Named for Harry R. Wellman, 13th President of the University of California, Wellman Hall (WELLMN) is located on campus across from the west side of The Quad, and is next to Kerr Hall and Hart Hall. Wellman is home only to classrooms and asbestos, featuring no labs or offices. It also features a computer lab in room 102, which used to be a study lounge. Practically everyone ends up having classes in Wellman every quarter. It's one of the most convenient locations to have classes because of the proximity to the Memorial Union. The largest classroom/lecture hall in Wellman is 2 Wellman.

Wellman also features wireless access. There is a coverage map on This balances the fact that most cellphones get no reception in or around the rear of the building. (At a time now past, "The Pit of Wellman" was notorious for this problem.)

Wellman Hall also hosts Davis Anime Club every Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00pm - 10:00pm, usually in room 126.

There is a pathway from the basement of Kerr Hall to the basement of Wellman. This pathway is usually locked from the Wellman->Kerr direction, but not the Kerr->Wellman direction. This means if you're in Kerr, then you can always get into Wellman. Any key that opens Kerr Hall's lobby door will open the Wellman->Kerr door.

Wellman also hosts DRAGON on the top floor on fridays!

Wellman was remodeled around the year 1999. At that time, the interior decor was redone and updated. Decorative room numbers were added to the doors of the classrooms.

Originally Wellman only had one exterior staircase to the second floor, however due to heavy student traffic a new exterior stairwell was added to the West side of the building around 2000. Previously the second floor balcony was only used for watching the view.

Wellman has a number of DVD players hooked up to huge screens in various classrooms — perfect for watching a movie (provided there's no class in there). It's also possible to route a video game system through the VCRs.


This is the exit from the secret pathway.


Other buildings on campus are detailed at Campus Buildings.


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2004-12-29 16:30:44   I have some friends who, at least the first couple weeks, would go into wellman at around 9:30 pm and watch a movie. As of now the janitors have never kicked them out (though usually they'd leave by 1:00am). —GiladGurantz

2005-01-24 17:37:31   I've been in Wellman to watch movies, too. It's pretty nice since they have the huge screens in the lecture halls. —RohiniJasavala

2006-09-22 15:27:06   Wellman is wicked for hooking up the PS2 or XBox for some multiplayer giant screen TimeSplitters or Ghost Recon. —JohnDudek

2006-12-07 02:04:42   Yeah, last time I tried to watch a movie in Wellman, me and my friends got booted at 10. The guy was a real jerk about it too. —NicholasKnoblauch

2006-12-07 02:08:13   Whenever me and my posse is in Wellman past ten the janitors chastise us. It happenes every tuesday. —JosephBleckman

2006-12-07 04:21:30   Anytime between 10 and 10:30. Its the suck. —MaxMikalonis

2006-12-07 11:45:06   My group frequently gets told to leave even when we have the rooms reserved until 11. —BrentLaabs

2007-04-10 14:10:02   yeah, but brent that is because of DRAGONDevinCastellucci

2007-04-10 14:11:00   they have since stopped doing that to some degree —DevinCastellucci

2007-05-20 19:53:35   I love how they have a "007" room in the basement. —Jedron

2007-05-23 02:01:14   We had our Model UN conference in here last week. It's well suited for it for the most part, but the lecture halls on the ground floor are horrible for caucusing. On the whole, I like Olson better for that purpose. I like the Wellman classrooms better for lectures and actual academics though. —KevinGong

2008-09-04 18:40:00   In my experience, janitors only try to enforce room reservation time limits during the first months of school. After that, they just get used to however late your club stays and work around you. So hang in there for the first few weeks, and it will work out. —BrentLaabs

2008-12-07 23:55:35   they should get new chairs.. all the cusions in 002 are dead and flat. —alexlee333

2009-01-22 18:36:46   The wireless page: says that Wellman has wireless internet, and I assume that this means unencrypted wireless or some wireless aside from the one requiring a student ID to get on. Can anyone confirm/deny this? I've never been able to get onto the network from the 2nd story. —MasonMurray

  • Well, your assumption was wrong; that page was probably written by someone who assumes everyone has a kerberos login. —BrentLaabs

2010-02-01 17:12:34   this building smells awful (esp. downstairs) it flooded and they never cleaned up or something. —randomstudent

2010-09-26 18:03:11   It always seems to be open, which makes it a great place to grab a Coke on the weekends when you're stuck on campus and the Olson machine's broken. —HarrisonM

- It's also a great place to study on the weekends. Feel free to take an entire lecture room to yourself.