Hasan Minhaj on the cover of UC Davis Magazine fall/winter 2016-17 (Photo by Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis)UC Davis Magazine is a glossy magazine published twice a year by the University of California, Davis. It is available by subscription.

The magazine is designed to inform alumni and others about the campus and includes features about research, teaching and issues in higher education, profiles of faculty and alumni, and other campus news. 

The editor is Jocelyn Anderson, a 1998 graduate of UC Davis. Art director is Russ Thebaud. Other staff members of the UC Davis Office of Strategic Communications write articles and design the magazine; contributors also include members of the campus colleges and schools, sports information office, development office, Cal Aggie Alumni Association and freelancers.

Davis Wiki Feature

In Volume 26, Number 3 (Spring 2009), the UC Davis Magazine featured an article in the 'Alumni' section about PhilipNeustrom and the Daviswiki.


Spring 2007 Issue, v24 n3.

The magazine was launched in summer 1983 as part of UC Davis' celebration of its 75th anniversary. At its peak, it was published quarterly and sent free to more than 200,000 alumni and parents of current students. In 2013-14, the university reduced the frequency of the magazine's publication and limited its mailing primarily to CAAA members. In late 2019, the magazine launched a subscription program. 

Articles from past issues for summer 1996 through spring 2015 can be found at  Some later issues can be found in PDF editions  on, including fall 2015 and spring 2016.  Select articles also appear online under University News on the UC Davis News & Information site, including a fall/winter 2016-17 cover story on comedian alumnus Hasan Minhaj.

Past editors include Teri Bachman and Kathleen Holder


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