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Rebecca Ryan Green and Winter Borg
January 2013
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Two for One Sessions Now Available

Touchwork Body Therapy is committed to helping you achieve your optimum health and happiness. Make Touchwork a regular part of your self-care system.

RELAXATION MASSAGE on a regular basis can help you stay in touch with your inner self, relieve issues with muscle, bone, and tissue, and slow down your nervous system.

A blend of Swedish and Asian techniques, with mobility movements and stretching gives you amazing results.

◾Sessions are 75 minutes and customized to your needs. ◾Cost is $81.00.

REFLEXOLOGY focuses on the feet, hands, and ears, and provides for ultimate relaxation, improved circulation, a stimulated nervous system, and increased energy.

◾Sessions are 75 minutes and customized to your needs. ◾Cost is $81.00.

MIND/BODY THERAPY allows us to go deeper into the structures of your life by resolving blockages in both mind and body. Touchwork at the centers of energy concentration in the body can make a profound difference on the non-conscious levels and the autonomic nervous system.

These sessions integrate massage and energy work, while engaging the power of our minds to optimize healing. ◾Sessions are 75 minutes and customized to your needs. ◾Cost is $108.00.

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