417 G Street
(Central Davis, across from Regal Cinemas Davis Stadium 5
between The Style Lounge and Taco Bell)
Mon-Sat 11am-7pm
Never never on a Sunday

Valley Wine Company is owned by Richard & John Booher and has local, regional and seasonal wine and beers available, plus other spirits (including Junmai Dai Ginjyo grade sake). If you're the type of person who gets lost in the supermarket wine aisle, or if you want a knowledgeable wine recommendation for that special meal, this is the place to go! Valley Wine Co. has been in Davis for more than twenty years, surviving on the business of oenophiles who know that this little shop tucked in an obscure little parking lot between The Style Lounge and Taco Bell is a true gem hidden in the valley.

The entrance to the shop does not face the street, but rather is on the south side facing the parking lot between The Style Lounge and Taco Bell. The door on the street is blocked off by boxes from the inside, so you have to use the doors on the side from the parking lot. When you walk in, there are boxes in every corner and it looks completely disorganized but they do have a good selection of wine and the owners are nice.


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2005-04-25 11:05:15   They often times have seasonal beers, too. —RussBowlus

2006-09-17 11:31:56   The best selection of hard to find wines, especially local and regional. —KeithPieper

2006-12-29 19:17:21   They also have an excellent selection of other fine spirits, for what I find to be very fair prices. This is the only retail location in Davis that sells Junmai Dai Ginjyo grade sake. —EricWecker

2007-05-24 15:33:57   I was extremely satisfied with their beer selection and their customer service. The owners were very helpful and friendly. —JohnSanatar

2007-07-20 19:49:09   I hear they also have wines, often from valleys —JustinLanska

2008-06-17 01:23:32   I walked past the Valley Wine Company, it was closed and there were boxes scattered around the inside and I couldn't see any trace of anything that resembled a store. Is it possible this is a departed business? —BrandonMinow

  • They close early and the place is often in disarray. Don't be fooled. Great wine shop with quite a few good beers. The owners are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I've shopped here for twenty years or so. One of the nicest businesses in Davis. {Marty King}
  • Yep, it always looks like that. When you walk in, there are boxes in every corner and it looks completely disorganized but they do have a good selection of wine and the owners are nice. Also, the door on the street is blocked off by boxes from the inside, so you have to use the doors on the side from the parking lot. —ElleWeber

2009-05-06 17:54:29   Ugh. Went in today to look for a nice California port and items from craft distillers. There was a tall, bald man ringing out a customer. I perused but he ignored my entrance and searching after the customer left. When I asked him, he pointed out ONE bottle then the other half of the store. He sat at a desk, ignoring me further except for helpful comments like the one standing up 4 feet ahead. You know, the one. He didn't look up or say anything as I walked out.

I wouldn't shop here unless you're looking to spend a 10% premium for bad service. My inkling is that I was treated differently for being 25. Try the Nugget, the Co-op, or BevMo (in Natomas). —JustinCummins

2009-08-04 10:07:31   I love this place. The guys are always friendly AND they remember what I drink. They are the only place local that I've found to stock Buffalo Trace bourbon. —JayAziz

2009-08-07 19:54:33   Justin, I'm two years younger than you so by your logic I would get even worse service. I've only ever had incredible service here. The reason they only showed you one was because that was the one you should have gotten. I've had days where I could walk in and describe my day and they would point me the correct wine or scotch. The reason they ignored you was because at nicer places they don't hover over you the whole time you are there thinking you are going to steal something or trying to pressure you into buying something. —JacobRoche

2011-04-14 13:41:05   Not only do they have an interesting and hand-picked selection of wines, they also have interesting and hand-picked spirits and mixers. And they'll order things that most places don't stock. They leave you alone to look around but they are more than willing to help you if you tell them you need help. They're also willing to just chat about wine and spirits if you are interested. They have never led me wrong and their prices are fair. Quirky place but it's my go-to shop for unusual and lesser-known wines (especially local ones) and hard-to-find spirits and mixers. —ToNils

2011-12-26 17:50:37   This is an outstanding place to buy wine!

It's a pleasure to deal with someone who knows wine, knows his inventory, and has clearly selected every bottle with care. The proprieter has never failed to have and recommend the exact right bottle for any need. And, it's also great to deal with someone who is happy to let you browse as long as you want without being disturbed, or to engage in conversation and make a recommendation.


2011-12-30 00:13:20   Does anyone know if they sell Creme de cassis? Or blackberry liqueur? —Amydali1986

2012-01-28 09:49:24   Earlier this month, I went here at 11:15 am on a Saturday: they were closed, and had no sign with hours posted. You accept this business on its terms, or go elsewhere. —DougWalter

They open at 11 a.m. on Saturday. Hey, maybe they were late. It's just the two of them. —DonShor

I sympathize. Great store, but many is the time I've stopped by to purchase wine during their so-called business hours only to find the place closed. Very frustrating! It's the only bad thing I can say about the store though and it's worth going anyway. —ToNils

2013-04-26 15:58:35   A+. I've lived in Davis for, well... a long time. Just 6 months ago I stopped in here for the first time. I decided to lay all my cards on the table, not be afraid of my wine ignorance and tell the proprietor what I wanted and how much I had to spend. The cool part? He actually listened to me and took awhile to think about what might be good in my price range. As a result I got an excellent wine that everyone loved without spending any time worrying about it. Now I go back 1-2 times a week and the recommendations have always been right on. Very highly recommended. —riromero

2024-02-22 17:48:51   This building no longer exists. It had a large mural on it’s left side. —ucrfl