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by appointment
(530) 681-0475
Pam Wilson
since 1997
Payment Methods
cash, check,
discount rates, student specials, series packages, gift certificates,
~ call to discuss wellness options ~

New client: $45 one hour, $60 1.5 hours, $80 2 hours, series of 3 $130, series of 5 $200. Regular client: $50 one hour, $70 1.5 hours, $85 2 hours, series of 3 $145, series of 5 $225.

Balance - Empowerment - Grace

Pam Wilson is a certified holistic health practitioner, certified massage therapist with 1000+ hours training, has a master's degree in counseling psychology, and has trained and practiced in aromatherapy, biofeedback, meditation, hypnotherapy, breathwork and emotional release work. Pam's intuition facilitates energy movement through an "escalen" approach (hypnotic method using slow rhythmic movement, bringing about a sense of well being through deep states of consciousness). The method focuses on mind-body-spirit as a whole.


  • Massage therapy
    • Swedish
    • Escalen
    • Therapeutic
  • Emotional support
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Aromatherapy

Vitality for Life is within us It is our aliveness, our passion, our vibration, our Chi. Through our "Journey Within" it can be accessed, released and realized. Body-Mind-Spirit healing results.

Surrender Let Go Unblock Let Flow Relax Breathe out the old Recharge Breathe in the new Revitalize Be present, realized, vital


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2008-02-17 21:06:21   Pam Wilson is the most nurturing massage therapist I have ever been to. Not only does she give great massages, she is a treasure chest of knowledge regarding food, herbs and aromas for health and healing. Whenever I have midterms or finals, I go to her so I can de-stress and release anxiety and I do better on my tests! She has help me with relationships as well as weight control. It is just so nice to have finally found a massage therapist (that I trust whole heartedly) to nurture both my body and soul. —TeenaStockert

2008-05-24 19:40:41   I went to Pam after finding a $35 coupon for 1 hour. I think she did a great job especially considering how inexpensive it was. The massage was relaxing and the lotion she used smelled great. I would have liked it if she had pressed a little harder but I guess that is my fault for not asking. —littlelemur

2009-02-01 18:05:00   I went to Pam after a particularly stressful week of school and she was lovely. She is really sweet and supportive interested in making you feel better. I went in thinking that I would like an hour of quiet time, but we had a nice conversation and she was really good at listening to me - I vented a little :). She gave me some pointers for better posture and stretching that have helped! She was happy to share her knowledge of aromatherapy and nutrition, but unlike other people who use "alternative" methods, was not pushy at all. Like the comment above, I would also have liked if she had pressed harder, but I think it is my responsibility to ask that, and I didn't. I felt very relaxed when I left. —Ratatat