The Saga of Yona is an eighteen chapter serial film made in and around Davis. It tells the story of a young warrior princess, Yona Kawasaki, as she seeks to avenge her sisters death. She has many adventures along the way.

The film highlights many locations in both Davis and Yolo County, including scenes from The Deathstar, the Foundation the Arboretum Gazebo, Lake Berryessa, and Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve.

The cast is almost entirely from Davis, and includes: Erin Dunning of Bikram Yoga Davis (Yona Kawasaki) Zaron Burnett III (Lord Chevy Blazer) Ted Dunning (Screwtape The Persuader) Rahkal Turcotte (Emperor Ford Mustang) JJ Charlesworth (Agent Willie Nelson) Kirsten Sanford (Red Sally) Joe Teplitz (Punk Rock Joe)

The film also includes numerous (often hilarious) cameos by (often infamous) Davis locals: Dan Dietz (Dirty Dan) Bink (Quentin) JoshLawson (Dodge Charger) Gilbert Menke (Xarglax) Patrick Phelan (Sir Realistic) Kip McMichaels (Sir Mountable) Kristopher Smith (Lincoln Continental) Derek Phelan (Cadillac El Dorado) Greg Yen (Miller High Life) Bob Dunning (God the Father) and many more.

The musical score, which is fantastic by the way, was written and performed by Joshua Africa.

The Saga of Yona was written and directed by Zaron Burnett III, for Zolcroft Pictures. It was produced by Lawrence J. Chunn.

The series is freely viewable and the moment on the Zolcroft Wordpress site at:

That's right bitches!! I was in this movie!!!Eat it!! —JoshLawson