The Davis Transmedia Art Walk is the first of its kind in the country. Following in the pioneering spirit of the Davis artists of the 1960s, Davis today has the participation of the community and the university to create one of the largest public art collections per square mile of any city in the nation. The walk consists of over 40 public sculptures and murals throughout the downtown Arts and Entertainment district.

The transmedia sculptures and murals are the result of the support and efforts of Davis community leaders, John Natsoulas Center for the Arts, Dr. Monto Kumagai, Davis Cultural Action Committee, chaired by Dr. Andy Jones, and the Davis Mural Team (Bill Maul, Guy Diehl, Kerry Rowland-Avrech, Myron Stephens, Joe Bellacera, Jennifer Pochinski, Victoria Smith, Ted Fontaine, John Natsoulas, Kelly Detweiler, and visiting Artist in Residence Alex Reisfar). The Transmedia Art Walk is powered by XtremeSignPost.

The art pieces are all within walking distance of each other. A roughly circuitous path could probably be completed in an hour or two. Every piece on the Art Walk has been embedded with an RFID chip. If you have a cellphone that supports this technology, you can use free RFID-reader apps such as Microsoft Tag to access multimedia files that relate to each work. You can also leave a comment or "burn your own message" for other visitors to see. A map and more information can be found here. PDF Maps are also available at the John Natsoulas Gallery and Yolo County Visitors Bureau.

Artists lead tours will be available by appointment only through the John Natsoulas Center for the Arts. Details here.

Images of the works can be seen here.

Video and information on the works can be seen here.

Transmedia Art Works


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