Walden Plan -Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

The small house movement is the architectural and social movement that advocates living in small homes, usually eco-friendly, green, and sometimes completely off the grid. It is particularly vocal in the USA, where the book "The Not So Big House" is credited with starting the backlash against supersized homes. One of the early craftsmen of the tiny house, with regard to their current growing popularity, is Jay Shafer, who in 2002 co-founded "The Small House Society" in Iowa City, Iowa. Shafer went on to start the Tumbleweed Tiny Houses in Sebastopol, CA.

The Tiny House/Small House Movement seems to be starting to take hold here, which is to be expected because the movement and the do-it-yourself nature of these homes would seem to be a great fit with the ideals of many Davis residents. Some people have already approached the City inquiring about starting a cooperative of these types of tiny homes.

These homes are reminiscent of the Human Powered Housing Project that used to wheel around and park around town. And of course, the most quintessential tiny houses of all, a very symbol of Davis and all it stands for, are the Baggins End Domes on the UC Davis Campus.

If you are thinking of building, or have already built, one of these homes, please add to this page. We are just forming a local interest group, and we would like to build one of these homes to "get our feet wet," so if you want to do it with a group or just help build one to sell, please post here and join us. We have a facebook group started, the Davis-Sac Area Tiny House Enthusiasts so please check it out! First thing we need is people interested, and second thing is someplace to build! Preferably someplace protected from rain. We hope those with construction experience might be interested in joining!

With regard to the tiny homes on trailers, one of the issues that hopefully will change as this movement becomes larger, is where to park them and live in them.


A Bike Trailer Tiny House

Tiny House Plan

I've always dreamed of doing a small house style commune in the Grande Avenue School Site. I have plans roughly sketched out... Daubert


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2012-01-26 11:57:15   I would love to see a Tiny House Cooperative Village, a la the Domes, but for non-students. Just need land. Guess it would have to be designated a "trailer park" to fall under city codes. Or, it could be just outside city limits. All that's needed is land.....SH —StephHolm

2012-01-26 15:26:15   The first meeting of the D-SATHE (Davis-Sacramento Area Tiny House Enthusiasts) took place today at 1 pm at Cafe Bernardo in downtown Sac. There were just two of us, but we were VERY enthusiastic - hence the name. Please let me know if you are interested! In 10 years I hope to be building my Tiny House. The other party hopes to have hers within the next few years. We have a lot of big ideas about cooperative living, and want to hook up with like minded people, or people who are interested in designing and constructing these homes. —StephHolm

  • If you guys continue having meetings, I'd be interested in attending someday if we can do it in Davis (I don't have a car)! —ScottMeehleib

2012-01-26 16:16:09   I expect we will meet all over, and if it's outside of Davis and not during my work hours, I would be happy to drive! —StephHolm

2012-01-26 21:08:37   I just created a Facebook group called Davis-Sac Area Tiny House Enthusiasts so please come and join us. Prob the easiest way to get the word around and let people know about meetings etc. I bet there are some folks out there that are getting ready to get their house started. I would love to help in the process and see it start to finish! —StephHolm

2012-01-27 08:17:58   I just joined the Davis-Sac Area Tiny House Enthusiasts and it is very exciting. The Davis area would be great for a "tiny" house community and frankly might be the perfect place to establish a model village for others to learn from. Tiny and green is the way! —KimChristoffersen

2012-01-27 09:50:56   This video is a couple of years old, but the challenge of where to park a fully functional small home still remains.


2012-01-27 13:27:51   I think it would be super fab to build one of these as a group (if we had somewhere to build it) and then sell it and split the profits (if any....or just consider it experience) to just see how it's done. —StephHolm

2012-01-30 11:39:54   I made a comment to Pepper of Bungalow to Go about bringing her exquisitely crafted Towhee Tiny House for sale to Davis to show (she is located in Sonoma County), and she is familiar with and loves the Domes and thought showing it in Davis would be a good idea. Hopefully she will come! I would LOVE to see this home in person! —StephHolm

2012-02-01 22:00:05   Our Facebook group, Davis-Sac Area Tiny House Enthusiasts, is now 5 strong, and our newest member is the creator of the Tiny House Design blog! Turns out he lives just east of Sac! He has much design experience and has built a tiny house, so we are in good company. —StephHolm

2014-08-22 14:24:49   Can anyone provide a link to City of Davis regulations re: temporary structures? Would love to know if a Tiny House qualifies and under what conditions. Thanks! —DannyMilks

2015-02-12 18:47:55   I'm moving to Davis in the fall and have been searching for affordable housing. I'm strongly considering this option and would be seriously interested in participating in any way. I have a great deal of carpentry skills and my own tools. =) —GalaxieGirl

2015-08-07 10:03:42   Aug 7th 2015 post For Sale Tiny House / Office Trailer $18,000 Project completed June 1st. 2015 See listing and photos by pasting link http://sacramento.craigslist.org/rvs/5150294523.html OUTSIDE Roof snow coated Roof flashing Trim boards Decorative bolts (for a studded finished look) Reinforced Joists and Sub flooring Exterior paint of Trailer & Frame Painted INTERIOR Ceiling remove and Replaced Florescent lighting replaced with energy efficient LED can lights (apx. 75 cents a year to run) wall and door removed Bar built with drop down leaf for work desk Paneling mud-ed, textured and painted New molding trim Flooring hand cut, stained and laid Key pad combo lock on front door Up graded Electrical to 220 amp Heat and Air Can be pulled with full size truck My trailer is part of the “Tiny House” movement, my style is call a “Tiny House Two-Fer. The plan was to use the trailer along side of my RV to live in, as my forever home. Now are family is moving to Ohio and I will be selling the trailer. The trailer will make a Tiny House by adding a small bathroom & kitchen. It will make a creative space as a art studio, writers quite space or guest cottage. Call Penny (916) 996-3671 please leave a message. —Penny

2015-08-07 10:05:04   Tiny House for sale Aug 7th 2015 http://sacramento.craigslist.org/rvs/5150294523.html —Penny

2017-05-02 12:00:13   Tiny house movement is beginning to get a stronghold in Davis. However, the issue of where to park tiny houses legally, in Davis, seems to be the question on tiny home owner's minds. I tried discussing this on my tiny house california blog [tiny house california blog ](http://www.tinyqualityhomes.org/) .It was quite revealing the ideas people came up with. —onyechi2004

2019-07-18 11:14:13   I loved my time in Davis teaching at Parks and Red and now have 2 sons coming to Davis to study. Housing is unreal, and would love to know is there are properties or if there are areas designated for tiny homes and yards, gardening etc... —pbjoneal172