Tom's Police Trading Card

Lieutenant Thomas W. Waltz, badge number 51, is the investigations lieutenant for the Davis Police Department, where he has worked since at least 1994. He was also the Vice President of the Davis Police Officers' Association ( source), which gives an indication of the respect his fellow officers have for him. He used to be the watch commander.

He's a decorated police officer, and is known to many for his kind, helpful, and responsible service. He is also 4'11" tall. Waltz was mentioned in an article in Maxim Magazine on the Davis Police Department Trading Cards.

He has provided the training on behalf of the Police Department for the Community Emergency Response Team. He also worked at the 2005 Picnic Day.


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2006-10-24 17:01:07   So yeah, the officer Waltz chased one of my friends down 4-5 years ago and caught him in a foot pursuit —StevenDaubert

2006-10-24 17:01:43   oh, he's deep into some martial arts, so he will handle you with the proverbial quickness if you "try to step" to him StevenDaubert

2007-03-01 19:20:40   I saw him today. It was magical. —MollyeKt

2007-05-05 23:42:10   Was waltz at the protest with the single round tear gas launcher? —StevenDaubert

2011-02-03 07:19:06   Saw the LT on tv online because Linda Wolf was one if my wife's bridesmaides...very composed and in control. I am willing to donate time money or both from my agency to Davis PD departments...someone should ping me jeremy.b.belk@gmail.comJeremyBrandonBelk