1931 Sycamore Lane near The Marketplace
By Appointment
(530) 753-2600
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Accepts Delta Dental, the standard SHIP health plan
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Vahid Farahyar, DDS provides general, restorative, and cosmetic family dentistry. A joint practice with his wife Arina Hung, DDS, emergencies are welcome and a senior citizen discount is offered.

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2008-03-27 11:04:19   Dr. Farahyar is the "family dentist" for J Street Co-op. Everyone at J Street has had incredibly positive experiences with him. Personally, I have been visiting him for semi-annual check-ups and cleanings for two years now. I have never before visited such a kind, gentle, patient, and personable dentist. I never feel like he is rushed or quickly moving onto the next patient. His entire staff is very friendly, it is easy to make appointments, and I always look forward to visiting his office. Plus, I have never had to pay a cent for my cleanings because they are completely covered by the standard dental plan that comes with my UC Davis student health insurance. If you are looking for an awesome dentist, look no further! —ArianaBrill

2008-04-01 23:00:27   I first started seeing Dr. Farahyar in 2003, after I asked around for recommendations. He is the best dentist I have ever had (and I have seen many many dentists). I have a lot of special dental needs that he effectively addresses. He is competent, as well as gentle, kind, and generous. If I ever leave Davis I might even make the trip back just for dental appointments. I have enthusiastically recommended him without hesitation to many friends. —AlyssaNelson

2011-04-06 22:14:55   This dentist was recommended to me by a co-worker. I had a horrible expierence. First thing I noticed was the Dr standing in the hall way reaching around his back side itching in his rear. ( I mean deep) more than one time. Like a kid that didn't wipe correctly after using the bathroom!! When he came in to greet me I felt very uncomfortable!! He was looking at my legs and breast area! Like an old pervert. Then him and his assistant were having a conversation and the assistant kept laughing like a ditz! Was sexual tension in the air. Very uncomfortable. I give this dentist an F, dont ever go to this office. Especially if you are a female. Oh last thing is his prices are way to high. My friend that knows the Dr had some work done and he did not charge her for some of it and then gave her a good deal on the rest! I need similar work and the prices WOW!! ISN"T THIS ILLEGAL??? —jonesgross

2011-04-26 23:46:22   I haven't been to the dentist in like... a few years. I'm not a fan of going to the dentist. But, Dr. Farahyar's office was totally fine. I have no complaints. If I knew there was a dentist like him in town, I would have gone earlier. I would highly suggest going here if you need a check-up/cleaning. —LizS

2011-05-12 12:44:51   Dr. Farahyar and Dr. Hung have been our family dentists since 1998 when they took over the practice from Dr. Jesse Ozier. Dr. Ozier had included the care of developmentally disabled clients at no charge as part of his practice. Dr. Farahyar and Dr. Hung continued this tradition of community involvment. In this time, Dr. Hung and Dr.Farahyar have seen us for semi-annual cleanings and checkups and various dental procedures, including construction and placement of a full upper frontal bridge with implants. Their work has always been meticulous and first class. Their manner has always been caring with unlimited patience and a wonderful understanding of our concerns and needs. We have recommended their practice to family and friends without reservation, and continue to encourage others to see them for modern and professional dental care. —AugieGarcia

2011-05-13 23:29:11   I have been a patient of Dr. Farahyar for about two years now. He has performed some fillings and removed my wisdom teeth. He is a great doctor. Each visit, he has been extremely professional, and his staff has been very nice to me. I strongly recommend him! :) —davissaggiee

2011-05-14 00:40:45   I live in San Jose and needed a tooth implant, and wanted a second opinion. Dr Farahyar was highly recommended to me by friends living in Davis, so I came in for a checkup and he agreed that I needed the implant. I had him do the implant and was very impressed how he took great pride in his work. He and his staff are fantastic and I have continued to drive up here from San Jose for the last 4 years, and will continue to do so, just to have him work on my teeth. I also highly recommend him, and have recommended him to my friends —JackieLarsen

2011-05-17 22:42:52   Highly recommend Dr. Farahyar and Dr. Hung. Awesome technicians and wonderful people. Very professional, exceptionally clean and well-mannered. Very patient and kind, and helpful to grad students re. insurance. Professional attitude AT ALL TIMES. Our family of four has a been treated by both dentists since they bought the practice from Dr. Osier 13 years ago. —LyraHalprin

2012-04-07 19:47:01   Whoever wrote the negative review under the name "jonesgross" is either being untruthfully malicious or has lost touch with reality. Dr. Farahyar is a kind, professional, and caring GENTLEMAN in addition to being the best dentist our family has ever had. Shame on you "jonesgross"!!! —MarkVandeWater

2012-09-29 23:13:02   Dr. Farahyar is a decent guy. I had a tooth pulled and he was very professional and courteous. His staff is very helpful, they know all about the UC SHIP insurance and if you don't have your card yet you can just use your SS#. Whatever that "jonesgross" person is talking about — I didn't see any of that. That's just ridiculous. Anyway, I am new to Davis but I am going to keep seeing this dentist because I really like him and his staff. —TJLanoue