The Sneeze was a humor publication created by a group of English students. Published out of AS PAPERS, the publication ran from 2002 until 2003 with constantly changing page counts, staff, and degrees of humor due to the "Anyone who submits gets published" policy. The publication petered out after a year as the people involved began to lose interest and eventually everyone just gave up.

An overwhelming number of articles mocked The California Aggie, often in the most juvenile and obscene ways possible. For some reason the Aggie decided to descend to the Sneeze's level with a number of potshots at the humor magazine throughout the year culminating in a number of references in the The California Aggie/Spoof Edition 2002 issue, a copy of which was delivered to the Sneeze mailbox with the post-it note declaring "Take notes on how it's done". The Aggie was subsequently hit with a number of condemnations from community members on counts of racism, poor taste, and personal attacks and was threatened with legal action.

The Sneeze itself indulged in racism, poor taste, and slander but no one cared enough to do anything but send angry or disappointed e-mails, which the Sneeze staff then decided was cause enough to mock the senders in the next issue. Most notable was Jackson Pritt, the first person to ever send a critical e-mail. Thus ensued a childish one-sided rivalry on the Sneeze's part, as the humor magazine frequently made Pritt the butt of its jokes. Pritt would go on to illustrate one of these negative articles in his Aggie Comic, Ten Dollar Art, proving himself to be the bigger man.

One Sneeze article about Ugly People being removed at gunpoint from campus was translated into Spanish and re-printed in La Palabra but without a disclaimer that the article was fictitious.


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2005-01-23 23:32:34   I thought it was pretty funny, but I didn't understand why it hated Jackson Pritt so much. —RohiniJasavala

2005-01-24 09:56:35   Once upon a time, it made fun of the I Found It campaign. —KenBloom