3333 F Street
(North Davis)
Affordable Housing
Dishwasher/garbage disposal
Central heat/air
Garden plots
Play structure

Twin Pines is a 36-unit affordable housing complex offering one- and three-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom townhomes. All units include washer/dryers, and gas stoves. With a community room for resident functions, a monthly Resident Council Meeting and Neighborhood Watch Program, Twin Pines is a community-oriented, mixed community with residents from all age groups and backgrounds. Qualifying criteria for residency at Twin Pines is income-based and applications are welcome year round.

Twin Pines was built on city-dedicated land; State HOME funds, city housing funds, and redevelopment funds were all used to finance the construction of this community.

To learn more about rental housing in Davis, check out our Rental Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.


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2012-08-04 17:43:56   good! —firen2001

2012-10-25 22:34:53   I would not recommend this place to anyone unless it was for a financial necessity. The Manager runs hot and cold depending on whether or not she needs something from you. Everyone not only knows your business, they feel obligated to be up in it as community involvement is a requirement here. There are several apartment lifer's who let their children run wild. Several of my neighbors have been the victim's of verbal abuse, property vandalism, keyed cars, and theft yet management does nothing about and the police hands are tied. At night you can hear your neighbors snore not to mention the lady screaming at her kids. The rent is not that much cheaper than a unit downtown and definitely not worth the headache. There is a small pool on site monopolized by several units with their kids running wild, failing to look for others before jumping in or splashing, and the real show comes when they jump from the fence into the pool. You have to be careful driving through the parking lot, it is not uncommon for small children to run in front of your moving car. There is a large tv in the community room that does not work, the chairs that are not broken have been puked on and not cleaned thuroughly, the printer is out of ink when you need it, and if you reserve the community room on the public board others feel free to replace themselves in the slot. There are units being treated for bedbugs. A couple folks are good people, the principal of the mutual housing is awesome but not implemented properly here. The maintenance is on point and finally the location is cool. Good luck to the next tenants! —NetworkVirus

2018-05-15 16:33:13   Management has changed about 6 times in the past four years. The on-site maintenance man, Juan is unprofessional and incompetent. My thermostat was damaged by a leaking battery so I put in a request to have it fixed. When he responded to the request he spent 5 hours in and out of my apartment, eventually going to buy and install a new thermostat. He wired it wrong and it didn't work. I put in requests to have it fixed and he responded by telling me to read the instructions (i read the instruction, the wiring was the problem) I had to hire an electrician to come and fix it before summer so i would have functioning AC, I had to pay for it myself. In January of 2015 my apartment began to leak when it rained. The carpets and walls in my bedroom got moldy and lots of my clothes and belongings in the bedroom closet were ruined. I had to go stay at my sisters house for 2 months while they tore apart my walls. They never even located or fixed the leak. The new manager is terrible. She is picking on me for being disabled. I hate it here. This place sucks shit. Don't move here. —faceliketank