Tim Spencer Alley from above (image rotated for clarity) Tim Spencer Alley is an alley that runs through part of Downtown, paralleling F Street and G Street between 2nd Street and 4th Street. This alley was named after the nicest UPS delivery person that ever lived.

The street doesn't have enough bike racks. There aren't any between Second and Third Streets so the people who work in those buildings lock their bikes to posts. That's not the purpose of the posts and there aren't enough of them either.

The "clarity" would be greatly improved if the photo was oriented with North Up, like all other decent maps.SteveDavison

North is up in this picture, I merely rotated it 13 degrees CW. — ArlenAbraham

How could North be UP, when F/G streets aren't North-South aligned? I don't know if it's 13 degrees, but there's something wrong here. —SteveDavison

  • If it were tilted another 5 degrees, it would be oriented to magnetic north. I think that in this particular picture, up is north-ish. —JoePomidor