actually pay for bacteria infested bagels. We walked out in disgust. FILTHY. And if you watch the employees carefully they go back and forth between making food and touching money without washing their hands. You couldn’t pay me to eat here again.

2011-12-13 14:14:57   I had a breakfast bagel "omelet style" sandwich here and it was very good. My wife got a salt bagel and it tasted like a big pretzel. The bagels are top notch, very soft chewy and fresh. —DagonJones

2012-02-26 11:37:25   There are several reasons this place is one of my favorite downtown places to get breakfast. Chiefly among them is the Eggwhich Omelet on the Spinach Asiago bagel. This combination is nothing short of amazingness. Yes, I love it so much that I think nothing of using made up words to describe it as an adult.

My only complaint about this place is that there is very limited wall sockets. So, sometimes studying is difficult as I have to wait for a table (I suppose I could also just buy a new battery for my laptop but that is besides the point). —RA397

2012-04-09 22:53:34   great selection for a quick and filling breakfast or lunch. love all the adds on the sandwich! nice prices :) and next to starbucks! —MelannieLavarias

2013-10-20 14:00:44   Not sure where all the complaints are coming from. I did buy some expired Naked fruit juice by accident, but they pointed out the expiration date and recommend I go get different ones that weren't expired. Food tastes great, and I didn't have any issues with cleanliness. I'd recommend this place. —StevenVeach