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UC Davis Orientation is UC Davis' freshman and transfer student summer orientation program, put on by Advising Services. Known on campus simply as Orientation, the event was formerly named Summer Advising/Orientation.

What's in it for me?

The program changes slightly from year to year, and it differs depending on whether you are a freshman or a transfer student, but essentially it is a chance to:

  • Support your transition into a large research university
  • Connect you with your college and academic advising resources, including undergraduate research and internship opportunities
  • Help you understand what it means to be a respected and respectful member of our multicultural UC Davis community by introducing you to our Principles of Community
  • Encourage you to engage with the campus community and get involved in various clubs and organizations
  • Guide you in finding the answers to your important questions
  • Meet some people and make some friends.

So how long is this thing?/How much?

Transfer student Orientation is a one day program, while for Freshmen it lasts three days. All students can bring guardians or family members with them at an additional cost. Freshmen can elect for a "Program Only" option, wherein the student has to commute or find off-campus lodging, for $115 or opt to spend two nights in the residence halls at a cost of $215. In 2009, UC Davis began to allow transfer students to attend the three-day freshmen orientation. But generally transfer students attend a full-day orientation which costs $85 without lodging the night before or $140 with.

Should I bring my parents?

Bringing guardians can be good or bad, depending on the outlook. Having a guardian present is helpful if the student has anxiety about attending UC Davis, or college in general, and guardians can prove to be very helpful resource finders. Additionally, parents attend seminars on financial aid and campus safety. Students who approach the whole college thing with temerity and worry should consider this route.

Alternatively, if you feel that having parents at Orientation might prove embarrassing, you should consider going it alone. It may make you feel more comfortable to know that a large portion of students do end up attending with at least one parent or family member, and you rarely interact with them over the few days. The student may also consider attending alone if they are fairly comfortable with the idea of going to college.

VERY IMPORTANT: If the student cannot attend Orientation, it is very important to fill out the "Cannot Attend Orientation" Form on MyAdmissions. This will let the Registrar know to mail the student information and issue them Pass I & II times. If the student does not do this, they will have to wait until September to register for Fall courses.

Historically the program was held in the Regan Residence Halls, but in 2006 the program moved to the Tercero South Residence Halls, because that summer Regan Hall began undergoing very high levels of renovation.

For more detailed information about Orientation see their website.


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2007-07-27 01:13:46   I'm grateful they still incorporate the skit about SJA into the program. Saves me from being summoned by SJA to do it myself with other CJB members. —AlexQuan

2007-11-15 23:06:50   i'm glad they made improvements by reducing the student to student advisor ratio. I remember during my orientation they stuck 30 students to only 2 student advisers, which made it very difficult to get the individual attention you need in getting help learning to adjust and chosing your classes. Now I think its 10 students per student advisor —kikao

2008-07-18 14:41:54   Orientation is a great way for future candidates for ASUCD office to get their name out. Because that's what Orientation is for right? My sister found it annoying. —GregWebb

2008-08-19 22:00:37   I know Davis is number 1 in many things, like best Genetics (undergraduate), Evolution Ecology and Biodiversity(graduate; according to wikipedia), and we have the biggest budget out of any other Associated Student organization out of any other school in the united states with 9.5 million dollars this is not true -wl, largest school spirit org in the nation (Aggie pack), number 1 Entomology Department in the nation. What other things are UC Davis #1 in, or best in? —ThanhVu

  • Aggie Pack also has the distinction of automatically enrolling and thus counting among their members all current and past students. It's kind of an amusing ploy to gain the title of "largest". —JW