UC Davis Athletics is currently in its third year of a four year transition from NCAA Division II to NCAA Division I. The official school colors are yale blue and gold, the students are known as "Aggies", and the mascot is a mustang named Gunrock.

UC Davis kicked lots of butt in Division II, winning the NACDA Director's Cup six times before getting bored with that and deciding to make the jump to Division I.

UC Davis will join sister UCs, Irvine, Riverside, and Santa Barbara in the Big West Conference. The Aggies will compete in the Great West Football Conference for Division I-AA football, which features fellow California school, Cal Poly.

UC Davis also has some very good club teams, like Rugby, Crew, and Ice Hockey, just to name a few.

Admission is free for all UC Davis students.


There are a collection of awards located in the Rec Hall at the north east groundlevel entrance. Included are several Sears Cups.

NCAA Intercollegiate Athletic Teams

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