Umbrellas can keep you dry, during light rains. Unless, that is, you buy one of the many low quality umbrellas available in Davis. In an effort to bring more high quality, longer lasting umbrellas to Davis stores, the following is a list of stores that sell umbrellas in Davis, and people's experiences with them. If your umbrella has failed, please note where you bought it, how long it lasted, and the circumstances under which it failed. If your umbrella has survived for a reasonable amount of time, please note where you bought it, how long you have had it, and the conditions under which you use it.

What's keeping you dry?

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2009-01-23 22:27:46   Bought a large umbrella at Long's in the Marketplace. Lasted several months, but mainly because it wasn't raining. Lasted only 2 actual rainstorms. An internal clip broke.

This replaced another large umbrella purchased at the same store (a "Rains by Totes"), which died after 1 winter (about 10 uses.) —IDoNotExist

2009-01-24 09:01:39   I personally like the auto-unfolding models at Rite Aid. It's survived a couple years and is still around. —BrendanChan