To ensure that comments reflect the current state of UPS Store (Downtown), the comments made before new management took over have been moved here. Please put new developments on the UPS Store (Downtown) page.

2006-03-30 17:51:13   The downtown one was atrocious. They told me over the phone that I could get something overnighted to UCLA as long as I was there by 5 pm—so I went there instead of to USPS. Never again. Not only was the UPS driver a complete ass and wouldn't wait one minute for me to give him my package (and worse, shouted something about being in he flew out the door and drove off), the person there couldn't find the address I needed, although it was quite clear. By the grace of god, I got to the post office before 5:30, and I was lucky enough to be sending it to SoCal, so it got there the next day (though not guaranteed). The amount of incompetence almost cost me getting something in on time; I could've just gone to the P.O., no stress, if they'd just said, hey we can't do it. Yargh. —JulieEickhof

2006-04-29 12:32:06   The Downtown location is completely useless. They won't give you quotes over the phone, or tell you their prices. The MarketPlace location is a lot better, but the boxes are overpriced. —ShayanMoini

2007-03-14 17:05:42   The statement that the ups store does package recieving is misleading. Yeah you can pick up a package there, but only for a large fee (something in the neighborhood of 5-20 dollars depending on certain factors). Thus i always tell people to send packages Fedex so i can pick it up at the downtown kinkos for free instead of going to sac or wasting 5-20 bucks. —MattHh