Uriah Lee
Davis Christian Fellowship

Unity in Christ is a student spiritual organization that exists to promote the realization of unity in the body of Christ, working as a liaison between all of the Christian fellowships. They plan events like interfellowship praise nights and prayer times to bring all of the members of the body together. Unity in Christ is made up of student leaders from some of the Christian fellowships. They tend to meet at the Davis Christian Fellowship house on a weekly basis.

Their goal is bringing the gospel to the unsaved. Their core verse is John 17:23 - Jesus praying "May they be brought to complete unity so that the world would know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me." The love that God has given us is supernatural — when we love each other, it's being a light to the darkness, a city on a hill.

Constituent Student Groups

2007-03-03 23:55:03   I have heard from the grapevine that this group, does not care much for catholics and as such does not have a current representative from Newman. Has anyone else heard similar utterings? —CarlosOverstreet

  • This is false, UIC invites Catholis to meetings and even I have attended inviting myself to them. The Newman Center has simply decided not to be involved this year with UIC. —SteveOstrowski