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The University of California, Santa Cruz has a beautiful campus located along California's central coast. Built in the sixties, it is the only UC without a formal quad. This was reportedly done to discourage mass student protests as happened at Berkeley. However, the campus was initially laid out in the 50s, almost 10 years before the events that rocked the Berkeley campus. Like UC Irvine, the students of Santa Cruz chose a harmless mascot to lead them to victory. Enter the Santa Cruz Banana Slugs. Unlike say, at UC Davis, residence areas are called "Colleges." Of the ten Colleges, the first seven have names of a certain significance, but the last three are simply called by their number, for example: "College Eight." Many of the colleges are located in forested locations, giving them more of a mountain resort feel than a traditional college dormitory. Each residential college has a required core course that reflects that college's theme.

Santa Cruz has a reputation for being a rather relaxed school (much like Davis), but only boasts a student population of 16,000. One of the defining qualities of Santa Cruz (aside from the cannabis smoking) is its setting. Hidden within a redwood forest, with dozens of forest paths that merge with campus walkways, it's easy to fall in love with Santa Cruz. With its scenic beaches that border both the campus and town, it's no wonder why Santa Cruz is considered the prettiest of all the UC Campuses. The "prettiest UC campus" is also home to the top Astronomy department in the nation, with access to Lick Observatory and the Keck telescopes.

There isn't a quad because the buildings are mostly separated by natural redwood forest. There isn't much grass here, other than the kind you smoke. You can also find a small deli in the building. There is an older woman with a North Carolina accent who worked there (as of June 2005) who is interesting to talk to.

In the Student Union, there are interesting items to eat. Items included are vegetarian food as well as beer. It is alleged that UC Santa Cruz students asked for and got the request that Sodexho no longer be allowed to provide for food services. It was requested that food services is done "in-house". You can also find services such as public computers to get on the Internet as well as a game room with things like pool. Also the campus's Bay Tree Bookstore is there as well. It includes an Apple Computer section upstairs.

Students who do not get into Davis may be admitted here. Also, many students who attended Davis High go on to UCSC for college.

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The Japanese styled Porter College A residence hall in College Ten. Jack Baskin Engineering Building Engineering Building 2 - completed in 2004 UCSC is the only UC campus where you can be stalked by a superpredator


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I hear there are bitchin moutain bike trails all thru campus. —StevenDaubert

2007-08-17 00:25:56   The reason why the last three colleges dont have formal names and are called by their number is because they have not been "donated for". Apparently if you give a big donation to UC Santa cruz they'll name a dorm after you. —MarielleBerman

2009-04-04 16:02:19   That's how everything at UCI is named after Donald Bren and Irvine Company. —Mateo

  • Yeah, but that's because UCI only exists due to the fiat of The Irvine Company. Also, at least UCSD named their colleges after important people. —BrentLaabs

2011-10-26 01:10:16   This campus is very scenic. My dad went there so I've been to UCSC several times. The redwood trees remind me of the Aboretum, except that these ones were not planted (that I know of). —BryceH