Unless was a hardcore band from Davis. Their sound was influenced by bands such as Converge, Drowningman, Love Lost But Not Forgotten, early Poison the Well, and some other stuff.


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You See Davis Hardcore

Bio: Unless started in 2002. Some of the founding members used to have a band called Excruciating Excruciating (ex ex). If you want to know what we sound like you should listen to our mp3's. We hardly ever play anymore.


  • The First Year (a collection of 2 recording sessions, 2003)
  • A Mother is a Boys best Friend (2 song single, 2003)
  • Writer's Workshop (2004)
  • All the Way Live in 2005 (recorded on KDVS radio, 2005)
  • Gone Tomorrow/CDR (2006)
  • Letting go of What you Never Had 7" (2010)

Members of Unless were or are in some of the following:

* Loma Prieta * Punch * Wallpaper * Kicked In * Prison Shank * The List