UC Davis Administrative Officers

Linda Katehi

Ralph Hexter

  • Associate Executive Vice Chancellor of Campus-Community Relations

Associate Executive Vice Chancellor Rahim Reed

  • Senior Staff

Steven Drown, Campus Counsel

Leslye J. Hays, Executive Officer

Rober Loessberg-Zahl, Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor

Rahim Reed, Associate Executive Vice Chancellor-Campus Community Relations

Maril Revette Stratton, Associate Chancellor

  • Academic Personnel

Vice Provost Maureen Stanton

Vice Chancellor John Meyer

Interim Vice Provost Prasant Mohapatra

Vice Chancellor Barry Klein

  • Resource Management and Planning (Merged with Office of Administration in October 2009 to form the Administrative and Resource Management division.)
  • Student Affairs

Vice Chancellor Fred Wood

Vice Provost Patricia Turner

  • University Outreach and International Programs

Vice Provost William Lacy

  • University Relations

Vice Chancellor Beverly "Babs" Sandeen

Also see the list of Deans for the various professional schools, colleges and divisions. There are also student assistants to the Chancellor.

Notable Past Officers