KDVS 90.3 FM
Saturday 9am-noon
Bill Wagman and Robyne Fawx

The Saturday Morning Folk Show is the longest continuously-running show on KDVS (fact check). DJs Bill Wagman and Robyne Fawx alternate hosting the weekly program, which showcases traditional and contemporary folk music, including Celtic, bluegrass and Americana. There are occasional live on-air performances as well.

Playlists and show archives are available for Robyne's shows [1][2] and Bill's shows [1][2].

Folk music fans may want to check out Cool as Folk, also on KDVS.


The Saturday Morning Folk Show started in the fall of 1976 by veterinary student Stephen White, who had previously hosted a folk show at KZSC at UCSC.

The show has had the same approximate time slot (Saturday 9am-noon, 8am-noon, 9am-1pm) for most of its run, except for its first year and one quarter in 1980 or 1981 when KDVS management switched it to Sunday. It was switched back after overwhelmingly negative audience response.

Fall 1976
Show begins, hosted by Stephen White from 6am-9am
Summer 1977
Show moves to 9am-noon
Stephen White leaves; Richard Ellis, and Pete Hellmuth join
Stephen White returns, alternating with Richard and Pete
Stephen White leaves again
December 1984
Richard Ellis and Pete Hellmuth leave
January 1985
Jim Viet and Robyne Fawx join (NOTE: Jim Viet helped buid the Domes!)
Summer 1986
Robyne Fawx leaves, but occasionally subs
Jim Viet leaves; Hiram Jackson and Peter Schiffman join with Bill Wagman occasionally subbing
Hiram Jackson leaves; Robyne Fawx permanently rejoins
Peter Schiffman leaves; Bill Wagman permanently joins

Bill Wagman, Robyne Fawx, and Stephen White contributed this information


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2005-07-10 17:46:52   I, Bill Wagman, have been hosting / co-hosting the show for only about 6 years now. I previously hosted Mr. Wagman's Neighborhood on Wednesday morning. I took over when my predecessor Peter Schiffman left after about 10 years. WHen Peter started he alternated with Hiram Jackson and occasionally I would sub. Robyne Fawx did the show many years ago and when Hiram left Peter asked Robyne to come back which she did. Some of the DJs who hosted the show prior to that were Jim Viet (akd Wink Folker) and others whose names I don't remember —WjWagman

2011-03-26 11:16:49   love the show —MischaGushiken