A Home Football Game is just that - the amazing game of college football played at our team's home field. College football is an amazing experience and at Davis you can expect to see the California Aggie Marching Band-Uh, our mascot Gunrock, and of course, our football team. At games students can join the Aggie Pack (with whom you should "swipe in" to earn free stuff)

When school is in session thousands of students show up to see and cheer on the amazing "UCD Football" team. Unfortunately a number of home games are played before Fall Quarter starts and student attendance is not nearly as large during those games. The biggest games of the year are either against Cal Poly or Sacramento State. In 2005, a sell out crowd came out to see the "Battle for the Golden Horseshoe" against Cal Poly. The demand for the game was so high that the 3,000 seat "Aggie Pack" student section filled up hours before game time.

Students can attend games for free and many often pre-party prior to arriving. At the game students as members of the "Aggie Pack" can expect to get a free Aggie Pack T-shirt and receive tons of free stuff in the various forms of Madness ranging from Tube Sock Madness to Pita Pit Madness. Also those that sit in the student section are the pulse of the stadium and they loudly scream and yell for the Ags. There is no cooler way to celebrate school pride than to be screaming your lungs out with thousands of your fellow peers.

As of 2006 the team played at Toomey Field. The "Toom" with a capacity of 7,000 is small, old, was comparable to a high school football stadium. In 2007, the team began to play in the state of the art Aggie Stadium.