1520 E. Covell Boulevard
In the Nugget and CVS Shopping Center
Monday through Saturday: 10 - 7
(530) 297-7900
Independently owned
Payment Methods
All Major Credit Cards, Cash

Wireless Stores Inc. - Davis, is a Local Verizon Wireless Premium Retailer. They are an independently owned business that sells Verizon service only. They offer full sales, 100% customer service and support for Verizon wireless phones contracts and pre-paid monthly service, home phone service, 4G Mobile Broadband devices, and Xfinity services. Bill payments are accepted in the location.


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2010-04-23 16:41:02   I just found this thanks to Davis Wiki! Very thankful we have this location in Davis! I never had any idea Verizon had a store in this location! The other store never has any phones in stock and seem to not be as educated on the phones and products! My story goes, I broke my phone! No insurance, No Upgrades I could use! I called in and they invited me to come down and they would help! I was able to get another phone with the help of the staff! Very Thankful! Great job and they are very friendly! —BJDenison

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2010-05-07 18:59:27   The guys who were behind the counter seemed more interested in clowning with each other than anything else. They knew so little about the products and were so unhelpful, that after I left I wondered perhaps the REAL employees were tied up in the back. I hope not. —GordonCaulkins

2011-07-15 13:12:28   I went to the Verizon store on Wednesday afternoon about half an hour before they closed and the store manager Chris was extremely helpful in getting me set up with my new iphone, Verizon account, and transferring my numbers over. I had reserved a phone at this store and he called me earlier that day to let me know my phone had arrived and I can come purchase it. He stayed well after the closing time to help me get everything done. He was professional and courteous. That's what I call customer service. —ShawnBachan

2012-01-14 13:13:50   I could not be happier with the service we received at this location. We went in once to sort out our renewal contracts and get new phones. They were very patient and helpful in getting all of our phones working and synced up. Highly recommend this location!! —KMSchultz

2012-10-23 15:21:49   There are definite pros and cons to this place. First the pros: very friendly employees and a nice, clean store. They also have a much better selection than the downtown Verizon retailer, which doesn't even have a demo version of any generation of iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. The guy there tried to sell me on a phone I wasn't interested in, so we just left to check out this location.

Now the cons. They're horribly understaffed. I've been in twice now, once mid-afternoon on a weekend, once 6pm or so on a weekday. Both times they've only had one employee on with a long wait time. That's because everything seems to take a very long time. When we bought our phones and opened our accounts (more on that in a sec), it took more than 30 minutes. And there were 4 or 5 other customers waiting that whole time.

The employee who helped us out was, like I said, very friendly. He was also a little flustered, though, and he began trying to multitask - helping us on one computer, while helping other customers on the second computer, bouncing back and forth. Apparently, that was a bad idea. A week later, we got not one but two different bills in the mail - one for my number, one for my wife's. He had apparently opened up two Share Anything plans, one for each of us, each with the full amount of data we had requested. There's nothing like having an extra $70 or 80 in bills.

Anyway, I called Verizon when I got the two bills, and they confirmed there were two separate accounts, which was obviously a mistake on the store's part. They sent me back to the store to resolve it, where I met another very nice but clearly overworked employee. He informed me that because they're not a Verizon corporate store, they can't do anything with the accounts. He told me to call Verizon again. Which, it turns out, was the correct instruction - they took care of it over the phone. The guy I talked to on the phone this time, however, asked "wait, what? He told you to call, when it was his store's mistake? He should've been the one to call to take care of it for you." He even offered to call the store and chew the guy out for me.

All said and done it wasn't a big deal. It was a hassle that wasted a couple hours of my time, though. This place needs to staff better. Maybe they'd avoid making sloppy mistakes. That said, I'd still recommend this location over the downtown one. I prefer a frazzled, friendly salesperson to a pushy one, especially when the frazzled salesperson has a decent selection. —TomGarberson

2013-06-03 18:54:39   I have come to this store several times out of convenience and each time it is anything but convenient. Today I sat there for over an hour waiting for the attendant who was slow and unknowledgeable in dealing with all the customers ahead of me. This is the third time and third different person who has had little to no expertise and no sense of urgency in attending to clients in a timely fashion. I guess I am the walking definition of stupid for continuing to come here expecting it to be different. I recommend making the drive to Natomas instead. —MegHammer

2014-07-12 18:31:04   I don't normally complain about stores, but my family is having a huge issue with Verizon Wireless at 1520 E Covell Blvd., Davis, CA. In late April 2014 we heard that Verizon had a deal on phones and a phone plan, 6 lines for $150. We called this Verizon store— a guy named Alex Koshell confirmed that the deal we have heard was correct and we may come and sign in. So we went in, Alex Koshell was in there. Seemed friendly enough, and he told us that all the Samsung galaxy S4's were $50 (AFTER $500 REBATE) and the S3 was free also (AFTER $450 REBATE). So we got 5 S4's, and one S3 (I'm a cheapskate I wanted the S3). We were told that it was a month to month contract and the phone rebate would show up in our first bill.

So, along with the deal, our bill was a surprise as we found out that we were billed $550 for each S4 phones and $450 for S3 phone and our $268.66 monthly charge. So we went to the store, and whenever we brought up the situation, they refused to speak with us! So we requested to speak with the man who had sold us our phones, Alex Koshell. He, of course, is absolutely nowhere to be found. We disputed the bill to Verizon but they tell us that the Davis store from where we bought the phones was denying that the said rate and the rebate was ever promised. In the second week of July we came find out that Alex Koshell was working Verizon Store in Roseville, CA and we called that store but we were not allowed to speak to Alex.

We feel we have been cheated by Verizon Wireless at 1520 E Covell Blvd., Davis, CA. They seem to be using unethical and dishonest business practice and tricks potential customers to sign up by making false promises. I would advise caution in doing business with them. —PriyaSah

2014-12-04 14:22:39   good service - setting up new phone and at repeated visits to explain uses of the phone . —CarolSconyers