WikiWords are words created to describe concepts associated specifically with the Wiki. A WikiWord should better express a concept compared to the available selection of standard English words.

F Fairomoan - The sound made by WikiFolk who are trying to ensure that a Wiki page about a certain subject maintains a neutral editorial perspective. (See also: Unfairamoan.)

I InvisiPeople - These are people who are actively involved in the Wiki, but do not make their actual identities known.

P Parallelolife - The life enjoyed by WikiFolk in the real world. Although this life may contain frequent interaction with the Wiki, including WikiCrushes and various activities with other WikiFolk, it likely also contains many non-Wiki activities as well.

Prevert - To revert a Wiki page to a previous version in such a manner that a thread of changes is wiped out, essentially erasing the past.

R RelationEdit - To modify the status of your relationship by altering your Wiki page (or possibly the page of the person with whom you have your relationship).

S Snoozicrash - The impact of one's head hitting their monitor when they fall asleep in their chair while editing a wiki page.

Sockpuppet - An identity created specifically for the purpose of posting to a specific Wiki page without having the account directly associated with the person doing the posting.

SpotRemover - Someone who deletes a Wiki hosted on WikiSpot.

U Unfairomoan - The sound made by WikiFolk who believe that a Wiki page treats the subject of that page in an unfair or non-neutral manner. (See also: Fairomoan.)

W Wikursion - 1. To create a self referential wiki page, WikiWord, or other wiki reference. This definition is wikursive.

Wikscursion - A voyage of WikiFolk to a remote location in order to learn about the the subject of a WikiPage.

WikiCrush - A so far unfulfilled attraction to a fellow Wiki user, especially when the other wiki user has not been met in real life.

WikiFolk - "Residents" of the Wiki. WikiFolk are those who devote a significant portion of their time to reading, editing, promoting, or otherwise being involved in, the Wiki. Wiki Gnomes are but one breed of WikiFolk.

Wiki Gnome - A person who handles the basic day to day maintenance of the Wiki.

WikiMatic - A process for automatically making changes to a Wiki. For example, a set of links distributed among 10,000 pages may be updated in a wikimatic fashion using a wikimatic tool, thus saving vast amounts of time.

WikiSex -

  1. Sex with a member of the WikiFolk, such that at least two WikiFolk are involved.

  2. The combination of two Wiki pages into a new Wiki page that combines concepts from each page.

WikiWocky - To maintain a Wiki (especially a location specific wiki) from a great distance, especially when the Wiki is maintained by someone who is not currently a resident of the location described by the Wiki.

WikiWockyWoo - To attempt to attract a member of the WikiFolk who is not currently a resident of the subject of a local wiki. The WikiWockyWoo is often performed by those suffering from a WikiCrush, and if successful, may lead to WikiSex.

WikiWord - A word that has entered the vernacular of the Wiki, especially one that was not previously part of the English language.

WikiWordWooer - Someone who creatively seduces new words into existence solely to place them on the WikiWords page.

Wikkle - To be indecisive about whether or not a change should be incorporated into the Wiki. A series of reversions and additions is a form of group wikkle. Making changes to an individual page and then deleting them yourself is a solo wikkle. Someone who makes extensive changes knowing that many of those changes will be reverted by someone else is giving themselves wikkle room.