Due to the bicycle's popularity in Davis, several unique bikes and bicycle-related vehicles are often seen. This page is here to document these creations, because who doesn't like seeing weird bike stuff?

Types of Bicycles

  • Arm-Powered Bicycles — An option for people with limited leg mobility, or for folks who just want bigger biceps! You turn the crank pedals with your arms.
  • Penny-farthing (aka: Highwheelers or Bone Shakers) — As the ancestor of modern day "safety" bicycles, the penny-farthing bicycle features a large front wheel on which the pedals are directly mounted. Obviously, you don't see a whole lot of these rolling about, but Wheelworks parks one outside their shop during business hours. Also, there's a fair amount of town art in the form of penny-farthing bicycles.
  • Recumbent Bicycles — These are bikes where the person rides with their legs out in front of them, while sitting back in a reclined position. The rider is in front of, not on top of, the rear wheel.
  • Rowbikes — A type of arm/leg-powered bike. As the name suggests, a rowbike is a bicycle that is rowed like a boat. The motion is similar to that of the rowing machines found in the gym.
  • Tandem Bicycles — Like the classic song "bicycle built for two". These are bikes for two or more riders inline (not side by side). Blind people can ride bicycles!
  • WhymCycles — This encompasses a wide range of bicycle creations, which can been seen on the WhymCycles page.

Individual Bicycles

Human-Powered Vehicles (HPV's) but not Bicycles

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2009-09-19 10:18:02   I've carved a Victorian rocking chair from original design, and am carving a carousel horse, plus acquiring old ones. Can anyone give me a way to contact the person who knows how the Farmer's Market at Central Park operates the recumbent-powered bicycle which turns the small carousel? I'd love to build such a mechanism for a small carousel on our small peninsula Farmer's Market in Gustavus, Alaska, at the mouth of Glacier Bay. Thanks so much. kate —kateboesser