This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Former Location
434 D Street
Former Administrator
Laura Creely
Former Board of Directors
Paul Makley, Tandem Properties
David Thompson, Thompson Consulting
Lenny Goldberg, Goldberg & Associates
Dennis Lindsay, Nugget Market
Marshall Hunt, VEEC
Bill Knox, VEEC
William D Kopper, Attorney at Law
Z Smith, Scott Neeley & Assoc Architects
Dick Bourne, Davis Energy Group
Business Lifespan

The VEEC was a non-profit organization that worked to implement the Yolo Energy Efficiency Project.

The purpose of VEEC was as follows:

  1. To promote scientific research and education relating to energy efficiency in homes, apartments, retail businesses, offices, school buildings, and all other applications.

  2. To develop and implement programs in conjunction with local governments that increase the distribution of high-efficiency and renewable energy products, train and certify trades people to install high-efficiency products, and advertise the availability of high efficiency products.

  3. To sponsor, as appropriate, publications, workshops, conferences, education sessions, and other educational and scientific activity to promote the development and distribution of energy efficient and renewable energy products and technologies.

  4. To conduct energy audits for homes, apartments, retail businesses, offices, and school buildings, and recommend the most effective and economical means of reducing energy consumption.

  5. To use all feasible means to promote to the public about energy conservation products and technologies.

  6. To develop energy efficiency standards and codes for local government, and train contractors and technicians in the techniques of installing energy efficient products and technologies.


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