Pet's Name
Tig McJRoolems
American shorthair, orange tabby cat
Nature, the Community
Date of Birth
Tig has variable moods

A favorite amongst west-side Arboretum frequenters, Monsieur Tig McJRoolems resides within a large-ish bush beside the UCD Equestrian Center. Described as "dignified, enigmatic, and a relentless cuddly-whumper", Tig takes to young female strangers, enticing them with his soulful eyes, lustrous coat, and feline charm. But unlike any other cat you might meet, Tig has a rather captivating secret... If you take the time to acquaint yourself with him—given his unpretentious presence—and treat him well, he might just bestow upon you, a startlingly affectionate gift...

Tig McJRoolems was recently adopted by a wonderful family to try and give him a warm loving home. Upon bringing him into the veterinarian for a standard health check it was discovered that he was positive for FIV (feline HIV). FIV is a feline only disease and is contagious to any unvaccinated cats. It is transferred just like the human strain of HIV/AIDS and is just as fatal. Unfortunately Tig had to be humanely euthanized due to the suffering the disease causes. He will be greatly missed. For more information on FIV please visit [ ]