Also see Urban Art and Art Galleries. Art on the UC Davis campus can be found at Campus Art,

The town of Davis is home to all sorts of city-sanctioned art such as murals and sculptures. But there's also a lot of impromptu sort of art lying around there. Some of it, on the whole, is pretty awful. But some pieces are hidden treasures. Here we collect a little of both.

2012 saw a dramatic surge in new town art to create the Transmedia Art Walk.

Art at the Train Station

Look for temporary public art installations and events April 9 - June 30, 2007 at the Train Station Plaza and the former police Substation nearby.

Art that is no more

  • Davis Arch mural
  • What happened to the naked man in a box statue that was in the shopping center downtown(Ben & Jerrys, Borders, etc)?

I thought for sure this was removed and reconfigured as Woman On Balance Beam but I'd love to know for certain. Seems it must at least be by the same artist — EdHenn

For more information about the City's Art in Public Places Program, you can visit