Welcome to the Wiki UC Davis Student. Please also read the general welcome.

  1. If you're a new student, you may want to check out the Freshman Guide or Transfer Student Guide. Part of your journey through higher education is learning about how to discover and take advantage of the resources around you; the wiki has information on a lot of them.

  2. The Wiki is an excellent way to let people know about your group or organization. Make sure to note when and where you meet and keep the information up to date. If you're a member and know the meeting place or times have changed, please feel free to update the entry. If membership is limited to undergrads or students, make a note of that fact.

  3. UC Davis has a significant footprint in the community. This wiki intends to serve the entire community of Davis including university students. When creating entries keep in mind that others may read it from a non-student perspective. On the other hand, many topics are purely UC Davis student related — which are perfectly welcome.

  4. One day you will (hopefully) leave the university. The people you want to get a job from will know how to use Google. Keep that in mind when you edit. You are either continuing to establish an online identity or expanding your existing one. Understand that your actions (including inaction) as an adult — both online and offline — will affect the rest of your life.

  5. You don't have to delete your page when you leave town. You had an impact on the community during your four or five or more years here, so respect that and leave the page. Feel free to come back to the wiki and update the rest of us on what you did with your education after you left Davis.


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