The town of Davis contains three water towers, what being for the dissemination of delightful tasting Davis tap water to its residents. They also contribute to the small-town aesthetic that makes Davis oh so very popular with the kids and geriatric alike.

Main Towers

Left-to-right, these are:

The fashionable UC Davis water tower , located by the scenic Arboretum and also some buildings. The UC Davis Logo was added during an incidental re-painting of the tower on September 21st 1995.

The City Water Tower ; stationed suspiciously adjacent to Davis's Mormon church type establishment.

The rather Dairy Field Water Tower , near the cow milking facilities on campus. In Fall of 2007, it was repainted and now includes the UCDavis logo. It has also been unofficially named "Touchdown Tower" for its close proximity to the new Aggie Stadium (Spotlight article). Prior to 2007, it was emblazoned with the Oldschool Aggie Logo.

The left and right towers above are UC Davis owned water-towers.

Other Towers

There are also some other water towers in Davis. These other water towers are much more spooky, being operated by monsters and goblins rather than mere mortal men.


Hiding behind masses of trees somewhere a few streets off of Russell, the above water tower sits, lonely and full of water. The main campus tower while it was covered for restoration upgrade and cleaning. Here's another photo I took this summer of the ol' water tower near Tercero — AlexLubinski


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If you're talking about the one on West 8th (Which is indeed "a few streets off Russell", that's the Mormon watchtower I mentioned, what with it being directly adjacent to the Mormon church. Either that or there's one much further down Russell that looks almost exactly the same. Whatever. Nice Picture though. — TravisGrathwell

Took this photo my freshman year ('01-'02) of the "Old School" water tower near the dairy facility. Kinda pretty. —KayRide (Sorry this photo was cross linked from photobucket and is no longer available.)

2011-09-01 14:46:22   which one has the nicest view? —MeeshelT