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Upper Hickey Gym
Practice times
practices are on Mondays and Wednesday, 8:00PM-11:00PM and Fridays, 7:00PM-10:00PM
$50 per quarter or $120 per year
Web site

The UC Davis Badminton Club welcomes all UCD students and employees who want to play badminton, from beginning to advanced skill levels.

The club members are provided with feather birdies and can play on 8 courts. Due to the success of the club and the large attendance, members play doubles and rotate so that everybody can play. With such system, every player gets to play several games a night.


The club hosts two open tournaments each year, the Fall Open and the Spring Open. Club members are required to pay a normal entry fee to play in those tournaments, but usually club members who participate in setting up and running the tournament can get full or partial reimbursements. The UC Davis Badminton Club's Fall Open is coming up on Oct 25th and 26th, sign up now at

Questions or comments? Email us at

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-If I remember correctly, SPAC does not allow clubs to register as "UC Davis Club", I think it sounds too much like an endorsement. So wouldn't this be the "Davis Badminton Club" or the "Badminton Club at UC Davis?"

  • From my understanding, they are not registered with SPAC. They are a sport club team and under the jurisdiction of the Sport Club council. -EmilyTung

-The UCD badminton club, in its current sad state, is full of elitists and is not welcome to beginners and noob players at all. So don't join unless you are as elitist as they are.