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(530) 753-3118
David M. Petersen

Wheelworks is the serious road bike shop in Davis and a sponsor of the Davis Bike Club and UC Davis Cycling team. Whether you want a good mid-range road bike, a serious racing bike, a time trial bike, or a hardcore triathlon bike, this is the place. Wheelworks carries BMC, Scott, Cervélo, Colnago, De Rosa, Felt, Kestrel, Look, Merckx, Opera, Pegoretti, Pinarello, Ridley, Ritchey, Time, Parlee and Seven bikes.

Under the previous ownership of Steve Larsen, Wheelworks was sometimes called "Wheeljerks" around town. There was a snob factor for those who didn't shave their legs and race their bicycles. However, since Joe Santos assumed ownership, the shop took on an improved attitude. The shop still caters to the high end, but you'll be treated with respect whether your bicycle is a heavy steel junker or a carbon fiber racer.

A hardcore training ride over Cantelow Hill leaves from Wheelworks every Saturday at 8am (T4/P4-5/50-60 miles, map). This ride happens without regard for season or weather.

Wheelworks is a cosponsor of the Wednesday Night Time Trials along with the Mad Cows Racing Team.

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2007-03-20 13:27:40   Wheelworks is great! I bought my Cervelo there, and Joe, Kevin, Tim, etc. are knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. —DavidGrundler

2007-04-12 15:23:30   I bought a beatiful bike here in August 2005. I test rode pretty much everywhere in town, and found that Wheelworks had the widest selection. The staff were really patient, let me test ide as much as I wanted to, and didn't treat me like the novice that I am — although I half expected them to look down on me. I've been back since for miscellaneous other supplies, and had good service. My only complaint might be that when I bought the bike, I also got pedals, shoes, a helmet, and bottle cages, and I hoped for a discount on those items, seeing as how I was dropping a couple grand on the bike. But no. So I bought most of that stuff on-line at Colorado Cyclist. —DanLawyer

2007-04-13 08:58:12   They don't have much to show for women specific frames. The guy only showed me 2 bike with a "couldn't be bothered" attitude. —claire

  • What do you mean by a woman's frame? This is primarily a shop for road racers. Triangular frames are more rigid and flex less than a woman's frame, and so convert more of the pedaling action into forward motion. Asking for a woman's frame at this shop is somewhat like going to a Humvee dealership and asking to see their fuel-efficient models. —KaiTing
    • Cervelo is one of Wheelworks top brands, and this is what they have to say about women-specific geometries: "Fit and proper geometry are just as important for women and they are for men, but unfortunately women-specific geometry does a disservice to this need and is a bit of a marketing gimmick. Especially when you look at exactly what they changed compared to the standard bikes, one can only frown. In short, neither the concept of women-specific design nor the execution makes sense." For the rest of the article, go to http://www.cervelo.com/viewkb.aspx and type in "women-specific". —DavidGrundler
      • That makes sense from a technical standpoint, but I think the commenter was a little more concerned about the brush-off she feels she got from the staff. I don't get the sense they explained the issue the way you cite Cervelo as doing. —DanLawyer
        • I cannot comment about her treatment because I wasn't there. Just trying to add a little background behind KaiTing's response. If they did brush her off as she says, then that is just poor business. —DavidGrundler

2007-05-10 18:42:05   This is a shop with attitude, and they don't entirely know what they're doing. I bought a $6000 bike from them, and they put on the inner chainring backwards and tightened the cranks onto the BB way too tight, as in bad-for-the-bike tight. Before sending me out the door, they didn't bother to screw on the pedals all the way (I didn't notice, and when I clipped in, the entire pedal came off, stripping the outer threads on the crank arm). They also didn't bother to inflate the tubes to a reasonable tire pressure. These are things that I would assume would be taken care of, especially with a huge purchase. Wheelworks carries really great stuff, but really great stuff doesn't necessarily make a really great bike shop. —KaiTing

2007-06-18 16:02:32   I had a very favorable experience recently. I went in thinking to get some shims to address a perceived leg-length differential. Joe (the owner, I think) spent about a half hour with me in the trainer, measuring this and that, examining my stance, and generally fitting me to the bike even better than I was. All at no charge. In the end, he observed no asymmetry, but raised my saddle a little, and suggested I ride for a few days and come back if it still felt off. And I actually do feel a lot better.

I have to say, I respect a guy who will spend serious time with a customer and dissuade the customer from buying something. He certainly earned this review, and I will definitely go back and recommend that others do the same. —DanLawyer

2007-07-18 23:44:11   Wheelworks employees are knowledgeable but in the way of memorizing what is written on every single label of every product they carry. Sometimes, however, they get it wrong. I was directly misinformed about one of the seats they sell. The guy said the seat allows more than 60% blood flow, when the label said 82% blood flow at 60 degree seating angle. Little stuff, I know. But I've had similar experiences with them in the past, where I was shown a product, told all about it and when I would pick up the box, to my horror, I'd realize that the employee just literally quoted the print! Usually, their memorized stories conclude with an impromptu ending, which are spun with bs. What they claim sounds great, but it's advertisement in pure form. If you want to feel good about spending $7000 for a shiny wonder-machine (that's really worth $3000), go to Wheelworks. If you want real advice, from someone with decades of experience, on pros and cons of buying any bicycle, or how to help you have a more enjoyable, efficient, painless, fast etc. ride on a bike you already own, go to Ken's and ask for Stephan.—PaulWilburn

2007-10-05 13:55:24   Extremely cool store I have gone to for years. I followed Joe, Kevin, and Tim from Freewheeler to Wheelworks when they made there exodus. You have to be slightly careful with who you work with, as some have become aloof. Tim, Joe, Kevin, and John are first rate mechanics. Most of the sales guys are extremely knowledgable and helpful. I know Joe, Tyler, Dan, Andrew and Kevin, and they are very competent. The other guys are also very knowledgable, and also not afraid to ask the more experienced guys for help if they have a question. This is actually very confidence inspiring. Be careful working with Kevin sometimes, as he can be aloof. The past year he seems to be a store fixture more in the sense of holding up a wall than a fixture in the good sense. Andrew is an amazing source of knowledge regarding cycling, so feel confident asking him questions. Dan is relatively new, but incredibly attentive and willing to solve whatever problem you have. Joe is always there, but has a very booked schedule, so call to schedule a time with him if you want the best bike fit money and experience can buy. Doesn't matter if you are looking at your existing bike or a new bike, he can make it work for you. They have the best inventory ANYWHERE. Period. They will also make sure you fit correctly on the bike, and get exactly what you want, without selling you on it. Joe focuses on having the guys not sell you a product, but getting the customer the right and adequate product for what they are doing. —JohnBerleimer

2007-10-18 08:44:32   This place really knows how to make the little man feel little. If you are not a CAT 1-5 or PRO do not shop at this place. I've tried a few times to give this store another chance and each time I was turned off by the same guy at the front desk (he wears his little flipped up cycling hat). I'm sure the mechanics know their stuff, and the bikes they carry are very nice, however, the sales/service staff does not know how to take care of the customer. I once waited at the desk for at least 5 minutes (just to buy a tube) and all the attention went to racers in full kit, even though I was there first. I wonder if the owners are aware of this preferential treatment. All the other shops in town are way more friendly. —RyanO

2007-10-22 18:12:20   I agree with John a couple of posts before.Work with Joe, Dan, Tyler, Mango, Steve or Julian and you are going to be treated with top notch service.Kevin is out of his element in the store as he is obviously not paying attention most of the time.Otherwise there product selection, service, and quailty of work is unmatched as far as any store i've ever been to.I guess Joe just needs a store manager instead of running everything himself.It's too big an operation for that anymore.I'm not a pro or high "cat" rider, and they Steve & Dan treated me like Lance Armstrong when I bought my Cervelo R3.I spent several days in the store and got to watch all the employees interact with customers, and can hon4estly say all employees were on there game (again minus Kevin).Extremely good percentage given the shear number of employees Joe has.Highly recommend! —R3Lover

Of course, the fact that he agrees with John is not too surprising, since he is using the same computer. Also see the himom and notyou comments for more potential sockpuppet accounts.

2008-03-06 21:10:13   I've only had FABULOUS experiences with the guys down at Davis Wheelworks. I've probably been in there about a dozen or so times over the past year. Every time I'm greeted warmly by the staff and they are always eager to help me. They have an extensive knowledge of everything to do with cycling from parts to bike to racers to racing and anything in between. I've purchased a couple of bikes from them and am I always pleased with the selection, fittings, service and maintenance I've received. I swear Joe lives, eats, and breaths cycling. John, Andrew, Kevin, Tim and Joe are the best mechanic that has ever touched my bikes. No matter what I do to thrash my bike they always find away to fix it. Joe, Dan, Kevin, Steve, Mango, and Julian really know their products and are awesome at fitting. I can't sing their praises enough. If you want a good road, triathlon, time trial or mountain bike these are the guys to go to. If your bike doesn't fit you right they can probably help you. If you bike isn't running as good as could they can help. If you are comfortable for the conditions they have the clothing for the season. If you are like me by the time you leave the only thing wrong with your riding is going to be the rider. —notyou

2008-03-13 23:05:33   Terrible customer service. if you dont have a thousand dollar road bike they dont even bother with you. and they dont have enough carbon fiber gear at the shop, how can i trust a road bike store that doesnt decrease its store weight by subbing counters and racks with carbon fiber ones? —harrisan87

2008-04-03 05:30:13   Don't go to this store if you don't race, they don't want your business. —WilliamBeamish

2008-05-21 17:28:09   They've got beautiful bikes and a helpful attitude, that is unless you talk to that kind of beefy dude with the reddish hair and sort of hairy chin. That guy makes people feel like they are a waste of time. It's like he doesn't want people to spend their money there, which is too bad because since Joe's been running the place things have been going pretty well customer-relations wise. Don't judge the shop on that guy with the hairy chin. Generally the other employees there are helpful, and at the very least they've still got beautiful bikes. —kester

2008-05-21 18:23:14   Definitely not very good customer service. Wheelworks was one of the very first places I stopped by when I got to Davis. I was looking to buy a bike, and I wound up getting a nice one - from Freewheeler! Wheelworks made it pretty clear that they did not want my business unless I was going to buy a $2000 bike. I also got a helmet, various locks, lights, and have taken my bike in for service - all at Freewheeler, which is a shop that appreciates my business. Wheelworks might have sold me something (I had bought stuff from them in the 1990s, when they had better customer service) had they not chased me out of the store after only 2 minutes. They might have sold me something in the future too. I bike 3000 miles a year, so getting a good bike is important to me. But I think it's pretty likely that Freewheeler will get my business again next time too. They've earned my business. Wheelworks definitely has not. —IDoNotExist

The following comment was made from the same IP address as a now removed ultra positive review from himom within minutes of each other. In addition, a note explaining that was removed without comment by "himom", who moved the comment elsewhere on the entry. It appears that deception is occurring, either a simple misunderstanding that is being covered up rather than explained or possibly a whitewashing set of sockpuppet accounts.

2008-06-06 14:26:55   I just stopped in for a tune up since they included free tunes and fits for the first year. Got to love that! What did I spy in the Cervelo rack? The NEW RS. I picked mine up last week with the new SRAM RED! What a great shop! Nice toys for big boys and great service. Thanks Jullian —notyou

2008-06-13 10:31:05   I've been a cyclist for ten years, and I've never found a better shop than Wheelworks. They know their stuff, they support local racing, and they perform excellent service. Joe won't sell you what makes him he most profit but rather what will be best for your needs.

They've fit my TT bike twice in two years, all without charge, and they've kept my road bike functional longer than I thought possible. They may be a little pricier than other stores, but their knowledge and service merit the expense.


2008-06-21 10:15:16   I find comments like "if you dont have a thousand dollar road bike they dont even bother with you" and "Wheelworks made it pretty clear that they did not want my business unless I was going to buy a $2000 bike" baffling and amusing.

Listen people: a bike shop is not a bike shop! You don't go to a Mercedes dealer to buy a Pontiac; why would you go to this shop to buy a $1000 bike? Further, why would you characterize the staff as "aloof" or "unfriendly" if they suggest you'd be better off at a different shop which more closely meets your needs? I've been in the store when it's happened; someone wheels in their cruiser with balloon tires and wants something looked at. Sometimes they'll take care of it, sometimes they'll direct you elsewhere. Isn't complaining that "they don't want your business" a bit silly when they have a backlog of service appointments for the bikes they *do* sell?

It's tautological perhaps, but this is a GREAT shop if you're the kind of rider for whom this would be a great shop: serious recreational rider, racer, triathlete (yes, with a budget). The staff know their stuff in this domain, but they're not all "salesy". This is what you want in a good bike shop. —RonPluth

2008-06-21 13:26:03   In answer to Ron: As a customer, it's up to me to decide if I want to spend that much money on a bike. Maybe I do. Maybe I don't. Maybe I shouldn't because I wouldn't benefit from a really expensive bike. And maybe I'd foolishly do it anyway. (Ok. I really wouldn't. But it's just an example.) But they never took the time to find out what my needs were or what my price range was. They didn't ask me how far I would be biking, or how often, or what my level of biking experience is. They simply decided I wasn't the right customer for them, and pretty much showed me the door. That's not a good way to treat a customer. Now rather than recommending their shop (which I would have done in the past), I definitely can't. Some things they've missed out on as a result:

I bike. A LOT. I intend to continue to do so for quite a long time. The bike I need now may not be the same bike I need next year, and at some point, I may decide that I need something higher end. But I'll have to think twice about shopping there. Why would I want to shop at someplace that treated me poorly in the past?

I have family members and friends who bike competitively. Some of them buy very high end bikes. I can't recommend this shop to them.

An easy sale. To me. For a bike and various accessories. I'm not going to say what I spent. But I'm sure that Freewheeler did fine.

Free advertising in the form of a positive testimonial by me on the Wiki. I reward businesses that treat me well and leave me a satisfied customer with positive reviews on here. Businesses that don't get a negative review. Word gets around.

There are many businesses that do well in part because they treat all of their customers well, whether you happen to buy something that day or not. Maybe you won't buy something that day. Maybe you will. But if you have a good experience, you are likely to want to come back in the future, and if not, you won't. Why alienate people who might be your future customers? —IDoNotExist

2008-06-21 13:45:40   Also, on the Mercedes/Pontiac analogy: exactly the same thing applies. I've been to car dealerships that were more than happy to send me on a test drive with whatever they were selling (even when I said I was just looking and not interested!) I've also had dealerships guess (incorrectly) that I was not interested in buying one of their cars. The one that got my business the last time that I bought one was the one that not only had the lowest price for what I wanted, but that also treated me the best. Likewise, the people who ask me what cars or other items to buy (some of whom buy at the high end of the market, and some of whom buy at the low end) get reviews based in part on what their customer service is like. I can think of one company that picked up at least a dozen new customers based on my recommendations to friends, family, and co-workers. And they tell their friends what to buy. Do I buy something from them every time I go to their store? Nope. Do they always have a product that meets my needs? Nope. But when they do, I buy from them, and I recommend them to other people. Did Wheelworks have what I was looking for on that particular day? Maybe not, but I'm not really sure, because I never got to see what they were offering! And because of that, I can't recommend them to anyone else. —IDoNotExist

2008-06-22 23:31:49   Dude these guys are cool. I bought a bitch'n bike from them. Carbon F'n Fiber HELL YEA! They like spent hella time with me. Made the bike fit and stuff. Swaped something or another. COOL SHOP DUDES! —himom

2008-06-23 00:06:13   Watch out! Users himom and notyou are working off the same IP address, as are users JohnBerleimer and R3Lover. Given the ultrapositive nature of their reviews, there is a good chance that they are not unbiased bystanders.

2008-06-24 01:22:46   I haven't purchased a bike from Wheelworks so I don't what their bike prices are like. But I've had some problems with the seat not being very comfortable especially on longer rides. Kevin was very nice in dealing my ailment and aiding me in finding a solution. Turns out some better shorts and a new seat did the trick. Kevin put me on a trainer and changed out saddles till we found one that did punish me now I’m pain free. YIPPEE! As for their prices they were on par with anywhere else I’ve looked. —johnharth

2008-06-25 11:37:33   I went in here yesterday to exchange a tube that I bought earlier that day because the guy that sold it to me gave me the wrong stem and some kid wearing a hat behind the counter who I asked to get the right tube was such a jerk! He gave me so much attitude for no reason at all while I was standing there trying to be nice and keep my cool the whole time. I told him the size that I needed and he came back and gave me something totally different. When I realized that he gave me the wrong one, I came back in the store and he said "so what's wrong now?" and I told him that he gave me the wrong one and he says "well that's what you told me you wanted." He rolls his eyes and gets me the one I needed and then slams it on the counter. One of the worst customer service experiences I ever had! I'm sure the other workers are nicer but this one employee is horrible and needs to work on his attitude. I won't be shopping here anymore. —actualfactual

2008-07-01 12:13:47   I went here looking for something to commute around town on. They politely informed me that town bikes are not their focus. Evident by all the skinny tire bikes they had inside. But, they showed me a few bikes locked up in front of the shop, that were more suited to my needs. Sure enough I got a cool Felt with a coaster brake. They also told me I get a year of free tunes… I don’t really know what would need tuning on the bike though. They were really relaxed about letting me ride a few different models and making sure I was happy. I found it to be a very stress-free experience. I wish it was this easy to buy a car.


2008-07-06 02:55:11   What a GREAT shop. They reall know there stuff. I came in looking for something new to do the Death Ride on and I found a sweet Pinarello from last year on Sale. Alex and Dan helped try a few different bikes given my needs something comfortable but fast. It was great the way they adjusted the bike to fit me. I've been to a few other shops where they guess at what bike would fit. Wow the difference of spending the extra time for everything to end up right made all the difference it made all the difference in the world. The adjustments and the selection of bike they had on hand to let me try were the best around. They are so great I've told all my friends to go here for anything and everything cycling related. I highly recommend Davis Wheelworks. —SeanMartir

2008-07-25 10:22:10   I had a positive experience with this shop and the staff attitudes contrary to what most are posting here. I had an odd whirring or clacking noise on my bike so first I took it to B&L down the street, they looked at it and said they had to order a special part and it'd be about 30 bucks. For a second opinion, I took it to Wheelworks and the young guy behind the counter took a look at it and said is just needed a bolt. He got one from the back, fixed it right there and when I asked what parts and labor it would cost, waved me off. He was so nice! Quite a contrast to the other store who was obviously planning on taking advantage of someone who didn't know about fixing bikes. I didn't find them snobby to the non-racer (that's me!) or my old, not-fancy bike. They were extremely gracious and nice and offered the small-town service Davis is known for. I ended up buying some accessories that were a bit more expensive than you'd pay elsewhere because they offered such good service and honesty. —dandysgirl

2008-09-03 13:43:56   I am having a bike serviced there and I just noticed the price on the work order does not match what they quoted me yesterday (30-45$ vs. 60-80$). Secondly, I have a race this afternoon and I stopped by on my lunch hour to see if the repairs will be completed by 4pm. I got nothing but attitude and very little help. The dude's name who "helped" me is (removed because I am not angry anymore). Man, he had an attitude about him and seemed disgusted that I would inquire as to when my bike would be finished. It was enough to make me sligthly upset and disrupt my good mood. My roommate then had to listen to me bitch for the next ten minutes, so it probably affected his day too.

However, I will say that some of the other employees are quite good. This was an isolated incident with one guy. I will follow-up with my review after I get my bike back.

Follow-up - - - My bike was completed on time. The work that I had done was suppose to be a Avid Juicy 7 (hydraulic) brake bleed with an inspection of the hose end that leads into the lever. However, only the bleed was completed (no inspection), so I still have leaky brakes. However, I don't blame them for the botched job. I blame the fact that they guy I talked to on the previous day was not the guy that the bike was delivered to. Secondly, I had my roommate drop my bike off while I was at work and I didn't make it clear to him to confirm the work that was to be done.

I am going to give them another try to fix my breaks. No problems with staff on subsequent visit. Give them a try if you have high end stuff that is moderately difficult to work on... and by the by all you fixie dorks should be happy that they are building up a bunch of fixed gear/track bikes starting around $500, so you can have fun ruining your knees and running stop signs on a sweet looking death bike. —Dan.Mayers

2008-09-22 16:40:11   They just started selling soma delancey cro-mo fixies for $750, when i bought the same bike elsewhere for $300 including shipping. It's pretty much the same bike, same parts, wheels, weight... and its definitely NOT a soma, but definitely overpriced. —OGBCMKNGS

  • Soma lists the Delancey frameset at $795 direct from them, with no components on it. They might have the Soma Rush built up as a full bike for $750, but if they have a complete bike Delancey at that price, I'm buying one tomorrow so I can part it out and sell it. —BrettHall

2008-09-23 15:26:55   I bought a new bicycle from them and I had a positive experience. They allowed me to test ride 3 different bicycles before letting me make up my decision and I felt the staff treated me nicely. If you looking to buy a higher end bicycle, then it wouldn't hurt to stop by wheelworks to have a chat with the staff and examine your options. The bad thing is all their bike accessories are msrp priced. —justinhu

2008-11-03 17:43:38   I came in and asked how much they would charge to tighten the cranks on the bike I was currently riding. One of the workers gave me an allen wrench and let me do it myself for free, which was very nice of him. —IgnatPrintsev

2008-11-16 23:09:53   I highly recommend wheelworks to anyone serious about cycling. They are definitely geared toward racers and/or people who ride a lot, but if you're just getting into cycling or are pretty new, they'll spend time to explain things and are very helpful. I went in the other day looking for new tires, and the guy explained me the pros and cons of each, it was very nice. They're also very professional about bike maintenance, kinda pricey, but they're the best. —KtotheF

2008-12-18 11:14:15   I received outstanding service from Wheelworks when I went shopping for a road bike. It was with some trepidation that I walked into this store to check out entry-level carbon fiber bikes. My last road bike was a steel-framed bike from 22 years ago! I spent nearly an hour with Joe (later I found out he was the owner of the store), who went over the pros and cons of bikes in my budget. He knows his bikes!. He encouraged me to try them all out, so the following day I spent the whole Sunday afternoon checking them out, with Joe meticulously fitting me up with each bike for a test ride. I had already tried out a Trek Madone at Freewheeler that he said was a great bike and that I should try it out again after I was done with trying out his bikes to get the best comparison. The following day he emailed me a synopsis of all the bikes I had tried (and others I should check out) with his personal take on each of the bikes from feedback from his customers. While all the bikes were orders of magnitude better than my old vintage bike, the decision was difficult, and I ended up going for the Trek bike from Freewheeler who also gave me great service. I'd encourage anyone who is interested in getting a good bike to go and chat with Joe and folks at Wheelworks. It's great to be a biker in this town with local bike stores that give such awesome service. —SalBorges

2009-02-13 10:33:38   Don't let these idiots any where near your bike. Granted I don't have a $5000 pair of wheels but when I go in to get a tube replaced I don't expect complete incompetence. First they managed to clamp a bungee cord in between the wheel and frame when putting the tire back on the bike. Then the tire went flat within a week. When I had a friend replace it he told me that they had put the tube folded over itself distressing the rubber and causing the leak. That and they are probably the most overpriced repair shop in Davis. —mwander

2009-02-24 19:58:01   I think the idiot is mwander. I was at the counter at Davis Wheelworks talking with Kevin when this joker walked in. He nearly knocked several multi thousand dollar bikes over as he made his way to the counter. He was unkempt and lacking in basic social skills, I'm guessing that he is probably a grad student in some asinine field of study. Kevin took the job in, quoting him something like $20 labor and $8 for the tube. Half an hour later this guy comes back to pick it up, he is rung out and then as he is leaving manages to wrap his bungee cord around his rear axle. I watched as it dangled off his rear rack and snagged his spokes. The only thing that stopped permanent damage from being done was the fact that the metal hook at the end of the cord snapped off. He then sheepishly brought it back to the counter and asked them to fix it, which they did. It was his own sloppiness and lack of awareness that caused this incident. To criticize the shop for your own mistake is truly low class, moreover, to complain about cost after it has been quoted to you beforehand is absurd. There are two shops within a block of Wheelworks that are a bit cheaper, but Wheelworks did it on the spot and fixed your self inflicted damage on the spot. Judging by the girth of mwander's waist, its clear that he considered an additional block too far to travel. Additionally, flats happen all the time, blaming them on anyone is sort of silly, because its just part of life. I'm guessing mwander hasn't spent too much time riding his bike, so flats might be relatively unknown to him. In any case, you've got to be a real loser to sit at home and complain instead to coming in and talking to the people who might actually be willing to do something about it.

This is a great store, you will not be disappointed by shopping here. —theviper

2009-02-24 23:28:26   Wow. I'm rather blown away by theviper's comments. I should hope that the other employees at the shop don't treat (or think of) their customers like they just did on here. In general, insulting your customers is not a good way to retain them. Nor is insulting grad students (of which there are many reading the wiki), or any of the other people they insulted with their comments. If I were the owner of this store and you (theviper) were my employee and I saw this on the wiki, you would not be my employee the next morning. —IDoNotExist

2009-02-25 19:23:52   I suppose its a good thing I'm not an employee then. I think the purpose of the wiki is to offer the truth about one's experiences at a particular business, rather than fabricating stories. I saw something from a different perspective and decided to weigh in on it. People can stick up for a business they like on an open forum such as this. I have never been treated poorly by anyone working at Wheelworks and I would daresay that it is a rare occurrence. —theviper

2009-02-25 20:26:54   You are not an employee? I had thought that you were because you said you were at the counter (which I interpreted as working at the counter.) Hence my comment, and a degree of relief that Wheelworks employees are not coming on the wiki to say nasty things about their customers! However, it still saddens me that in your comments, you chose to insult several groups of people based on your assumptions about a particular customer. —IDoNotExist

2009-02-25 21:02:47   For 2 years, the staff of Wheelworks have been nothing but great to me. They are knowledgeable and give truly great customer service to cyclists who are serious about buying a new bike, components, etc. They are willing to take the time to special order you what you need and what will work for you, not just shove what they've got in stock out the door. The mechanics are top notch and willing to work with you to solve any problem your bike might have. They are also a great sponsor of local bike racing in the community, including the Davis Bike Club Junior Race Team (racers younger than 18 years old) and the UC Davis Cal Aggie Cycling Team (collegiate student/athletes). I appreciate all the hard work they put into supporting cycling initiatives in town (everything from the Tour of California to the Bicycle Hall of Fame) and I'm happy to give them all of my business. Definitely THE shop in Davis if you're looking for a place that will really take care of you and your cycling needs. —PMTG

2009-02-25 21:21:53   Please note that PMTG and TheViper have the same IP address... —IDoNotExist

2009-02-26 10:35:19   In response to "IDoNotExist" - TheViper and I are roommates in a house full of cyclists, we share the same wireless internet connection in the house, and I hope we both have the same IP address. I think it's quite reasonable that we all support Davis Wheelworks, because it's the bike shop of choice for the 6 cyclists living at our place. I hope that our other (lazy!) roommates make the effort to voice their positive experiences with the shop as well. This shop is a great asset to the community and a knowledgeable shop for all our cycling needs. When I read negative comments about Wheelworks, I feel strongly enough to start an account on daviswiki to voice my positive opinions of the shop that has been nothing but great to me. In this forum of public opinion, you have voiced your opinion of the shop (multiple times) and in response we will also voice our opinions of the shop that we support (and that supports us). I think the fact that we live together makes no difference as to the validity of our opinions and experiences with Wheelworks. I stand by my comment that Wheelworks is THE shop in Davis if you're looking for a place that will really take care of you and your cycling needs —PMTG

People who have been on the wiki for any length of time have heard this excuse more times than they can count. When two comments using similar language and arguments come from the same IP address at more or less the same time using new accounts, the most likely cause is sockpuppetry. Even if you two aren't the same person, it speaks ill of theviper to bring another person out of nowhere into an argument. It makes you a virtual sockpuppet or a meatpuppet. If you guys really are housemates, just use your real name and avoid this whole thing in the future. —WilliamLewis

Yeah, use your "real name" to avoid this situation. Get your other housemates, Joe Louis, Robert Vu, and Jeff Nagahara, to make accounts using their real names. Oh, that's right, you can just make up pseudonyms that sound like real names anyway. As long as a new account is posting from the same IP with roughly the same argument they will always be accused of being a puppet. So using their "real names" will not actually avoid this whole thing in the future. In fact, ANY new account that posts a similar view of someone else in an ongoing discussion will be labeled a puppet of some kind. This is just something everyone should accept. Go ahead and point it out, but don't try to provide solutions for avoiding it because there is no way to assuage suspicious minds. —KellyM

2009-05-06 17:03:05   I have been to Wheelworks a few times in the last couple of years for various reasons. Many times I was confronted by an employee who had a very snobbish attitude (he has glasses). I am by no means a novice bike rider, but when asking any question, simple or complex, I was answered with a very demeaning tone. This store does offer a larger selection of items. However, when comparing items they carry with other bike stores in Davis that have them, Wheelworks is definitely overpriced. Your best bet is to check an online bike site such as nashbar just to make sure you're not getting ripped off. Wheelworks has overpriced labor charges and frequently take longer than a week to complete a 1-2 hour task. If you have any bike questions, I suggest going to B & L bikes. The employees there have always been super friendly in answering my questions and giving advice. At wheelworks, it just strikes me as weird when I walk in and there are always people just doing nothing. If they're not helping customers...they could be doing work on bikes to get those orders done quicker. Don't get suckered into the store just b/c they have an elitest attitude. If you're new to biking then you should purchase your bike from another retailer. Spend on the order of hundreds...not thousands. I suggest only going to wheelworks if you have specialty work that you need done that only they can provide. If you can afford their bikes that are thousands of dollars, then I'm sure the extra costs in labor charges and other products don't mean much. But if you're a college student like me, bargain hunting is second nature. —aggierider

2009-05-07 00:39:33   The store lives up to its name as being completely usless When i told them i had a 1000 dollar budget they said they said there bikes started at 1100 then instead of showing me there 1100 dollar bikes he said fittings take 30 mins impling it wasnt worth him fitting me for such a small purchase then he literally walked me to the door

I am a frequent rider and have a 2500 dollar felt at home and i was looking for my son but god knows im not going there when i need a new preformance bike Or Annnnnyyyyy of the people i ride with Dont support this group of jerks and hopfully theyll go out of businsee and a helpful store will replace it

PS several of the positive reviews have been removed for suspion of fraud and after my impression my guess is that all of them are —shambler

2009-05-14 18:35:30   In response to Shambler:

I've already posted a positive review of wheelworks, but I feel I need to say that several of the so called fraudulent comments have been from people I know personally (yeah, no reason for you to believe me, but hear me out). Wheelworks is extremely supportive of the local cycling community, such as the Davis Bike Club, and especially the UC Davis Cycling team, of which I am a member. Many people in this community live together, and thus share the same I.P. address.

I would say about 90-95% of the members of the school cycling team go to wheelworks first for their bike needs, all of whom are students, and most of whom are on budgets. I definitely could not afford a bike there, but I've always been treated well when buying others things or having work done on my bike.

It seems to me the bad reviews posted here are based on one experience, which causes them to vow "never to return," yet the people who have been coming to wheelworks for years are overwhelmingly positive about it.


2009-05-28 16:56:30   I am a returnee to cycling after 25 years away. I was a serious rec, non-racer rider. I am writing this as I don't understand suggesting that the attitude of wheelworks is elitist. I went in the first time while riding around on my Harley. I am 51 years old, 240lbs and 6ft.tall. Not your typical elite cyclist. Don't imagine ever shaving my legs. I was greeted very friendly. Told him that I was considering a new bike, that I was checking into several bikes inc. 3 that they carried. They set me up with a fitting appt. A few days later, I went in for my appt. they spent about 3 hours with me, setting up 2 different bikes and letting me ride them as much as I wanted. The person I dealt with (Jorje`) was never expecting me to buy that day. In fact he even said to try some other bikes (that they didn't carry) to be sure of my choice. I was so impressed with his attitude and helpfulness as well as his knowledge, not to mention that I really liked one of the bikes that I had demo'd that I bought it right then. It was not even close to the higher priced models that they carried. In fact it was the entry level model of one of their lines. It has been 2 months and I am still very happy with my purchase and have recommended Wheelworks to some of my friends. This is not a bogus review I assure you. I live 35 miles from Davis. I had never been to the store before and the reason I went there in the first place was because they carried 3 of the 5 brands that I had done my research on and wanted to try. So it just seemed easier. I have since called them and asked questions and they have always been courteous and helpful. Make no mistake about it. This is a serious bike shop that carries higher quality performance bikes. As you wont find an entry level Ferrari for the same price as an entry level Honda, the same applies to a specialty bicycle shop. And this is a shop of Ferrari's Porsche, Maserati's and a few Corvettes (cannondales). But they treated me as well as any Honda shop, and I know, I work for Honda ;-) —jdub

2009-06-03 10:24:28   I'm currently in the process of buying my second bike from Wheelworks, and the experience is every bit as great as the first time around. There's really no other shop in the area I'd consider buying a bike from - Joe (the owner) knows his stuff and simply loves bikes. He takes the time to make sure the bike is fit properly and works for you, and gives you the opportunity to try out as many bikes as you'd like for extensive test rides - when I bought my time trial bike there a few years ago he spent a total of about five hours fitting the various bikes I tested. If you're serious about cycling and you live in Davis, you probably don't need convincing that Wheelworks is the shop for you... but if you're thinking about buying a nice bike and haven't shopped at Wheelworks before, you owe it to yourself to check it out - you won't be sorry. —scottfischbein

2009-06-26 14:16:16   I am going to be very frank here. I love their bikes and enjoy interacting with most of their staffs. Joe, the owner is great and very passionate about cycling. 2 of the employees can be really odd and difficult to engage. Their bike building charge of 300 dollars is too much compared to the same job done at a much lower cost at Freewheeler. These guys at Wheelworks definitely know their mechanical stuff. If you are serious about racing and performance-oriented cycling or triathlon. This is the shop for you. Personally I like this shop and also Freewheeler. Forget about B&L, they wrongly routed my brake cables on my Orbea at the cost of 200 dollars. And I needed to take care of that problem myself when I got home. I have been to Ken's one time to build up my Cannondale and they did not screw my BB tight enough. Basically my campy BB slowly came out. No I did not crash but the front shifting went south...Again, if you want to shop at Wheelworks, you probably know how much money you are going to spend for the bike or bikes. I have 4 high-end bikes for racing and you can call me the addict. Man, it is my only outlet. Take it easy and have a great ride, dude.... —fastdaddyslowhusband

2009-08-14 11:11:59   I am looking to be a first time road bike owner and I went into Wheelworks two weeks ago because I am mostly interested in Cannondale products. On this particular day there were about 4-5 employees that I could see working and one or two customers. I spent about 30-40 minutes looking around at their various bikes but obviously interested in the Cannondale's as I was examining the components on the different models.

At no point did anyone greet, acknowledge, or offer to help me. And while I was dressed nicely and had cash in my pocket I would hope these aren't requirements for good service. I have done hours of research and know pretty much what I want. I would even have been satisfied with 10 minutes of someone's time to discuss prices as they are not marked on the bikes. Instead I witnessed more than half the employees standing around quoting the latest Adam Sandler movie and talking about how they "...could really go for some Phantom's Muchentuchen right now...".

Well I thought it was funny too, but it didn't help me find my new bike. As I left I felt like saying "Thanks for all your help guys!" —KManatee

It's funny... the things you mention as a negatives I view as a positives. I'm sick and tired of being bothered by sales people at a store. If I need help, I'll ask for it. Else, leave me be. It's too bad that as a sales clerk, you really can't win. —wl

So you get mad at salespeople for doing their job, I guess it bothers me when they dont. If a salesperson approaches me and I don't need help I will let them know. Greeting a customer and asking if they need help is not bothersome its good business. —KManatee

2009-09-11 10:58:15   New road cyclists don't be afraid of Wheelworks! I've just gotten into the sport in the last three or four months, and because of the previous reviews of Wheelworks on DavisWiki I was apprehensive about going in there. Well, I have been in there ten or fifteen times over the last few months, and I've never felt ignored or disrespected by these dudes. In fact, Jorge helped me out today finding a CO2 inflator and a multi-tool, and he's a good kid. —erickson215

2009-11-03 22:47:58   I just went in to buy some tubes and tires for an old road bike I had just bought, I did have to wait around for a couple of minutes or so but when they did help me I thought they were friendly enough. They didn't have the right size tires so I just bought the tubes and went down to Freewheeler to get the tires. —furple

2009-11-20 12:35:26   Shopped here several times, always a good experience. The stuff is high end, but the prices are generally inline with other retailers. Staff has always been nice and helpful (which is great considering the number of bike shops with rude or lazy clerks). —Ash

2009-12-05 18:57:20   Excellent service of all the shops I encountered in the Davis area while trying to purchase a new road bike (apples-to-apples comparison - treatment might vary when you are just browsing vs. actually serious about a large purchase). I was helped by Jorge from the get-go and he was very helpful/insightful about needs and wants. Fitting was the most thorough in comparison to the other stores in the surrounding area. It was the first place where the customer was entrusted with a sub 4-grand bicycle for hourly test-rides. All I have to say, is that customer service is top-notch from my standpoint thus far. —JonathanWong

2009-12-12 10:35:15   In addition to new labor rates, Davis Wheelworks will remain competitive with our component pricing. If you find a lower price from a REPUTABLE dealer, we will do everything we can to match it. —DavisWheelworks

2010-02-12 14:26:52   The first couple of times I stopped by to browse, I was a little intimated. After reading some of the posts on this board, I was really intimidated. When I was in the market to buy a new seat, I stopped by to see what they had. Upon walking in, I was greeted by a couple of the store employees. All were really friendly. I told them what I was looking for and they suggested I bring in my bike to try out a couple of seats on the trainer. After jamming home and coming back with my bike, Cody helped me out with a couple of different seats to try. I ended up spending a little more than anticipated, but was completely happy with the level of customer service I received. Cody was a cool kid that was totally helpful and knowledgeable. Look forward to spending some more money at that shop. —103

2010-12-03 08:36:19   On the whole, Davis bike shops are consistently good. I went to Wheelworks because of their expertise in fitting shoes. If you spend as much time as I do riding, well- fitting shoes are a must. I made the mistake of long distance riding for a couple months with discount internet shoes and ended up with Achilles tendonitis, keeping me off of the bike for months. Wheelworks were incredibly skilled at fitting shoes to fix my problem. Tim was super knowledgeable, spending a full hour fitting my shoes. Sure, the shoes are expensive, but you get what you pay for....and more. BTW, I went to Wheelworks for shoes at the recommendation of a couple of other hardcore biker friends, who had equally superior service.


2011-01-16 11:15:04   These guys are pretty good. I walked in the store with basically no knowledge of road bikes other than what my sister had told me but I ended up spending a good few hours. They let me ride as much as I want and kept the buying pressure off. However, I suggest you go in there with more knowledge than I did because even though the service was good, Tim really talks your ears off. He's a good salesman, I have to admit but the bike he sold me was quality and reasonably priced. He tries to sell you a lot of accessories and I guess if you are a hardcore biker you will be interested but it seems kind of pushy towards the end. However that could have been the result of a good few hours in that bike shop. All in all, if you want a decent high end bike this place seems like a good one to go to but don't walk in here with expectations of anything lower end than Felt or Scott. All their brands are very good to excellent and you can't blame them for running a high end operation. Walking in for the first time felt intimidating for sure but the service made me feel a lot more at home (at least from Tim). The vibe I got from the other employees was iffy but I didn't really have time to talk to them so I don't really have anything to say to that. All-in-all a good experience and I hope to buy from them again when I upgrade but I think they definitely favor the person who has more knowledge. Their expertise may make it seem as if they are talking down and I felt that because I didn't say how much I knew so it felt like I was being baby-talked to for a little while. If you spruce up on your bike jargon and componentry knowledge you may well have a good time in there.

Also I really gave the bikes I test rode a beating, at least as much of one as you can give in 20-30 minutes but they didn't bat an eye when I walked back in. All they care about is seeing what bike is best for you. —JonahZhieh

2011-09-17 18:28:57   A really great shop to have in Davis. As far as bike sales go, they definitely cater to higher-end road & triathlon bikes, but do an outstanding job with it. Their fitting service is great, and they're really flexible with letting you test-ride bikes. When I was shopping for a new road bike, they let me try out several different models over a couple visits, each time seeing me out the door with a "Enjoy your ride; take as long as you need." Which is really what you need to be able to do to get a good feel for an expensive bike, but not all shops in town are so accommodating.

Also, I haven't seen them be at all judgmental with regard to the bikes that are brought in for repairs/tuning. When I first moved to town, all my earthly possessions were shoved into my Subaru, including my bike pump, and my bike tires were pretty flat. This happened to be the first shop I turned up in town; I wheeled in my beat-up cyclocross bike, covered in dirt & road salt from driving cross-country, and they didn't bat an eye, just asked me what pressure I ran my tires at and then filled them up for me. Afterward, Cody spent about 10 minutes answering any of my questions about biking in the area and taking about some of the better bike routes. Even though I didn't have any intention of buying anything then. —TrayBiasiolli

2012-02-23 14:25:43   "The shop still caters to the high end, but you'll be treated with respect whether your bicycle is a heavy steel junker or a carbon fiber racer." - Description above. ya right. I went into Davis Wheels Works to ask a simple question about my mountain bike real quick and the guy said 'yeah no, we only deal with real bikes' and then turned away. Awesome thanks for all your help. jerk. —FiddyFetzer

2012-06-15 15:58:39   I am definitely NOT a pro cycling type but am more into endurance events... and I'm female. My bike is steel and about 7 years old at this point. When I took it in for a tune up, they were very friendly and helpful and didn't seem to treat me any worse because I didn't have carbon or a racing history. Now maybe if I'd had either of those I would have gotten wine and cheese in the green room, but I don't think so. They were also very generous in offering a discount for services and parts that I needed because of a charity event I was participating in. And they were NOT sponsors of the event. I thought that was very cool of them! There does seem to be some inconsistency in service pricing... different over the phone than in person. But I don't feel like I ever overpaid and the work was quality. When I am ready to upgrade or want to tweak anything on my old girl, I'll definitely be going back to Wheelworks! —BorgilVino

2012-12-22 14:44:26   Awesome experience. Tim helped me today, and was very, very nice on advising me about a trainer. Thanks, Tim. —DonnieDarko

2013-10-13 00:02:50   I agree with the comments that these guys are jerks. I understand (now) that they do not deal in regular bicycles, nothing wrong with that. Instead of kindly letting me know that, the guy was condescending, but acted like he could help me, went in back and didn't come out. WTF, dude? Get over yourself. —ScottB

2014-08-27 20:00:22   Staff are way into bikes. Maybe this comes across as arrogance from time to time. But they know their stuff, are honest and helpful, and do a great job. Be a straight shooter with them and in my experience you'll receive solid, reliable service that's worth the money. —Nokomis