1959 Lake Boulevard (West Davis, near Lake Boulevard & West Covell Boulevard)

Monday through Friday, 9:30AM to 5:30PM

Phone: (888) 371-3502
Email: TheWillows.Daviswikiorg.Tandem@aptleasing.info
The Willows Apartments website
Types of Units
 1br/1ba, 2br/1ba, 2br/2ba, 3br/2ba
Price Range
$1,260 to $2,295 for Fall 2018

The Willows is an apartment complex on the northwestern edge of Davis. It's location feels bucolic and serves as a good reminder that the City of Davis is very serious about protecting open space, habitat and farmland. To the west and south is the Stonegate Retention Basin, to the north is open farmland, and to the east (across Lake Boulevard) is the West Pond. To complement that idyllic rural feel, there is a great neighborhood shopping center just a few blocks away. The Willows is managed by Tandem Properties.

Residents think that the apartments are fairly roomy, and the grounds are very well kept. Most agree that the staff is excellent, response times on maintenance issues are usually the same day and everyone is very friendly and helpful. The pool and workout room do the job, but for those looking for more recreational opportunities (rowing, tennis, ping pong, weight room), Willows residents can also join the Stonegate Country Club for just $10/month. There's also a big community/banquet room at The Willows that can be reserved by residents. Some residents note that construction to update the complex had been annoying, and management commented on this page that they've limited construction hours to begin at 9am (rather than the customary 7am) and suspended construction during finals. All of the updates were scheduled to conclude in Spring 2010.

Management Notices

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Features & Amenities

Free Parking
24 Hour Pool/Spa
24 Hour Laundry Centers
Stove and Oven
Central Heat & Air
BBQ Courtyard
24 Hour Fitness Center
Walk-in closets
Cats Allowed w/ $300 deposit
Huge Study/Community Room
Ceiling Fans
Free Wireless, TV & Cookies at Clubhouse
Free Fax & Copier
Resident Events


Public Transportation - Apartment is located on Unitrans P/Q bus line. Few blocks down Lake Boulevard, there is a stop for the Unitrans D and K bus lines.

Bicycle - The Willows is located at the northwestern corner of the Davis Bike Loop. The UC Davis campus is 2 miles away and most of the ride is on an off-street bike path. There are bike lanes, off-street paths and bicycle only connectors throughout the surrounding neighborhood.

There are many parks in the area: Arroyo Park, West Manor Park, Westwood Park and Whaleback Park.

Pedestrian - For recreational adventures, the quickest way to access the West Pond is to walk east on West Covell Boulevard past Stonegate Self Storage and then turn right onto the path that describes the eastern edge of the pond. The Open Space and Habitat Commission has recently proposed a western access point next to the Circle K that would give residents of The Willow very quick entry into this hidden gem of Davis. Friends of West Pond, which has a lot of great info about recreational opportunities, supports this project.

For grocery, shopping, some services and dining, Westlake Plaza is less than a mile away. Check out the brand new grocery store that everyone is all excited about, Westlake Market. The Marketplace is 1.2 miles away.

Emerson Junior High and Patwin School are also within walking distance.

Parking - Free uncovered parking for all residents and plenty of street parking for guests.

ADA Accessibility - ADA Accessible are available.

Floor Plans/Rental Rates for Fall 2017

Fall 2017 pricing is now available on the website.

For current availability please contact the Rental Office

1 Bedroom 1 Bath 2 Bedroom 1 Bath 2 Bedroom 2 Bath 3 Bedroom 2 Bath







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2009-05-16 11:33:44   I've lived here for about a year and it quite nice. It's quiet, clean, maintenance respond quickly. The free cookies are a bonus. Haven't had any major bug problems. And insulation is pretty good. My apartment is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, hardly had to use the ac. However the windows do get a LOT of condensation during the winter so be sure to keep towels on the sills to prevent water soaking into the walls. —Ruby777

2009-06-02 01:05:38   I have lived at The Willows for 3 years now and absolutley love it! The staff is nice helpful! The apartmetns are big and reasonably priced for Davis. This is a perfect location for any UC Davis student who is looking for a serious and peaceful place to study. All of the neighbors are great and there are no bugs whatsoever!!!! —Kerrie

2009-06-05 12:25:35   Caution to folks considering renting anytime soon. I resigned the lease to rent my apartment from the Willows for another year. About a week later they send around a flyer saying they're renovating the outsides of all the buildings. Now there are crews of people putting new siding on the buildings, redoing the roofs, etc. The nailing, sawing etc. starts pretty early in the morning. Around 9am - so don't expect to sleep in. And if you're a student wanting to work from home - don't expect that either. Parking in my section has also been cut in half. It used to be easy to find a parking place close to my apartment. No longer. Also - for any women out there - this "renovation" scheme means older men hanging out on your porch, and generally around everywhere all the time.

Further things to consider:

First, the timing of the announcement of the renovations is pretty disrespectful. I agree with all the comments people have made about all the Willows staff being friendly. This move seemed out of character. But in my mind was deceptive.

Second, no apology, no compensation. It wouldn't make it worth it to me, but at least cut my rent by $100 or so a month. It would be a nice gesture and at least acknowledge the inconvenience they're putting everyone through.

Third, don't expect it to stop anytime soon. They are going pretty slow. They're just starting the 3rd building and they are about a month and a half in. There are about 20 buildings, maybe more, so you do the math.

Bottom line: it you signed on for next year, I'd try to get out of it. And if you're considering renting next year, ask for a break in the rent or something. And definitely ask where your building is located and when they will be renovating it and the surrounding buildings. The staff here is great, the grounds are well-kept etc., but definitely not worth the rent once you take into account all the inconvenience. —resident

Danger, Will Robinson! The following two comments were left from the same IP address, which implies (but does not definitively prove) that they were left by the same person.

2009-06-11 00:16:27   I am a resident here at The Willows and have been one for over a year now and I have to disagree with the comment above. First of all, I think that if anyone complains about nailing, temporary limited parking, male workers, and the fact that the crew is only on the "3rd" building, I feel sorry for you because you obvoiusly will never be able to own your own home and understand what it is really like to maintain property. I understand that parking has been limited, but I am a law student who transfered from San Francisco where there is NO private parking for residents! I am okay with parking a little further from my apartment, that is, if I do not decide to take the student busline to class that day. So the temporary parking situation means nothing to me. I have spoken to the office about the project itself and they were kind and professional enough to tell me all of the details and went above and beyond to increase parking as much as possible! And the reason why they are on the 3rd building is because the office put a pause on the project for "finals" week! What kind of property would do a helpful thing like that for their residents?? These projects will take some time. And I am more delighted to know that the 2% rent increase is being invested right back into The Willows renovation project. My bottom line: If you have signed with The Willows, the mini project is really not that bad!! And good luck finding something else right now in Davis. I would much rather have my building undergo this for one week than go through the hassle of moving into a dump with no good maintenance! —Cassie89

2009-06-11 00:21:17   Yes, I agree with the last comment posted by the law student. You are childish to complain of just great property maintenance. —frank05

2009-06-11 13:07:31   Dear Residents,

We would first like to apologize for any inconvenience that our exterior upgrades have caused. We have tried our best to make this necessary process run as smoothly as possible and by no means do we want to disturb our residents' daily activities. We would like to help our resident who left the comment about the construction, but if you don't let us know that you are unhappy then we can't help you. Please feel free to let our staff know of your concerns, as we are here to help :) Let us explain a little more about the exterior upgrades. We notified the first building that was going to experience the exterior upgrade as soon as we were informed of the starting date and we do apologize if you thought that this was a short notice. Our construction vendor crew is very small for the same reason that we are attempting to minimize the impact and inconvenience to our residents. Our construction vendors are professional and if they are on the balconies/patios it is because they are working on the siding around that area and also on the replacement of the railings. Please do not be alarmed as they have all the qualifications to work professionally and respect everyone. The construction does start at around 9am, but in any other construction field, workers usually start at 7am and we did ask if they could make an exception in order to allow our residents to get the sleep needed. Also, we would say that the exterior upgrade is moving relatively quickly, considering that during the first buildings there are minor details that come up which are not expected. However, they work around this and improve as they get more "hands on". We are expecting for this process to move somewhat more quickly as they get more familiar with the surroundings of the buildings. And as Cassie89 mentioned, the construction did stop from 6/4-6/12 in order to give our residents the peaceful environment for them to study during finals and enjoy graduations. Unfortunatley, The Willows does not have storage space on site and we did have to close a total of 12 parking spaces in order to give our construction vendors storage space to store their materials; this will only be temporary. Of course, as the upgrades move building to building we close parking spaces that are directly near the building that is under construction in order to avoid any potential damage to the vehicles of our residents'. We apologize for this, but we think it is really important to make sure that our residents are safe and that their cars are not damaged. Potential Residents: If you are concerned about these exterior upgrades please let us know as many others have explained to us that they would prefer to not experience the construction. We have been able to accomodate their needs and give them a home that will have been upgraded by the time they move in. Overall, we want to make sure that our residents have an updated home and for this reason we tought it was important for The Willows to undergo an exterior upgrade. If during this process any of you feel unhappy, uncomfortable, and/or are being disturbed, please contact one of our friendly staff members as we would be more than happy to resolve the issue. We understand that the construction can at times be noisy and inconvenient but after reveiwing all the options, we thought this route would be the most beneficial for our residents while at the same time cause the least disturbance. If at any time you think that we have not met this expectation please contact us. We hope that at the end, you will be glad with the result and that it has been worth it! :) —willows

2009-09-10 22:32:49   As a resident of the Willows for 3 years, I have to say that I enjoyed my time at these apartments. They really try to complete work requests within a day of submission and are very attentive to anything that you think is going wrong. I know a few times I got worried about finding bugs in my apartment, and they made sure to call in Terminex within a week. Sure, the work on the outsides of the buildings is annoying while it's happening, but once all the apartments have been finished, I'm sure they will look a lot better (not to mention the fact that they will be better insulated)! My only complaint from this complex was that management changed fairly often (I'm not sure whether that is good or bad...) so it was a little difficult getting to know the staff. All in all, I felt my experiences at the Willows were positive. I would definitely recommend them. —knick

2009-10-05 13:39:46   The Willows was our home for four years, 9/05-9/09. During that time, my husband and I lived in the same downstairs 2 bedroom (1 bath) corner unit. We had a baby there (actually, at Sutter Davis down the road), and moved this fall to a house with a yard for our now-two-year-old son. We LOVED living at The Willows for the following reasons: the staff and management, in spite of leasing-agent turn-around over the years, was wonderful. We felt these people were an extension of our small family. We will always be grateful to Billy, Juan and Maria, the grounds and maintenance crew, who were a consistently warm and friendly part of our life there. All the agents that came and went were at minimum kind and decent people who LISTENED to residents and enjoyed helping. We loved having actual relationships with them. I don't know how Tandem finds these lovely people (and I'll bet Tandem has no idea just how special they are), but it made our life there very pleasant. Things went wrong in the apartment, for sure: we had a sewage backup through the bathtub pipe one Thanksgiving, while we were on vacation. YUCK. The Willows never missed a beat— they cleaned up, replaced carpet padding, and reimbursed us for the purchase of about $700 in new furniture/goods we had to replace. That specific event was due to some city-water fluke—a kind of twilight-zone thing, even rarer than rare—so if you are a new resident, do not worry. That will not happen to you. The take-away message is that the Willows takes excellent care of its residents, and always dealt as beautifully as possible with anything that happened.

I wanted to write about our positive experience, to encourage future residents to feel right about choosing the Willows. I still think it was the best apartment complex to rent in, for the money and the amenities. All too often, it seems folks forget to share the good stuff. Other things that we loved: the "club house" that we could reserve for our massive holiday parties, play dates, and last-minute football game fix... the post office service (our mail carrier was AWESOME)... and the location of the Willows. It's the northwest corner of Davis, and the surrounding fields and neighborhoods are quiet, beautiful, and scenic. Hot air balloons were regularly visible from 7:30-8:30am in the summers (we had south-facing windows that looked out onto the drainage field that is just south of the Willows on Lake Blvd). We could see stars and the moon from our bedrooms, and sunsets were amazing. —ElHarvey

2010-01-30 13:52:51   My girlfriend and I have lived in the Willows for a year and a half and will be moving out come this September. We live in a one bedroom unit on the bottom floor and have a few things to say. For starters, the construction is horrible. We live next to a unit that is where the construction crews have deemed to be their home base and it is horrible. Every weekday they come in and start yelling, like construction crews do, at around 8 in the morning which makes sleeping in nearly impossible. When the construction crews remodeled our apartment (by wrapping the exterior in Tyvek and nailing faux wood paneling on, they should have removed the exterior and inspected the walls but hey they wanted a cheap job and they got it) they ran nails through our A/C line as well as they nailed through the cable to someone's TV (which effected all of us). The staff was alright about getting it fixed, it was done in a timely manner, the end result is a functional A/C system, but they left dust and debris over our stuff (they should have covered everything in plastic wrap but didn't). The exterior of the buildings look alright, the paint helps more than anything else. The kitchen cabinets are clearly dated and some are squeaky but I'm sure they'll be replaced in 3-5 years anyway. The electric stove is adequate and fairly standard for apartments. The fridge is on the old side and frequently will freeze the coils which makes an odd hissing sound as they defrost (turning the temp knob never alleviated the problem). The unit has a dishwasher but we can't use it because the spout that goes to the sink sucks and just floods the counter top. The plumbing for the sink looks amateurish and I can't help but think it should be redone since occasionally depending on how you are using the sink you get a quick blast of rotten eggs (I have used multiple products that would have alleviated this if it were the disposal). There are two light switches that don't control anything in our apartment. The light switches for the bathroom are in an awkward spot but they work so I can't complain too much. The unit has a ceiling fan in the dining nook which is awesome and I wished they'd put one in the bedroom but that's just me being greedy. The filters for the air system are meant for 30 days (ie. extremely porous) but are only replaced every 6-9 months which means they just throw a lot of stuff around the house. The A/C and heating are quite good. All the windows are single paned windows and that is one mistake I will never do again, they sweat like no bodies business and result in a constant mold problem. The bathroom has no window and the ceiling fan is completely inadequate so more mold to look forward to. I wouldn't be surprised to find mold in all the ducting due to this moisture problem. The front door doesn't make a seal at all and I've placed foam around to help it seal but it is easily 1/2" gap at the top and snug at the bottom. There isn't a bug problem which is nice, but there are birds and frogs that seem to like the area. Since the construction, when they installed new gutters the rain makes a loud sound in the drain pipe since there is no baffling and is obnoxious. I like that it isn't a party area since I'm a grad. student and those times are behind me. The upstairs neighbors floor creaks a fair amount but what are you gonna do. Sorry this was so jumbled but I wrote it as it came to me. My girlfriend would add that the living space is large as is the bedroom, the kitchen is small, and the staff is nice. —hellacooldude

Dear hellacooldude:

    • We do apologize for the temporary inconvenience and noise that the construction has caused. As we explained it to our previous resident, this is only temporary and it was a necessary update in order to keep your home and all other residents’ homes well maintained. Just to let you know, the construction will be ending soon, probably within a month or so. • During the upgrade of each building, the conditions of the current buildings were inspected by professionals and replaced as needed. You might have not noticed it because they are relatively quick on replacing the damaged material with new one and covering it up to get the new siding on. • Again, we do apologize for the problem with the A/C during construction. During a new job, one can sometimes have unexpected circumstances that come up even if it has been examined and planned out beforehand. Like you said, we did solve the problem as soon as it was detected and we gave our residents a compensation for the short inconvenience. I’m sure that you received your compensation, but if for some reason we missed you, please let us know ASAP. Our construction vendor learned from this experience and it didn’t happen again. • We highly encourage all of our residents to report to the office any problems that they may be having even if it’s as little as a light bulb being out. Please call us to let us know what is the problem with the dishwasher and any other work orders that you may have; maintenance is here Monday-Friday and 24 hour emergency. • All apartments have workable switches. You may be referring to the A/C-Heater switch that must be turn on in order for both A/C and Heater to kick on. You may also be referencing to the switches in the living room and bedroom which are connected to an outlet in the room so that you may use a lamp just like any other light (turn the switch on and the lamp will turn on). If you are having problems figuring it out, please feel free to contact us and we can show you what outlets the switches are connected to. • As you may know and many others, single pane windows are unfortunately not too insulated. For this reason we recommend our residents to always keep bathroom fans on during and after shower usages, open windows as much as possible, keep blinds open, maintain apartment clutter free, and overall allow the apartment to air out. All of these recommendations would prevent any moisture problems, which tend to occur during the winter time due to condensation (apartment is nice and warm inside, but it is freezing outside). If you are having problems please report it to the office, if you don’t tell us we don’t know. More than likely it is mildew and not mold, which is easy to wipe down.

    The Willows Management :)

    2010-03-23 22:12:03   I have only lived here for half a year, and that is more than enough for me. If you are looking for a quiet place to live, I advise you to look elsewhere.

    As hellacooldude states, construction has been going on all year long. The workers, as well as maintenance, use golf cart-looking vehicles to move around the complex which can be noisy, and emit a rather long annoying, high-pitched beep as they start up every morning. And there is lot's of calling back and forth between the workers... it's like they don't know how NOT to yell. The windows do, indeed sweat like you wouldn't believe. Before my roommate and I realized it, the window track and sill were overflowing onto the floor, and there was already a good amount of mold. You also have to practically slam them for them to click closed. With doors, we had the exact opposite problem. The doors are fit so close to the frames that over-the-door hanging items would not fit, and over winter, the front and bathroom doors swelled so much that it was difficult to open and close them. Our refrigerator also makes a good amount of noise, and it creeped me out for about the first month. In addition to that though, you can very clearly hear when the unit downstairs is using the water, especially in the bathroom (it's so loud, it sounds like the person is inside our unit). Cabinets are definitely old. Our bathroom cabinets are so worn that the wood is jagged, and could very easily give you a splinter. Avoid the lawn with the big willow tree near the complex map, it always has dog poo on it. Also, each unit appears to have a storage shed built into the side of it... and perhaps it is only my unit, but I swear they open and close the doors to it every half hour or so. There are a good amount of insects, but the complex is fairly surrounded by fields, so it's to be expected.

    On the positive side, the clubhouse is rather nice. As you can see in the picture, there's a kitchen area, lots of seating, and out of the picture is a nice tv with cable, perfect for parties. You can reserve it for nights and weekends. Pool/spa, laundry, and fitness room are 24hours. maintenance is rather quick to come fix any problems you might have, and if it's something maintenance can't do, management is quick to bring in others who can. Management is also very good about giving notices ahead of time, whether they need to enter the unit, or they're having an event, they give you pleanty of time to deal with it. Ceiling fans in the dinning area are a definite perk. Free cookies, and possibly tea/coffee? in the clubhouse And for students, the bus stop is RIGHT outside the complex, and there's a Circle K RIGHT across the street.

    While it's not a nightmare like I've heard of other complexes, but it's a far cry from the quiet complex it was promised to be, and for a light sleeper, that's a big problem. —ChristineR

    2010-04-16 13:03:04   This construction is beyond ridiculous. First they tell us that it should be finished by Jan, and now it's April and they have just started on the outer fences. The constant pounding noise and yelling of construction workers make life so much more difficult. They don't work around anyone's schedule, the office provides no compensation except an unsympathetic "sorry". When someone stays up all night working and needs to come home to rest, but can't because a dozen construction workers are pounding their hammers into the walls not to mention the offensive and distasteful jokes they yell to each other, a simple "sorry" really does not cut it. This has officially pissed me off enough to speak out against both Willows and Tandem Properties Inc. They are inconsiderate of their tenants, who knows what they're going to decide next. I will never rent from another Tandem Properties again. —TheEmperor

    Dear TheEmperor

    We completely understand your frustration and a “sorry” is probably not going to help out; however, we really do want to apologize for the inconvenience that the construction has caused.

    I would like for you to know that The Willows and Tandem Properties definitely put a lot of thinking, effort, and time to decide on the least inconvenient process for the exterior upgrade. Because we and Tandem care we ask that you please take the time to directly discuss the situation with us, we are more than happy to listen and come up with a solution.

    In the future, perhaps we can have a more open discussion with our residents in order to ensure that no one is being put in an inconvenient spot. Please know that our office doors are always open and we want to ensure that we are providing the best home to all of our residents.-Willows

    2011-01-10 12:49:35   Has anyone else noticed that police cars have been hanging out around the complex? Kind of eerie/scary! —Ceebs

    2011-07-06 11:10:54   Management was better a few years ago. The girls there now don't seem to care very much about their residents and are quick to dismiss things in order to talk to you as little as possible. The biggest difference is that they don't want to go out of the way to help you or make sure things are going well. If you have a complaint, don't expect them to work hard to fix it. They are very cut and dry and don't put much effort to make you feel special, which should be their job as leasing consultant/managers. As far as customer service, I could do a way better job...or at least be more friendly to my residents. I'm glad I'm not renewing my lease this year. —KMeo

    2011-07-13 11:30:22   Hey Kmeo!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We are very sorry that you feel this way. We do try our very best to get to know each of our residents and make sure that they feel comfortable coming by the office for anything at all. We will definitely keep your input in mind when helping out our residents on a daily basis. Please let us know what else we could improve on by either emailing us (willows@tandemproperties.com) or slipping us a note through our rent drop box located at the office. If there is anything else that we can do for you, please let us know. Again, we sincerely apologize if we made you unhappy because our goal is the very opposite.

    Thank You, Nidia Fernandez - Manager Stephanie Arreola - Assistant Manager Eilis Yazdani - Leasing Agent —StephanieArreola

    2011-08-24 11:17:03   I've lived here 3 years with my roommate (another graduate student) and I would consider both she and I to have fairly high standards.

    Overall (other than the construction which is over now) I've had a really positive experience. We've had no problems with bugs/pests, and the AC and heating always worked very well. Whenever we had a maintenance request it was addressed super-fast. I also found the complex to be much quieter and better maintained than other complexes I've visited. I would definitely recommend the Willows.

    I also wanted to say I disagree with some of the comments about the management. My experience with Nidia has been excellent. I doubt you'll find a better manager around Davis. She's always gone out of her way to help me out - certainly above and beyond what is required in her job description. —daviscagradstudent

    2011-10-08 21:41:11   I've heard other grad students tell some terrible stories about how landlords/apt managers have totally screwed them when they've moved out. I also just moved into a new apartment complex, The Trees, and although I appreciate their honesty in telling me up front, their process for deducting charges for 'normal wear and tear' cleaning and painting when you move out seems unreasonable. My experience with The Willows was the 100% opposite. We got the FULL security deposit back, and got it back within just a couple weeks of moving out. If you're deciding between apartment complexes, and don't plan for anything besides normal wear and tear, it's definitely worth factoring in that they'll do right by you when you move out! —daviscagradstudent

    2011-10-21 14:55:53   I previously wrote a comment complaining about the construction that was occuring at the Willows, but now that the construction has stopped and I've spent a couple of years living in other apartment complexes, I wanted to share a more recent review.

    In short, I miss the Willows. Compared to all the other apartments I've lived in, the Willows was by far the most quiet, peaceful, and clean apartment complex. Nidia was a supportive and responsive manager. I wished I stayed here longer.


      2011-10-31 19:59:28   They don't do credit checks and I don't know how its working out for them, but I've noticed a lot of shady people living here. Maybe its just the people that live around me, but I've hardly seen any grad students or young professionals, just a lot of really obnoxious sketchy people. Also about a week after I moved in they began replacing beams that support the porches. The crews started work at 8am and worked all day. This went on for an entire week and needless to say was quite noisy. The worst part is that management never bothered to notify us of the impending disturbances. I've lived here for 2 months and thus far am not pleased considering the price. —SENovo

      Hi SENovo,

      We’re sorry you’re not completely satisfied with your living experience at The Willows. Our number one priority is to ensure that all of our residents have a safe, well-maintained and friendly place to call home.

      Tandem Properties does not conduct credit checks on our residents because most of our residents are students that have yet to build a credit history.

      Regarding your neighbors, please contact us to discuss the matter. In our experience, most issues with neighbors can be resolved if we are made aware of the situation.

      In late Summer 2011, it came to our attention that some of the exterior porch beams in our community were deteriorating rapidly and needed to be quickly replaced. The work has been fully completed. We are sorry that this was a nuisance for you. If there are any further exterior repairs that go beyond regular maintenance in the future, each apartment will be better notified of that work.

      We hope that you understand and will feel comfortable to bring your concerns to our attention in person, by phone, via email or with a comment card left at the office. We want every resident to enjoy their home at The Willows.


      Nidia & Stephanie The Willows Management

      2012-02-10 15:12:17   Anyone considering living here should know that the grounds crew is here all day every Friday (8:00 am - 4:00 pm) and they use leaf blowers the entire time (I wish I was exaggerating). So if you need to sleep or study during the day on Friday, this could cause problems for you. (What ever happened to rakes, and why is it necessary to run the leaf blowers for 8 hours?) I have been here 2 years. Other than the Friday noise it's generally nice and we plan to renew. —ChollaCat

      2012-02-20 19:03:38   I wouldn't bother. If you can find a closer place to school for a similar price do not sign. The walls are paper thin! Not sure if that's common in Davis, but it shouldn't be. The people upstairs have been getting it on and it literally shakes my room like an earth quake. I mean, a little noise is ok, but this is obviously an issue of cheap construction. Can also hear everything my roommates are doing. —Davisjames

      2012-03-26 10:42:59   My comment from a few years back has been archived, so I wanted to post a new one - I just renewed my lease for what will be my sixth year at The Willows. I would recommend these apartments to anyone without reservation. The staff are professional, maintenance is prompt, and the complex is clean and well-maintained. Any concerns I've had over the years have been addressed quickly and professionally. Many comments that are still on the page here refer to a period of construction when the outside of the buildings were renovated; that is long over and the complex has returned to its usual quiet state. The complex is located close to two shopping centers - Marketplace on Covell Blvd. and Stonegate on Lake Blvd. - both within easy biking and walking distance. Getting to campus is easy - you can take the P or Q Unitrans lines right outside of the complex (which go all around the Davis perimeter, so you can take them to Target too!); and I often just walk 5 minutes down to the Stonegate shopping area to take the D or K Unitrans lines, which take about 10 minutes each to go to the Silo and Memorial Union. Also, I have a son who has gone from grade school to middle school during the time we've lived here; the staff have always been very kind to him, and he feels comfortable going to the office to pick up packages, deliver the rent, or grab a cookie. Lastly, now that the construction is over, the parking lot always has room for those with cars. I'm not someone who writes all kinds of entries on the wiki - only when I feel strongly one way or the other. The Willows has been a very positive experience for me, and I recommend them to anyone looking to rent in Davis. —AMcAdow

      2013-11-24 17:09:22   This should be a great apartment complex. I love the layout and location, maintenance has overall been responsive, the office was very friendly when we signed the lease, and many of the neighbors I’ve met are great people. But I’m extremely disturbed that a few weeks ago the apartment next to ours was broken into, and while Davis Police notified me of the break-in and I notified management the next day, management has taken no action. They didn’t even notify residents that a break-in had occurred, and we haven’t seen any signs of increased security. Over the last two weeks, the cars of several residents were vandalized, and again, we have seen no response from the management. Last night, my roommate came home to Davis Police notifying him that someone had slashed his tires, and the tires of four other cars which were parked in front of our apartment. Despite placing several calls about the incident, management has completely disregarded this problem; in fact, I was told by the call center that my problem wasn’t serious enough to merit any action. While I greatly appreciate the response of Davis Police, I’m profoundly disturbed by how little concern the apartment management places in the safety and security of this complex. I’ve lived in Davis for eight years in different parts of town, but this is the first time I’ve ever felt unsafe. I’m well aware that things are worse in other cities, but this is the first time in Davis where I’ve felt uncomfortable parking in front of my apartment or keeping my windows open during the day. —MatthewCCoker

      Dear Matthew,

      Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. Our after hours answering service is a third party that focuses on forwarding maintenance emergencies and I’m really sorry that you had to experience such confusion when speaking with them. We have already contacted them and arranged guidelines in case of any future incidents like this one. I am glad that we were able to talk about this more on Monday.

      I want to clarify that, as far as we know, your neighbors did not have a break in; there could have possibly been an attempt but based on the evidence the police department was not able to confirm. As the Davis Police department is the official keeper of crime stats, we also recommend that our residents keep an eye out for their updates at http://police.cityofdavis.org on incidents occurring throughout Davis. I also want to assure you that this is the first time that management has been notified of vandalism and we are actively working on a variety of things to keep you and everyone in our community safe. We hope that this is an isolated incident and we hope for this to not occur again. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention. It is always our first priority to work together as a community to keep our neighborhood safe and our residents comfortable.

      Take care Nidia Residential Manager

      2013-12-06 9:05:22   About five Willow's residents had their tires slashed again last night. Their cars were parked in front of their apartments and it happened sometime around 7-8pm. I believe this is about the third time this has happened in the last month. WTF is going on here?? —superawesome

      Hello Superawesome,

      We certainly understand your concern and frustration. As resident safety is always our top priority, we have been in cooperation with the Davis Police Department regarding trying to catch whomever is behind this activity and also discussing things we can do to keep our community the safe space which we all have come to expect. In addition to these ongoing efforts, especially through the holiday traveling season, we encourage anyone with any new information to please immediately notify the Davis Police and our management team. Keeping watch in our own community is one of the best tools we have to help discourage crime. Please continue to keep us updated and feel free to reach out to us in the office with any questions.

      Take Care, Nidia

      2015-01-31 21:17:20   I have been living in Davis for 5 years and recently started living here. I would have to say this is the worst apartment Ihave ever lived in. Staff is not friendly at all and personally I think apartments are over priced. Maintainane sucks. I never do any reviews butI had to write this because while I write this, I am locked out of my apartment and when I called management for help they told me its not an emergency so I have to wait till Monday(a day and 2 nights from now). Last time I needed help I basically had to beg for help. Also, I have never been able to get constant hot water in ever since I moved in. It has been 3 months since I filed a request but no response so far... —guranjanpsingh

      Hello Guranjanpsingh,


      I'm so sorry to hear of the frustration that you experienced with our after-hours answering service this weekend. It is my understanding that due to the emergency circumstances of your situation and because a staff member was close by, we were able to have someone let you into your apartment without you needing to obtain a locksmith. I've passed on your feedback to Shari Houston, Director of Site Management and Tenant Relations for Tandem Properties. Because it is very important to us that residents are well taken care of, Shari will be following up with you personally to ask about your experience. I also called you myself today to check-in about your hot water issue. Our maintenance log shows only one report which was addressed by our plumbing service. Because it sounds like your problem is still ongoing, I'd like to have another technician follow up, just let me know a day that works for you. I hope that our conversations today are the start of your better experience at The Willows. Please know you can always come to me for help.




      Residential Manager