Trudy's is a convenience store, part of the Tercero Dining Commons structure, in which you will find drinks, snacks, smoothies, candy, and other convenience store items, including condoms.

You can pay for items via cash, meal swipes (e.g. one "swipe" for three candy bars), or credit/debit cards.

It's a good place to go if you are too lazy to go off campus or is impractical to go off campus (such as freshmen), but a bad place to go if you actually have a car and can go to Save Mart, Safeway, or even Rite Aid or AM/PM — just about anywhere is better in terms of prices, although far less convenient. Also note they charge sales tax on commercially packaged food items, so add a 7% mark up in addition to the Trudy mark up.

Trudy's sister convenience stores are The Junction at Segundo and Crossroads at the Cuarto DC.

A small store (also called Trudy's back then) that served sandwiches used to be located inside the DC where the computer lab is now, before the current Trudy's building was built.

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2008-05-21 21:56:04   A COMMENT ABOUT TRUDY'S SINCE IT LACKS A COMMENT BOX: TRUDYS IS A FUCKING SHITHOLE. EVERYTIME I GO THERE, I COME BACK MORE DEPRESSED AND IT DRAINS MY SOUL OF WHAT LITTLE JOY AND HAPPINESS MY INSANE CLASSES BRING ME. Only ONE of the employees there is actually exceptional, all of the others are rude and/or utterly incompetent. Then again, anyone who willingly chooses to work at an "establishment" like trudy's would probably intolerable to begin with. They have the worst vegetarian options IF ANY. Don't even get me started on their price markup. If Trudy's actually tried to appreciate their customers and provide a service that was genuinely interested in the well being of the students maybe I would change my opinion. As for now and the foreseeable future, it doesn't seem like there is any chance of that happening. —triscuitqueen

2008-06-07 08:56:18   Who is the exceptional employee? —NicholasKnoblauch

2009-03-09 21:23:06   I bet it's the tall blonde guy. He's nice and helpful, takes the time to say hi even when he's dealing with a rush all by himself. He's also super cool and always has KDVS on. —Kiki101

2010-03-14 21:18:35   I wouldn't go to Trudy's if I hadn't accidentally gotten Aggie Cash, but not that I have, I love the cookies and cream smoothie! —micseydel

2010-10-02 12:20:15   Trudy's is great, the people there are so friendly and polite! They explain everything you need to know about aggiecash and your swipes, and they even give you tips! Great place to get GREAT smoothies. —isabelnc

2010-10-23 16:31:53   I love cookies and cream too, and the Halloween decorations! I always go to trudy's when I miss lunch. —PrincessPeach

2012-02-20 22:36:07   It's been a while since anyone commented about Trudy's, and I'm guessing it has improved because I have absolutely no complaints about it. I'm in there frequently because I don't have the time to eat at the DC. —LilySmith

2014-11-09 18:10:52   Do not eat here! I made a Wiki account just so that I could complain about this horrible store! Not only is it a rip-off, but the food is also horrible! Each time I've eaten here, I've felt like barfing and gotten near food poisoning. The sandwiches and salads are horrible. I went there tonight so that I could use some of my Aggie Cash and take the food back to my room, but it was NOT worth it. It cost $6.49 for a crappy sandwich that made me sick, only a little bit less expensive than the DC! You'd be much better off getting a Meals To Go at the DC. Though DC food gets old after a while, at least the food is safe to eat. Since Aggie Cash roles over from quarter to quarter and year to year, don't feel pressured to buy stuff at Trudy's just to use your Aggie Cash because it's horrible! Though it's probably safe to buy packaged snacks from here, stay away from any food that they make themselves. —LadySmith

2015-09-10 14:09:03   To the comment above. They don't make any food except smoothies. All the food is delivered from Segundo DC's catering service. —DavisStudent123