South Drake Drive and, Sycamore Lane

All units are painted with the khaki color scheme and red doors.

South Drake Drive is made up entirely of condominiums.

The University Estates, formerly Drake Condominiums, are part of a condo association that maintains the outsides of the structures and foliage in the front of the units; paid for of course by the condominium owners. There are two, three and four bedroom units scattered throughout the various complexes up and down the street. The condos were built in 1974 and many of the kitchens and bathrooms reflect the decor and style of that era. All condos have a small fenced backyard of varying lengths. There is adequate parking along the street but all complexes have a parking lot in between them with guest and resident parking. The condos received their current paint scheme of khaki and red this summer which replaced the previous scheme (which had been fading and chipping) of blue and khaki.

Located in north-central davis, the condos are conveniently close to the Marketplace for all your shopping needs and the Sutter Davis Hospital if one should need it. Little more then 8 minutes away, UCD is located at the southern end of Sycamore making these condos amongst the closest to the university.

Students most commonly will rent out a room or a unit from an owner under a lease, but being condominiums, one can also purchase a unit if they have the money.


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2008-09-23 15:14:30   Most of the condos here are managed through Acadian Properties. —vladthedestroyer