Every year, many groups go to Tijuana and work with Esperanza to build houses and create communities as part of the Tijuana House Project; these groups fundraise to pay for their lodging as well as the building materials.

Students from the Newman Center go for a week the day after Christmas or the week before. The Hillel House goes in September. The Newman Center crew works in Tijuana for five to seven days while the Hillel House tends to work in Tijuana for a weekend.

The Newman Center's Tijuana House Project made history December 7th 2006 when it received a $500 loan from the ASUCD Senate along with a $500 grant. The loan is to paid back by April 15th 2007. There is no other example of when the ASUCD Senate has granted a loan to an organization. The Senate Bill although controversial was supported by several ASUCD insiders who lobbied on behalf of the bill.

For more information on the Tijuana House Project contact the Newman Center or the Hillel House.




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