The Tremont Church and Cemetery is a great Davis bike ride destination, though it's really in Solano County and formerly a part of Tremont Township. In terms of population, Tremont never developed into much of a bustling town, and this church was one of the few places that brought the otherwise loosely connected group of farming families together. I have been told by the caretaker—who lives in the double-wide trailer next to the church and is charged with the task of keeping high school kids from partying there—that some of the founders of Dixon are buried here. So, please, be respectful.

The graveyard is very old, and there are five wooden headstones that are really creepy, especially at night. Keep going on Tremont and you'll eventually connect with Old Davis Road back to town.

A few opening scenes of What's Love Got to Do with It, a biographical film about Tina Turner, were shot at the Tremont Church.


Take Mace Blvd south for two or more miles, and then turn right on Tremont Road. Careful, it's easy to miss Tremont. The church is about a 1/2 mile down Tremont on the left.



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2005-10-27 08:57:42   It closes around seven. if you go there any later you will be kindly asked to leave. And yes. they'll know. —NoraSandstedt

2006-03-13 17:21:09   Here is another picture of the cemetery. I went to visit earlier today. —BonnieStewart

2006-03-20 03:09:33   Great photo, Bonnie!!! —WayneSchiller