Departed Business

This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


500 1st Street, Suite 10 in Davis Commons
Mon - Sat 9:00 AM-7:00 PM
Sun 10:00 AM-6:00 PM
(530) 554-1281

The Clickaway Mobile Verizon Wireless was a mobile phone retailer located near the Davis Commons parking lot and the adjacent bike racks (formerly an AT&T store and before that a Cingular Wireless store).

This store was a Premium Retailer. Premium Retailers are independently-owned businesses that sell Verizon phones and plans, whereas Verizon Corporate stores are owned and operated by Verizon Wireless directly.

There have been some mixed reviews about service, both about the retailer and Verizon Wireless service itself. Although as of November 2011, the store received a completely new set of employees.

Effective June 5, 2011: The store team has been updated with a new manager, Aarongut90.

Students always receive a 15% discount on accessories.


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2010-02-16 12:00:06   Supposedly, the wonderful thing about EVO stores is that you can see actual working models of the phones. (I found this in Verizon's press release when I was trying to figure out what an EVO2 is.) But peering in through their windows, it looks like all of the display models are non-working, with fake screens. Not very useful. —IDoNotExist

2010-03-29 11:25:46   This store is a joke!! First of all they do not have as many live phones as they claim they do! They didnt even have most of their phones in stock!! They were not friendly nor knowledgable, they just kinda fudged there way through with empty promises and lies!! This palce was a GIANT waste of my time!! —Franklin

The following review was left from the same computer, likely by the person, as the original posting of the hours by akrevets. Both akrevets and mikol have only made one edit, both on this page. It is likely that the following review was made by a sockpuppet.

2010-04-01 18:04:57   I have never recieved better customer service in my life, the salesman made me really feel like he really cared. Best experience I've ever had buying a phone!!! —mikol

2010-04-24 09:47:55   The guy who works there, Mike, is great. I came back to this store, and I will keep coming back, simply for his customer service. I felt like I could trust him to help me figure out what would work for me. —septemberain

2010-05-27 12:44:19   This place was really helpful with great costumer service!!! I would not go anywhere else. —cdkam

2010-06-04 14:53:45   This place has great customer service! I wish more people knew that it was there. Verizon has the best signal in Davis and people should definitely check out this location if they are trying to get a new phone or need help with their existing verizon phone. Fantastic customer service!! —Barbaruh

  • I dunno about the best signal in Davis. I was on Verizon here for around 5 years before switching to AT&T last summer, and there were very few places in town where I got good reception. In many places, including both my old apartment near the Marketplace and the law school, the signal was so bad that most of my calls would get dropped within a minute or so. AT&T is somewhat better for me, although still not great. It's rare to get a dropped call now, although it'll cut out sometimes. —TomGarberson

2010-06-04 15:27:27   I've tried both Verizon and AT&T within Davis. Verizon had poor reception on much of campus, and no reception at all in some parts of the town. Verizon confirmed this using their own equipment. AT&T has a strong signal in most, if not all of Davis, excluding some rooms buried deep within heavily shielded buildings - although I have found that the signal strength can fluctuate significantly while the phone remains stationary. In the Bay Area, I've found that I get good reception on AT&T, however they definitely don't have enough capacity in heavily populated areas, like SF. —IDoNotExist

2010-06-05 15:40:23   IDoNotExist....any reason why you don't like EVO2? We pride ourselves in good customer service, great product knowledge and most of all we sell with integrity. Dummy phones or not we are probably one of the most honest business's out there. We invite you to come by and check us out. Find out why we get these good comments from our customers. We can't please everybody but we do cater to everybody with integrity. (Revision made by Priese—e.gonzalo was the FORMER Store Manager whom I replaced, and I think he meant to direct his comment to "Franklin" and NOT "IDoNotExist" and does NOT accurately depict or represent the current regime that is employed there) —e.gonzalo

2010-07-18 19:11:51   I am disgusted at the management of this branch. I have pre-ordered the HTC Incredible and waited patiently for two months. I decided to switch my pre-order to Motorola Droid X and was on the first position to receive the phone. When I walked in the store the day the first shipment arrived I saw two customers walk away with their Droid X and I had to leave empty handed because the district manager decided that instead of honoring wait listers it was more of a priority to just sell these phones on a first come first serve basis. I am appalled at such horrible service because clearly as a customer investing in this store with patience and faith only earns me a slap in the face. I understand that it's important to collect new revenue from customers but it's just as important to honor your loyal customers. What's the point of being courteous and patient for being on a pre-order for so long if someone else can cut in front of you? The district manager himself did not do anything to alleviate my frustration or even apologized to me about this matter at all. On a side note, one of their employees Mike has been very kind, sympathetic, and patient with me throughout the entire two months and on that day. He is the last saving grace for this store. I can only imagine how much battering he gets from other customers, but I sincerely commend him for his customer service skills; he is the best and even though he didn't have any power to do anything else for me he clearly tried his best. Again I'd like to show my appreciation for Mike. I'm just severely disappointed by the management of this store. It's horrendous. —lynng

2010-07-28 16:00:33   I am also very unhappy with this store. I was also trying to by a Droid X. I was told on Sunday that they would be getting at least 2 phone in on Tuesday, and that one customer had pre-paid in full, but if I put down a deposit I would get the next one. I gladly put down a deposit. But on Tuesday I did not get a call. I called, but the salesperson was busy and said he would call back. He did not. I called again on Wednesday. The salesman told me they had only received two phones, and he was just selling the second one at that moment. Frustrated, I asked if I get my deposit back at another location. He said any Verizon store could refund it. That was wrong too. So no call. No phone. Just a further inconvenience that I have to go back to get back the money that paid for nothing. What part of this service can be interpreted as good? —DrDave

2010-08-05 18:21:58   About two weeks later I have finally received my Droid X phone. Ever since that day I described in my previous comment at daviswiki, I have been getting estimations on when the phone would arrive. "It'll be in by Tuesday." "We're getting a shipment on Friday." I truly am able to understand that smartphones are at a major shortage right now. I have no problem waiting. If the phone is not at the store, the phone is not at the store. But I honestly don't like the feeling of being baited, constantly telling me the phone will be there in a week, a few days, tomorrow, etc and finding out that I'll need to wait again. It left my feeling frustrated especially after 2 months of waiting already. Finally another district manager was there one day and I was personally promised that I could give that person a call and if that person saw a phone at the headquarters in SF, one would be sent to me overnight. True to the district manager's word, it came on Wednesday. After three months I finally got the phone. Again, Mike has been of terrific service. I also like to mention the new store manager Priese. For a manager who had only 10 days of training before being left alone to fend off everyone I think he is doing a good job. Both he and Mike are one of the most patient and understanding workers I've ever met. Priese was very kind and sympathetic and took the time to see what he could do for me to make up for the long wait. I've listened to him answer phone calls. In fact I was present when he took the call for the previous commenter Dr. Dave and I felt he handled it politely and showed sincere apology that he was not able to provide to a customer's expectations. Overall it has been a pretty teeth pulling experience. In the end the problem was rectified...I got the phone and so far my compensation is a free case and a car adapter. My advice to future customers is to find Priese or Mike. If it's not about getting a smartphone this place does a good job providing. But if you're there for the smartphone then I highly advise being patient and persistent. —lynng

2010-08-12 19:24:36   I switched from Sprint to Verizon about 4 months ago and am very pleased with the cell service and the customer service, especially at this location. I went in today because my fully charged battery died after only about 8 hours. Priese explained that the battery showed signs of water damage, although I have never dropped it in a puddle. He mentioned that my recent summer trips to extremely humid locations may have caused a false positive on the battery that made it die quickly (revision made by Priese—I never said the water damage affected the battery life, I said the battery was obviously defective for having so little life and being only months old. While well intentioned, she misunderstood me and what I said, that the humidity may have resulted in a false positive on the moisture indicator strips inside the phone and ON the battery). He recommended that I call Verizon customer service, but after talking to a supervisor about why this problem wasn't covered under warrantee, I was rudely hung up on. Priese called back customer service on my behalf and fought tooth and nail to get me a free replacement battery. Although since this location is not a corporate store with the ability to do a technical diagnostic test, we were unsucessful. Even though I will have to go to a corporate store this weekend to try and get the problem fixed, I truly felt that Priese did everything in his power to help my situation. He and Michael were both very friendly and helpful. —sb54

2010-08-16 02:10:35   First of all, Mike and Priese are NOT District Managers and however that was determined is beyond me (I am the Store Manager, Priese, by-the-way). This comment is more or less a rebuttal for Dr Dave's ERRONEOUS posting. Yes, I said that placing a deposit would make it more likely he would receive his phone, but the ONLY way to GUARANTEE that he WOULD be next in line was to pay in full (a practice that is no-longer being done at my location for these very reasons involving disgruntled customers waiting for a phone they paid for and/or placed a deposit on), for which he balked and said no and chose to place a deposit instead. Later that day a customer came in and was told the same information—but was told that only one was paid for in full—and they quickly paid for the device in full. Since Dr Dave was told and knew full-well that placing a deposit didn't GUARANTEE the phone was his no further follow-up was needed. He was told before he left the store the day he made his deposit that when we get his phone in we will call him—most likely on Tuesday, though I wouldn't promise to that date (again, because he only gave a deposit). I admit that he DID call on Tuesday, but even by his own admission I was busy and did not have a free moment that day to call him back, and for that I apologized to him as well. On Wednesday Dr Dave came into the store, witnessed a customer picking up their paid-for-in-full pre-ordered phone (comment poster "lynng" listed previous), gave a dis-pleased look, then went back to his car and phoned the store from there. He asked if we had any Droid X's and I (not the sales person but the STORE MANAGER) told him that I had just finished with a customer who got the last one from that shipment, to which he demanded a refund, and I told him to come in and we will gladly refund his money. Though I was apologetic and sympathetic the entire time he adamantly refused to return to the location. When he was told he could NOT be refunded over the phone he inquired about getting a refund from another Verizon store and I plainly said, "...if it's an EVO2 store then YES, we can process your refund there..." and apologized once more, but for some reason Dr Dave must've ignored that factoid or chose to ommitt it from his posting. There was NO MISTAKE made on my part in relaying CORRECT INFORMATION to this gentleman. —PrieseLoera

2010-11-01 17:57:21   Customer service was inadequate. The man helping was friendly and obviously trying hard. But over an hour of waiting for a simple data phone to phone transfer I watched as two other people were slowly helped with simple problems. I was unhappy with waiting over an hour for something that should have taken 10 minutes tops. Plus I didn't even get what I needed. I called in ahead of time and I believe that if the person had known more I could have gotten an answer on the phone and not wasted my time. —GenMount

2011-03-12 17:32:32   *UPDATE* This store has a complete new set of employees. We are all willing to do our best to help you with any and all questions/needs. Also, students always get a 15% discount on accessories! —AaronGut90

2011-03-21 18:22:39   PLEASE start carrying HP phones — I'm sure the marketing will pick up with HP finally behind the wheel, but Verizon has seriously dropped the ball on spreading webOS goodness to the masses. webOS > android > iOS —marcuscamby

2011-06-08 12:41:42   I found the person who helped me in this store to be extremely helpful and friendly, even when it was apparent that he wasn't likely to make a sale that day. Points for going the extra mile. —CovertProfessor

2012-09-07 16:30:17   I just did business with them. With regards to purchasing and setting up plans, they are very helpful. Beyond that, the staff is friendly and professional. Overall, I've had a good experience with them. Will come back. And I believe the discount is 15% now. That's at least what I got. —DanTee

2012-10-23 15:55:58   My wife and I came here initially when we decided to get new phones and switch to Verizon. The guy who helped us was nice enough, but slightly on the pushy side. They don't carry any Samsung Galaxy or iPhone models - they don't even have demo units for customers to look at. The salesperson told me that those are only carried at Verizon corporate stores, but that's clearly not the case - the other Verizon location in town carries them, and they're also an independent retailer.

After he pushed somewhat hard on a Droid model, telling us that we'd be happier with it than with a Galaxy or iPhone because it has longer battery life, we decided to head out and check the store over near the Nugget. We ended up buying there.

Both locations just had one employee working. The guy here seemed like he might be a little more efficient, but he didn't have a long line of people waiting. We did end up getting friendly service at the other location, but there was a substantial wait time and the employee was pretty frazzled from having a bunch of customers waiting for 30+ minutes while he held the place down solo. —TomGarberson

2012-12-12 11:24:47   When I decided to get the new iPhone, i had to shop around to find one. Since I was upgrading a personal phone on a corporate account none of the other retailers (including the corporate store) were willing to work with me. When I went in to see these guys, they were very friendly and patient. The manager made the quick phone calls needed for authorization and ordered my new phone. Every time a new customer came in they were immediately greeted and their questions quickly answered, unlike the woodland branch where the employee rolled his eyes every time someone entered. I won't go anywhere else as long as i live in Davis. —DeanS

2013-03-08 14:48:33   Aaron, the current manager, has provided excellent service to me on two occasions: in July 2012 and Mar 2013.

In July 2012, my old dumb flip phone went for a swim in Lake Tahoe; I said it was dumb. After it dried out, Aaron was able to get it to power up and it worked for 8 more months. He charged nothing for this repair. I was not pressured to buy a new phone!

In Mar 2013, when my old dumb flip phone split into 2 pieces, Aaron helped me understand the options to get the iPhone I wanted. He answered all my many questions. He was able to harvest my contact list for the old phone, despite it being in two pieces, and put my contact list into the new phone.

Aaron has been manager since Jan 2011. I'd suggest not paying too much attention to posts prior to he took charge of this store.

I'm happy to have gotten good service in Davis, avoid the drive to the Apple store in Sac, and have my sales tax dollars benefit Davis. Dennis —DennisCorcoran