What type of Skiing and Snowboarding do we do?
The better question, DavisWiki, is what don't we do!
Coolness Level
Winter, but we do plenty of events in the fall and spring as well!

The UC Davis Ski and Snowboard Team is a sport club that has been a tradition at UCD for many, many years. Over the past thirteen years the team has evolved into a fun and well organized group of skiers and boarders ranging in all abilities. It should not be confused with the Ski or Snowboard Club, which is a social/recreational club. If you are looking for a way to get to the slopes and people to ride with, than you've found it! Primarily, we are a group of college students who are looking to ski and board as much as possible and for as little money as possible. We offer racing as an option for both skiers and snowboarders and encourage everyone to try it, but it is in no way required. Most of us have little to no racing experience and compete only for the fun of it.

  • Ski 4+ days a week
  • Discounts on lift tickets and gear
  • Cabin in Truckee
  • Top notch coaching
  • All skill levels welcome

This year, DASS team will be organizing a sledding hill for Picnic Day. Snow in Davis, what a concept! Check out the team website to figure out how to join, see what fun stuff is going on, or just find out more information!


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