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233 F Street (formerly 239 G Street )
Mon-Sat 10:00AM-5:00PM
Sun 11:00AM-3:00PM

Tibet Nepal sells Tibetan and Nepali items including, but not limited to, prayer flags, clothing, incense, jewelry, singing bowls, and Buddhist and Hindu religious objects. There are signs posted throughout the store warning shoppers not to touch the merchandise and a gruff male individual (the owner?) will reprimand you if you ignore the signs.

Until mid-2014 Tibet Nepal was located at 239 G Street, which in turn was once home to Bagley's Grocery Store, one of the town's early food stores.

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2005-07-07 15:17:59   The guy who runs the place will help you find jewelry to fit your exact taste and ring size. In addition he always polishes jewerly when you purchase it. —TracyPerkins

2007-03-27 11:54:37   "The gruff male" seemed very friendly to me when I inquired about various types of incense I was interested in. He didn't mind me browsing his incense selection at either, though I didn't touch any of the expensive buddhist artwork. —DanReilly

2007-04-10 13:30:03   I purchased a ring a week ago. I was wearing it despite the fact that it was too big, and then it fell off! I was crushed so I went back to see if they had a similar one, I found two gorgeous rings. The only problem is that he does not carry more than a very large size, and he cannot resize them. Decent retail prices for style and quality of jewelry and gems. —CarrieBishop

2007-04-10 14:05:38   If you are looking for a particular item, especially a cultural or religious symbol, keep poking around after you find one, as there are often several variants of different price and quality located around the store. —JabberWokky

2007-04-10 15:46:28   Not to harp on a local business that has carved a niche, but if you can arrange a travel destination/vacation to these places, you'll releazie markup for things like this are around 45-75% of course he takes the time to go there and export everything, but its hard to pay say a 100 bucks for something you can get for about 25 bucks in the country itself. —JarrettNoble

2007-09-12 13:50:15   Love this store!! You have to pull me out like a kid in a candy shop....however most things are quite pricey. —WeMo

2008-05-19 08:59:14   Retail markup is pretty much ridiculous no matter where you go in Davis. Take a walk over to the local "new age" angel shop Aquarius and you will find tiny tumbled gemstones for $3-6 a piece. You are right, things are significantly cheaper in Asian countries, and I am not defending the practice of price gouging on unique items, however these are a higher quality of silver in many cases, and very nice gemstones, if you saw them advertised on ebay you might expect to pay a similar price. It comes from living in America, we don't produce but we somehow expect to get things cheaply? Oh here's another thing, if an American produced almost identical "hand made" jewelry, you would be expected to pay three times the amount. Food for thought. —CarrieBishop

  • Actually, the markup is pretty reasonable. Travelocity says it's about $4,000 to fly over and shop locally, as he suggests. Not including food, lodging and time out of your job, that's about a 16,000% markup. The retail markup pays for the export of the item (which has to travel around the planet), his rental of a storefront in Davis and the profit needed to keep his and any employee's families able to live in Davis. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2009-03-01 10:40:38   Awesome store. The owner is very helpful. The prices are not that bad for the uniqueness of the items. —Katarina

2011-03-20 16:17:06   I love this store and don't think the prices are to marked up all things considered. Many beautiful items and wonderful jewelry too. I just recently shopped there and spent around $200 despite the fact that the person working there was not friendly (the owner I think). I felt like I was interrupting him the whole time I was there. There is definitely a sense of calm and quiet expected upon entering but it's the feeling that you have invaded his space I don't like. When I asked him questions he was short in answering and often ignored me until I stood in front of him making him assist me. I was very disappointed with his interaction, since I was his only customer for the 30 minutes I shopped. I have been in this shop a few times because I love the items he carries but I would shop there a lot more if he were friendly and inviting. I always feel bad when I leave his shop instead of happy and looking forward to the next time I get to go back.


2011-12-07 19:48:31   I have been a customer of Tibet Nepal for 15 years. Hera, the owner, is a sweet-hearted man, kind, helpful and considerate. Unfortunately, like a lot of small shop owners, he has to watch out for thieves, which may contribute to some reviewers' misconceptions about him. His merchandise is QUALITY. He makes 2-3 trips to Nepal every year and brings back treasures that I haven't seen in any other spiritual gift shop. For anyone who thinks they aren't getting a bargain on his merchandise, just try booking a flight to Nepal yourself, obtaining lodging and meals, and see what kind of overall 'deal' you get. I will continue to be a very satisfied customer for years to come! —BrianDerby

2012-11-10 10:53:52   I buy all my incense here. I particularly LOVE the Morning Star incense (fig and iris). I keep going back for more. The owner is pleasant in conversational exchanges, but not particularly welcoming and inviting as another user mentioned. However, this has not deterred me from going back. —tinala

2013-01-12 14:23:56   I love this place. I think the owner just comes off as being cold and unapproachable. He's actually very nice! He helped me pick out the perfect singing bowl for me. He sat down and helped me 'play' them and even showed me some tricks I'd never seen done with a bowl before. I've been here multiple times and will continue to come here and I would prefer to test out or feel the item I seek. —ChanS